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Visit SheIn for the Woman Inside
DealExtreme, great gadgets and all products store
Visit AliExpress, the largest market in China

General Chinese Stores, Virtual Malls & China Wholesale Stores

Many Chinese stores have multiple product categories. Some stores even sell over 1 million different products. These stores can be great as for a one-stop online Chinese shopping sites. Stores where you can buy clothing, accessories, computer parts, cars and motorcycle accessories, home and garden products, sporting goods, toys, video games, and health and beauty products. Interested? Then you can check on these shops below.

Online Chinese shopping sites are well known for their very cheap gadgets and electronic equipment products. The following list of Chinese shops is specialized in one of these categories. Most shops have more product catergories too.

Online Chinese Markets for Fashion & Clothing

China is a great place to shop online for stylish and trendy clothes for low prices. These aren’t just Chinese clothing styles, you can buy clothes in European or western style, Korean style clothing and much more. Many online Chinese shopping sites are selling a wide array of clothing and apparels at great prices. These sites are selling branded and Class A dresses. Get your pick through these online Chinese clothing shops.

Need More Options? We have over 100 Chinese Stores listed!

So there you go. I hope by now you are very excited to scan through these sites and start your online shopping. It’s a selected list of our favorite online Chinese shopping sites and shops, where you can find products with good quality at a cheap price. Happy Shopping!

188 responses to “Best Online Chinese Stores and Shopping Sites – Update 2018”

  1. Hello Boris. I am quite new to the Chinese online shopping. I intend making use of 1688 .com, ordering from different manufacturers. How genuine is this site. How about freeshoppinginchina .com. I also need an authentic purchase agent alongside few shipping tips. Please help!!!

  2. Are you kidding me?!? AliExpress is a total scam. They will take your money and not return yours. They have a two month average ship time. We have learned to stay away from any companies that do not have phone contacts. They have put us in “appeal”twice in five weeks. Look at the 300 plus complaints against them on Oberlo. Oberlo and Wish are reportedly dropping them. We do know for a fact PayPal has dropped them. BBB rating is awful. Please stay away if your customers are important to you!! I will not give our store name as we have heard of several wholesalers who say Ali can do great damage if you complain about them. This site needs to do more research before recommending a company.

    • AliExpress is a market, not one store. You deal with independent retailers under one company name. I used the money back guarantee multiple times. Sorry to hear you had such bad experiences. BTW I had a very bad experience with Wish… It took months before I got my money back, because they said they didn’t receive my payment, although it was paid…

  3. I bought from Rotita.com a year ago and quality was super bad, pieces to wear a couple of times and dispose and some unwearable, size was odd, and many items didn’t look as the image in the website. Knitted clothes are super super small and not simetrical shape.

  4. Hello
    http://wholesalebuyonline.com/. this site claimed that they are wholesaler from china and selling I phone in very cheap price so how can i know this is real or fake .. i have read many review and seems okay so please guide.

    Payment Methods:
    1.Western Union
    2.Wire Transfer
    4.Bank account/Debit card/Credit card

  5. I have seen the list of the online stores you published on this site but my question is, are theses stores retail or wholesale supplier’s stores? Because some stores are retail stores but claim to be wholesale suppliers.

    • Thanks for your response, you are doing a wonderful job here. In fact, you are a great gift to humanity. I wish you well.

  6. Hi, I’m not sure how often this site is updated but I wanted to ask if anyone has ever done business with the website sell-to . com? There’s virtually no legal information on the site and the only way to contact whoever runs it is through a basic contact us form which is linked to a gmail account. The reason I’m suspicious is they have a laptop I’ve been looking everywhere for but it’s priced at $499 which is almost half the retail markup in America (around $999 – 1,200). The explanation they give is that they get their products directly from the manufacturer so there are no extra fees. Does that sound legit or scammy?

  7. As someone who is naturally cautious of all things “online”, I took the plunge with Banggood, the experience was amazingly easy and the first items arrived within 2 weeks. I live in Perth Australia. Can’t wait to buy again.

  8. Years ago I bought many things from Aliexpress, everything always came. But then I got 15 payments on my Visa card to various chinese stores. all at the same day and none were from me. Visa took care of it all, but I stopped dealing with Aliexpress. Obviously my credit card information was taken from Aliexpress. I could not get anywhere with them.

  9. A month shipping time ?! God , It is too slow . Why not have a try with Junfeng ? Junfeng is an International Express Agent in China, they work with DHL / EMS / UPS , and have privilege so that they can mail parcels in a few days by DHL / EMS / UPS . I do often buy things from China on Taobao , I mail my items to Junfeng , then they mail to me . I just pay for the freight to Junfeng , my parcel will arrive in a few days . It is fast and safe . I recommend you to have a try with a little shop . First you can go to know about them .
    Here is their page telling about how to shop on Taobao and how to mail by Junfeng.

