Best Online Chinese Shopping Sites 2016

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These are our favorite 20 Online Chinese Shopping Sites for 2016
That we prefer and you can trust

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Fashion & Clothing

China is a great place to shop online for stylish and trendy clothes for low prices. These aren’t just Chinese clothing styles, you can buy clothes in European or western style, Korean style clothing and much more. Many online Chinese shopping sites are selling a wide array of clothing and apparels at great prices. These sites are selling branded and Class A dresses. Get your pick through these online Chinese clothing shops.



best choiceSammyDress has great value for money with trendy fashion and clothing. Use Coupon Code BUYCHINA11 to get 11% discount!



best choiceModLily was called MartOfChina – Fashion Clothing Online Shop with Great Deals and Offers at very reasonable prices.



SheInside has up to date street wear and fashion, just for her!


1pxtrans is called Rotita now. It has the same low prices, High-Quality Products for this Chinese shopping site.



Milanoo has a very user friendly website. Large collection clothing. Our favorite clothing shop!



Romwe is specialized in Street Fashion and Trendy Clothing. A great Chinese shop to start.



ChicNova is only womens trendy clothing and I love the special Denim collection from this China shopping site!

Virtual Malls & Wholesale Stores

If you are looking for the best one-stop online Chinese shopping sites and stores where you can buy clothing, accessories, computer parts, cars and motorcycle accessories, home and garden products, sporting goods, toys, video games, and health and beauty products, then you can check on these shops below.



best choiceLightInTheBox is very user friendly! The website is translated to many languages. One of the better China online shopping sites.



best choiceDealExtreme is one of the most well known Chinese shopping sites. (The first online China shop I ever bought at)



AliExpress has more than 5,900,000 available products from 44 different categories from different Chinese manufactories



Our Favorite shop! MiniInTheBox is a very reliable Chinese shopping site, It’s the brother company from Lightinthebox.



BangGood is a one-stop Chinese shop for all your needs! Good Bangs for your Bucks.



ChineBuye is a Chinese online shopping site that provides drop shipping all over the world!



EverBuying is a worldwide provider of Made In China high-end products.



DinoDirect is the largest online Chinese store with almost 5 million products. Safe place to start your buying in China.

Electronics & Gadgets

Online Chinese shopping sites are well known for their very cheap gadgets and electronic equipment products. The following list of Chinese shops is specialized in one of these categories. Most shops have more product catergories too.



best choiceTMart has competitive price, wide selection of products, Worldwide Free Shipping.



CooliCool is known as the largest electronic online shop from China in the world.



From tablets to wedding dresses, from wigs to Peppa Pig. DHGate is a one stop shop for all kind of stuff!



TomTop is a Chinese online shop that is a Gold Supplier of Alibaba.



TinyDeal heas more than 50,000 famous brand products.



BuySKU is a Chinese online shop that offers a 45-day money back guarantee.



LighTake is a typical China store for special gadgets and toys like marble rollercoasters

So there you go. I hope by now you are very excited to scan through these sites and start your online shopping. It’s a selected list of our favorite online Chinese shopping sites and shops, where you can find products with good quality at a cheap price. Happy Shopping!

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172 thoughts on “Best Online Chinese Shopping Sites 2016

  1. As someone who is naturally cautious of all things “online”, I took the plunge with Banggood, the experience was amazingly easy and the first items arrived within 2 weeks. I live in Perth Australia. Can’t wait to buy again.

  2. Years ago I bought many things from Aliexpress, everything always came. But then I got 15 payments on my Visa card to various chinese stores. all at the same day and none were from me. Visa took care of it all, but I stopped dealing with Aliexpress. Obviously my credit card information was taken from Aliexpress. I could not get anywhere with them.

  3. A month shipping time ?! God , It is too slow . Why not have a try with Junfeng ? Junfeng is an International Express Agent in China, they work with DHL / EMS / UPS , and have privilege so that they can mail parcels in a few days by DHL / EMS / UPS . I do often buy things from China on Taobao , I mail my items to Junfeng , then they mail to me . I just pay for the freight to Junfeng , my parcel will arrive in a few days . It is fast and safe . I recommend you to have a try with a little shop . First you can go to know about them .
    Here is their page telling about how to shop on Taobao and how to mail by Junfeng.

  4. For buying and shipping internationally from Chinese websites like Taobao,, Tmall,, Dangdang, Paipai and so on, use Chinaebuys at

    Chinaebuys helps you buy from any China-based website and ships internationally to your doorstep in more than 200 countries worldwide. Chinaebuys will pay the Chinese merchant on your behalf and you can in turn pay Chinaebuys using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex Credit or Debit cards etc.

    It’s super easy and super fast. Visit to open the door to buying from all Chinese websites!

    1. That’s pretty harsh.
      If you check my blogs I give you all kind of information on how to recognize fake websites.
      There is a big difference between fake sites & scam vs bad customer service. I can filter for the first, not the second.
      If you are not satisfied with a store, leave a review. And don’t buy at these stores anymore. And if you hate all Chinese stores, leave them.
      (BTW your FB group doesn’t accept my comments. And If people send in comments twice, they get an error, I don’t need spam on my site 😉 )

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