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Most people who buy from China search for the lowest prices.

And I bet you do it too. And yes, I do it too!

If I find a product I like, I search on multiple sites for better products, lower shipping costs or better service. Based on the criteria mentioned in this blog: 4 Criteria to select the best online Chinese store, I select my stores and products.

But often it is possible to get even lower prices, with the use of coupon codes. Continue reading More Exclusive Coupon Codes for You

Romantic Purple Strap Bikini Set with Bejeweled Decoration

Top 5 Swimwear Online Shop in China

A long-stretched white sand beach and crystal clear water is nothing without flaunting your curves with your sexy and comfortable swimwear.   Buying a swimwear shouldn’t take a day or so.  You don’t have to join the crowd to get that perfect pair of bikini in shopping malls. There are a lot of swimwear online shops that offers wider choices of swimsuits and trunks. Continue reading Top 5 Swimwear Online Shop in China

MArtofchina shoes

Top Chinese Stores to Buy Cheap Boots for Sale

Wearing boots is not only staple footwear on winter but sporting a great pair of boots even if it’s 50 degrees outside is other women’s choice of fashion. We all have our own styles and achieving our own fashion desires doesn’t need to be expensive; you can buy cheap boots for sale through the online shops below.  Continue reading Top Chinese Stores to Buy Cheap Boots for Sale