  10. For buying and shipping internationally from Chinese websites like Taobao, JD.com, Tmall, 1688.com, Dangdang, Paipai and so on, use Chinaebuys at http://www.chinaebuys.com.

    Chinaebuys helps you buy from any China-based website and ships internationally to your doorstep in more than 200 countries worldwide. Chinaebuys will pay the Chinese merchant on your behalf and you can in turn pay Chinaebuys using PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex Credit or Debit cards etc.

    It’s super easy and super fast. Visit Chinaebuys.com to open the door to buying from all Chinese websites!

    • That’s pretty harsh.
      If you check my blogs I give you all kind of information on how to recognize fake websites.
      There is a big difference between fake sites & scam vs bad customer service. I can filter for the first, not the second.
      If you are not satisfied with a store, leave a review. And don’t buy at these stores anymore. And if you hate all Chinese stores, leave them.
      (BTW your FB group doesn’t accept my comments. And If people send in comments twice, they get an error, I don’t need spam on my site 😉 )

  11. I have been ordering from Aliexpress for the past two year and ordered heaps of items from different stores. There was only one time that an item didn’t arrive and I did get my money back.

    Yes you have to be careful with what you order (you get what you pay for) so look at the item carefully and if the photo of the dress for example looks really expensive but the price is only a few dollars then it’s reasonable to think that the quality isn’t going to be that great. I have bought clothes and the quality is exactly what I thought it was going to be which was good.

    Give Aliexpress a chance……I have never had trouble with them.

  12. I can say some words about GearBest and GeekBuying. I’ve Ordered a phone from GearBest(it was marcked as ‘In Stock’) and luckily payed it over PayPal(very good service), first I had to wait for all the dispatch term, then when I wrote them, they said it is out of stock, and advised to wait or they will refund as quickly as they can. I chose the second option, but the money were not refunded until I opened a dispute on PayPal. So this took me about a month! Then I ordered the same phone from GeekBuying, I was tought, so at first I e-mailed them and asked if the phone is in stock- they said it was, so I made an order, now I wait for two weeks, but the phone is not dispatched and they ignore my messages.

  13. Do you have any suggestion as to how to get my money back from Rosegal.com for clothes I paid for but never received?

    Reseal.com said they will issue a refund (which is not possible on a debit card, my mistake for using it) and then they close the ticket and stop communicating. All other tickets I open, they ignore.

  14. Sammydresses is one of the most fake site.as i am buying a cloth from india it tame almost 15 days and dont even give the tracking no.of my item.its the most fake website i have ever seen realy

    • Hi Marc,
      I don’t think forwarding companies work with regular Chinese stores. If you are dealing with Taobao, TMall, Amazon, ebay, FCACHina, Paipai this is a great tip. Thanks.

  15. Aliexpress.com doesn’t control sellers at all.

    At aliexpress website you can find Product ID: 32504107080. In “product description” section you have -> please buy it on “www.goxsell.com”.
    This means that seller -> “my-camera-drone” it is a fraudster.

    • Aliexpress is a very iffy store. I looked into that place a lot and it is literally gambling. You MIGHT get what you order, and there is an equal chance you will get nothing. I like the sites where people take photos of what they received, and you can see the real deal.

      • It is active ‘goxsel.com’ . Wait 5 seconds to load website to your browser. I have build this blog against goxsell.com. They didn’t send my goods and didn’t refund. I lost 1500 $.

          • Ohh I see, I missed the extra ‘l’. Sorry to hear you lost so much money!
            At this store they are selling low priced iPhones, that isn’t trustworthy. And they say they accept many payment options according to the logos at the bottom of the page. But when you check for payment options you’ll see only Western union and bank transfers… Bad, bad…
            Better to check this blog post! Avoiding fake Chinese stores

          • Any idea how to stop their activity ?
            Their website, chat and the whole trading is working without any consequences.

          • I think you have done a lot already. You cannot prevent scammers, it’s better to educate people to avoid them. I hope StartBuyingInChina.com can do such a thing.

  16. I recently started making wreaths. I have my business license. I live in the US. I’m looking for mesh, ribbon, floral arrangements, decorative sprays, seasonal ornaments but also other ornaments for decorating, decorative cords etc. Please help me find a website that is legitimate, great low pricing.


    i bought a asus zenfone 5 from antelife. then i had a problem with speaker.. and talks parts about my asus zenfone. which is still in waranty 4 months… i talked with them they said me send the phone but 1 month sending time one month get back.. i said i will pay just send me 2 pieces zenfone 5 speaker and they said send 20usd we will send…
    after 1 month they send me wrong parts.. and i told him you send me wrong parts.. and i told them about it, they said we dont need to send back us this parts.. we will make you a coupon but must buy somethıng over 30usd and i tried to buy (72usd), BUT I COULD NOT FINISHED PAYMANT… then again i talked with antelife.. then didnt cancel my waiting orders therefor i could not use my coupon (20usd) again..cus its not canceled… they didnt cancel it

    AND FINALY said you must buy something over 100usd AND i SAID FUKIN IDIOTS you STOLE MY MONEY…

    everyone must carful when buying something from antelife….
    here is my history with me and antelife… if its posible to put here… i am not lying.

