Our Top 20 Best Online
Chinese Shopping Sites & Stores 2018

Featured Online Chinese Stores & China Shopping Sites

Visit SheIn for the Woman Inside
DealExtreme, great gadgets and all products store
Visit AliExpress, the largest market in China

General Chinese Stores, Virtual Malls & China Wholesale Stores

Many Chinese stores have multiple product categories. Some stores even sell over 1 million different products. These stores can be great as for a one-stop online Chinese shopping sites. Stores where you can buy clothing, accessories, computer parts, cars and motorcycle accessories, home and garden products, sporting goods, toys, video games, and health and beauty products. Interested? Then you can check on these shops below.

Online Chinese shopping sites are well known for their very cheap gadgets and electronic equipment products. The following list of Chinese shops is specialized in one of these categories. Most shops have more product catergories too.

Online Chinese Markets for Fashion & Clothing

China is a great place to shop online for stylish and trendy clothes for low prices. These aren’t just Chinese clothing styles, you can buy clothes in European or western style, Korean style clothing and much more. Many online Chinese shopping sites are selling a wide array of clothing and apparels at great prices. These sites are selling branded and Class A dresses. Get your pick through these online Chinese clothing shops.

Need More Options? We have over 100 Chinese Stores listed!

So there you go. I hope by now you are very excited to scan through these sites and start your online shopping. It’s a selected list of our favorite online Chinese shopping sites and shops, where you can find products with good quality at a cheap price. Happy Shopping!

186 responses to “Best Online Chinese Stores and Shopping Sites – Update 2018”

  1. I bought from Rotita.com a year ago and quality was super bad, pieces to wear a couple of times and dispose and some unwearable, size was odd, and many items didn’t look as the image in the website. Knitted clothes are super super small and not simetrical shape.

  2. Hello
    http://wholesalebuyonline.com/. this site claimed that they are wholesaler from china and selling I phone in very cheap price so how can i know this is real or fake .. i have read many review and seems okay so please guide.

    Payment Methods:
    1.Western Union
    2.Wire Transfer
    4.Bank account/Debit card/Credit card

  3. I have seen the list of the online stores you published on this site but my question is, are theses stores retail or wholesale supplier’s stores? Because some stores are retail stores but claim to be wholesale suppliers.

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