About StartBuyingInChina.com

Hi, I’m Bastiaan de Koning. I’m from the Netherlands and I am an Internet Entrepreneur.

I’ve been buying online products all over the world for more than 20 years now. And I’m buying products from China since 2008. In 2013, I started StartBuyingInChina.com. Since then I create multiple sites about Chinese stores like StartBuyingInChina, BestChinaShoppingDeals for coupons and discounts and the SafeBuyingInChinaCourse, for all the tips about buying from China.

Since then, I’ve helped over five hundred thousand potential China buyers all over the world. My first eBook, ‘7 biggest mistakes people make when they start buying in China,’ has been downloaded around 10.000 times.

(My fulltime company is Roadmap2Independence. I help (Dutch) entrepreneurs to build their internet business based on their knowledge and business.)


Our Mission

StartBuyingInChina.com has its focus on doing business with online Chinese stores. This is a fast growing market with hundreds of relative new companies aiming for the western world. By identifying great stores and unmasking fake stores the benefits from online buying can be yours.

Let me ask you a few questions about where to find reliable Chinese shopping sites and Chinese wholesale stores!

  1. How do you know which online Chinese shopping site is reliable?
  2. How can you be sure you’ll get what you have ordered?
  3. How do you prevent yourself losing your money online?

StartBuyingInChina.com is here to help you

These are just a few questions we answer in our blogs. Subscribe to our weekly updates and let us help you to become a confident experienced China Buyer!

33 thoughts on “About StartBuyingInChina.com

  1. Hello

    Hope you are doing great. Inquiring about how to enter a store in your platform. What are the steps i have to follow? We are very interested in China as our new market.

    This is the website http://www.brandcruz.com, online shopping website where you can find great deals every week.

    Looking forward to talk you and list the store with you.

    Best regards

    Ricardo Green

    1. Hi, Thank tyou for your interest, The site you mention is located in Las Vegas and is not a Chinese store. This does not fit this site. Have a nice day.

  2. hi Boris: I would like to send you my e-mails to Rosewholesale and a seller bwvmjtzn.xyz who Rosewholesale claims is not on their web-site, even though the seller is. I’ve sent e-mails stating the exact page number where the seller is located on their web-site. The seller of course, is not responding & Rosewholesale has completely stopped respond responding. I really feel this matter deserves attention. Thank-you. Angie Visser

    1. Hi that’s a strange story Angie, I didn’t know Rosewholesale had sellers or resellers on their site.
      Rosewholesale is part of Sammydress and some more companies. Did they solve this problem yet?

  3. Hi Bastiaan,

    Nice day!

    This is Eileen, one of the marketing managers of Gearbest & Everbuying deals team.

    Glad to find our shops here, could we share with you our best deals?

    May I have your mail address?

    Best regards,

  4. Hi there,

    Here is BFhair company which focus on Brazilian Virgin Human Hair from China. We offer high quality hair extension products.
    We check that you do a great job on collecting China online shop. We wonder whether you can add our website too. You can find our Affiliate Program here http://www.bfhair.com/content/15-affiliate-program
    Of course we will set up a coupon code which only can get on this website. Any other info you need please feel free to contact us.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards,

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    This is Hannah,affiliate manager from OASAP (www.oasap.com).

    We are partners in sharesale.Thank you so much for your brought a number of sales for us.

    I want to send you sales and coupons weekly from now on , to strengthen our cooperation,How about you? If you agree,please provide us with a valid email,okay?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

    Best Regards

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  6. good day, i would like to make a purchase from sammydress, i am abit concerned as i have seen some terrible reviews, but i see you say it is a good site. please advise on this as i love their stuff but i am alil scared and put off from the reviews and cant really afford to lose money….it will be shipped to south africa

  7. I have to complain about Dhgate, ordered this item on 2/8 2015
    EasyCast OTA 2.4G WiFi Display Dongle HDM

    Order: D1507310956183039 of Dhgate. Ticket: T15092307378

    Unfortunately, there has been no delivery, I have not counted on it, because it has taken so long. I was already a customer of them, but now I think it has gone too far, unfortunately. My Ticket was closed because I did not reply to
    igår.Ticket No: T15092307378

    email from Jayden on Deaalsmachine:

    (Dear Bear,

    Thanks so much for your recent message.

    I’m so happy to help you.

    If you did not receive it until 3 October, you can contact me.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.



    Deal Machine Customer Service

    I tried to answer the email today Saturday the 4/10, but it was closed, could not respond to the email.

    I think that they behaved disgracefully.

    Please return the sum that is paid, insert it in my bank account that I paid with, or return it over Paypal. Thank you.

    Bjorn Sjogren

    1. Hi Friend, I come accross your problem by chance, now you have received the package, right? It’s an order of last year, and I see it’s signed in last August, 🙂

      If you have any questions about Dealsmachine, Gearbest or Everbuying, pls feel free to contact me via skype: eileenliujuly or eileen@gearbest.com, 🙂

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