In the last year many new Chinese stores opened. And we saw also some shops being closed.

Today we updated our list of legitimate Chinese stores. The previous list contained 80 different stores. This new list contains 100 different Chinese stores, wholesale markets, niche markets, clothing shops etc etc.

Update: 100 Legitimate Chinese stores

The list of 100 Chinese stores is any easy way to guide you to all kind of stores. In one page you can find all shops together. And you can immediately visit these stores by clicking on the logos. It’s a convenient way of shopping and browsing.

The list is categorized in 4 categories:

  • Virtual markets
  • Fashion
  • Niche Products
  • Electronics, Gadgets and Phones

You can find the new list here: 100 legitimate Chinese Stores.

5 Niche Sites to check

the new list contains many new shops. I like to point out 5 niche shops because I was surprised with what they were offering. – Vintage Clothing is a clothing store that focuses on vintage clothing. Polka dots, seventies, sixties. And the prices are pretty affordable! On average between 20 and 30 bucks.

rosegal - 100 legitimate chinese stores – For wigs with real hair

I didn’t know this was a real business, but is doing it. [when I updated this list, I understood they are doing very well. Real hair wigs from China]. Well, now I’m getting a bit bald, I might give this shop with wigs form China a try 😉 I used to have hair like the 4th image…

wigsbuy - 100 legitimate chinese stores

In my surveys I got many people asking for bags from China. might be a good start. It’s all about bags, leather bags, wallets, coveted bags and also scarves and jewelry. A must start for the fancy lady 😉

bagsinc - 100 legitimate chinese stores is another store that surprised me. You can buy amazing chandeliers from China, very old fashioned. And you need to have a big house for this. Also a big wallet! Prices start around USD 1,000.

worldchandeliers - 100 legitimate chinese stores

Swords of Northshire

At you can find all kind of swords. Samurai, Ninja, historical and medieval swords. Not cheap. A simple samurai sword starts at USD 150 and goes up to USD 600. Before you buy, check you countries customs if it is allowed to import a sword like these.

swordsofnorthshire - 100 legitimate chinese stores

Do you have a favorite niche store?

In the new list there are much more niche stores. Stores for electronic cigarettes, Chinese tea, movie posters, adult toys, watches, nails. It’s worth to give these legitimate Chinese stores a try. Yes, I checked them all with my scammers test.

I like to hear from you what kind of (niche) products you are looking for.
Is there a particularly Chinese store where buy these?

Please write it down in the comment box below.

Have a nice day!


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Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

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    • Ehtesham

      Hi Chuckp, You may consider Bangladesh as your rising market for Banded Shoe manufacturers where you find them with lower cost and high quality. I can help you making your shoes.

    • Lady Aliehs

      I would like to see some with plants and yard/garden ornaments.

    • Kees Staps

      pottery supplies shops please as a addition to your list

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Kees, do you have examples for pottery supplies? I haven’t seen them yet.

        • Ehtesham

          You also may try Bangladesh market. Many quality manufacturers out there who are working for International buyers. They can maximize your investment.

          • Bastiaan

            Hi Ehtesham,
            Thank you for your comments. We have a policy that we do not post contact information in the comments. If our other readers want to get in contact with you, they can reply to your comments or they can contact us.
            With regards,

            • Ehtesham

              Surely I will abide by next time. Sorry didn’t know that.

    • Chuckp

      Hi, that’s great. Normally I always buy at aliexpress. I’m still searching for a good supplier of Nike shoes. Chuck

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