Buying Valentines gifts for girls is too easy. You give her a box full of chocolates, her favorite scent of perfume and a bouquet of flower with some mushy poem– then she’ll feel like a princess already.  No, no, no….. don’t worry, we will come up with a nice list for her too. Nevertheless buying Valentines gifts for men is tricky and we will help you!

You cannot give him flowers or even a heart-shaped chocolate or a life-size teddy bear.

No, boys like toys for boys !!!!!!!!!!!

So we put together a list of wonderful Valentines Day gift ideas for him that will make him feel like he is the luckiest man on earth. And you will be his sweet, lovely and thoughtful partner.

25 Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

1. Armlet Waterproof Protector

There is no excuse anymore not to run. With his best music he would run for you even when it’s raining!

Armlet Waterproof Protector - Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

2. Stainless Steel Double Wall Beer Mug 

Ohhhh, I love this one. This mug will silence any of his friends!

Beer Double Wall Mug

3. Remote Real-Time Transmission Flying Ball

So, flying saucers are so 1950’s and drones so 2013. Why not treat him with this flying ball?

Remote Real-Time Transmission Fly Ball - Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

 4. Pemrunup™ Men Fashion Lighter Cigarette Case

Oh oh, we do not promote to smoke cigarettes. But if he does smoke, let him do it with style with this cigarette case and integrated lighter.

Pemrunup™ Men Fashion Lighter Cigarette Case

5. LED Digital Wrist Watches for Him and Her

Imagine the two of you walking in a science fiction movie with these watches for the both of you…

LED Digital Wrist Watches

6. Personalized Beer Bottle Shaped Keyring With Bottle Opener

Everytime he drinks his beer he will think of you…… Wouldn’t that be wonderfull.
At Milanoo you can personalize these beer bottle keyrings with your names and a date.

Beer Bottle Shaped Keyring

7. Sunglasses with MP3 and Bluetooth 

Yes, it’s a bit futuristic, and it is not Google Glass, but he will stand out with his MP3 player with bluetooth.
And it’s less than 25 bugs.

Sunglasses with Bluetooth

8. Modern Scenic Wall Clock in Canvas 

Be wise and chose something you’ll both like and is useful too. A wall painting with clock.
Lightinthebox has many wall decorations with clocks to chose from.

Modern Scenic Wall Clock in Canvas

9. BENQ® GH650 16MP 26X High Zoom Wide Angle Bridge Camera

Bringing Enjoyment And Quality to life….. That’s what BENQ stands for. It’s not Chinese, it’s Taiwanese.
And only around 190 US$.

BENQ® GH650 16MP 26X High Zoom Wide Angle Bridge Camera

10. USB Lamp with Sound and touch contral

Multifunction touch control USB lamp sound LED energy-saving touch pendant speakers…. If that doesn’t sound great….
Great to light his office desk.

USB lamp sound

11. Artistic Table Light 

Industrial Artistic Table Light in Water Pipe Connection Design. Sure this is a toy for boy!

Artistic Table Light

12. Iphone Emergency Charger

For only 5 bugs you have this simples spare Emergency Charger for iPod or iPhone.

Iphone Emergency Charger

13. Magnetic Ball Puzzle

This is something I want to have myself. I love magnets and creating forms, cubes, squares is just something my mathematical mind wants to do. I don’t know why, it’s so very addictive.

Magnetic Ball Puzzle

14. Single Track Bluetooth Headset LT-128

More toys for boys. Who wants to be hold on a wire anymore. Set him free, cut the rope…

Single Track Bluetooth Headset LT-128

15. Topeak Sports Professional Cycling Glasses with TR90 Frame

Color his life! Let him be Colorful…

Topeak Sports Professional Cycling Glasses with TR90 Frame

16. Waterproof Underwater Pouch

So he likes to swim or to fish on a boat? Simple but effective case in case he falls into the water..

Universal Waterproof Underwater Pouch

17. Black Unique Two-Tone Formal Wear

Pretty sure you’ll like to see him dressed well. Why not help him a little with some formal wear, shirts or suits?

Men's Formal Wear

18. Men’s Sexy Underpants

It’s a bit cheesy….. Not every man will appreciate this. But hey! He wants you to wear sexy underwear, why not ask the same from him.

Men's Sexy Underpants

19. Style Cups Set 

This is one of other favorites. I’m not telling what’s under the third cup…… Ahhh Delete that!
It’s a set of 3 and they come in black or white for around 10 bugs..

Style cups

20. Portable Mini Video Recorder

My name is Bond, James – I have a very small camera – Bond. With motion detection and HD camera!

worlds smallest camera

21. Fountain Pen

Whatsapp, snapchat, FB chat, sms. You remember SnailMail? Writing letters? Why not ask him to write you a love letter and pursuate him with a nice old fashioned fountain pen.

Fountain Pen

22. Hand-painted Abstract Oil Painting with Stretched Frame – Set of 12

Lightinthebox has a big choice in different wall paintings for an affordable price. This one comes in a set of 12 pictures.

Hand Painted Oil Painting

23. Sport watches

Milanoo has a nice set of sport watches around 20 bugs. Good to give together with the beer bug 😉

Sports Watch

24. Kangaroo authentic wallets leather men’s wallets with cell phone case

A man doesn’t have a purse. He has his wallet and this one holds everything. Including his phone!

Kangaroo authentic wallets leather men's wallets wallet purse men's wallet leather cell phone bag

25. Video Game Gadget & Accessories

And if you still have no clue, why not give him some video game toys…..

Video games and accessories

These all are great Valentines Day gift ideas for him. I guess by now you don’t have to worry about what to give to your man this Valentines. Forget those long queues in boutiques or department stores because great gift ideas are just a few clicks of your mouse – everything you need for your man is found online.

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