  18. rosegal and romwe are terrible sites . They steal images from other websites and designers and put a very low price on the product . When you finally receive the garment it’s often an extremely low quality and hideous replica . I’ve had Halloween costumes made of better material. When you email them about the product not matching the picture they’ll say “oh it’s because all monitors have different settings so colors might be off.” They have very terrible business standards.

    • Hi Emma, Thank you for your comment.
      Rosegal and Romwe are stores from different owners. What you described is something more Chinese stores do. They should upgrade their quality standards.

  19. I am wondering why Tmart is included, and even rated very high on this site, despite too many serious complains on reviews from buyers all around the world

    • Thank you for your concerns.
      As far as we dealt with TMart it is a legitimate store.
      If you have personally ordered at Tmart, we would love to hear your experiences and or read your review.

        • No problem. A lot of people only complain on the Internet. Writing positive reviews is just less common. So reading online reviews is good, but can also be distracting. If you search for other stores’s reviews you will find a lot of negative reviews too.
          I hope your experiences will be good though 😉

          • Very mature reactions you both; also very uncommon on the inter-webs 😉

            There is still hope! 😀
            *kisses the ground*

  20. Hi Bastiaan,
    we recently launched a new e-commerce business in my country in Africa, we intend to add the service of buying direct from China in the site. Now i am searching for a reliable chinese online store that offers cheap quality products to partner with so that all their product will be sold on my site, you have done well by display many legitimate store, …any specific recommendation for me?
    (dont want to mention my countrys or website name, because some of our citizens frequent your site)

    • Hi PJ,
      Good luck with your site. If you want to implement stores, that’s a difficult task, especially importing the product data. Although, it can be done.
      I cannot recommend any stores, just because I don’t know what you are looking for. You found the list with 110 chinese stores too. Try the stores that suits you best and contact them. If the deliver the service you want to deliver, than these stores might be an option.

  21. SABABUY .COM not only china products but one of the best in prices and service .
    i buy alot from there .

  22. Hello there,
    Can you please tell me what stores are good for buying sterling silver
    jewelry. Every piece of sterling I have bought from China stores on ebay has been fake.
    I don’t know how they keep getting away with it.

  23. DealExtreme prices have gone very high compared to aliexpress. Their popularity has let them increase their prices to almost the same as in the stores in my country. So why wait 2 months to get my package from dx if im only saving a 10-15%…..

  24. hi Boris, iam from Mauritius,i want to buy an onkyo Receiver 7.2,in china,i got two shops,but when i ask for certificate of conformity,no answer.could you tell me if the company named [1]Wain import,and [2]shakone home theatre company are trusted companies or shops?
    May be you can recommend me some trusted shops[ for personal use]
    thanking you

    • Hi Milka, I don’t know the stores you mention. Wainimport looks neat, but the prices are too low, although they are higher dan a regular fake store. NO reviews can be found about this shop. I suggest to be cautious. Trusted shops cane found here.

  25. Hi Boris.
    Which online shop would you recommend for me to purchase good quality, cheap clothing to resell on my own web page? Thank you in advance for you expertise!

  26. hi Thanks for the Comprehensive list of websites in china where one can buy from. Please i stay in Nigeria West Africa so i want to buy a laptop power bank because of unstable power supply here. I only have checked this site Taobao but i don’t know if they will ship outside of china as the items they have are all in Chinese Currency and language

  27. Thank you for taking as much time as required in making this enlightening site more effortlessness to your capable. Pls I need to inquire as to whether shoppingbag.pk is Real or fake site.
    Thanks I await your response.

    • Hi Deangelo,
      Not sure, this site was mentioned last weekend: diybrands.com. The number of brands suggest it must be replicas.
      Let me know what you think.

    • Hi Calvin, Poorly made website. This one is interesting. I haven’t seen a site like this before. DIYbrands = Do it yourself brands. And there are too many non Chinese brands to have in stock. I think this site is real but it is selling copies (counterfeit). You order the product and then they make a perfect copy for you. Buy with care and test them with a smaller order.

  28. Hi Boris,

    I saw your review about MiniInTheBox…

    I made on 12/12/2014 an order with the number 1412120416587507 on MiniInTheBox website. .
    On your website it shows that the order it was send on the 15 /12/2014, but until now I didn´t received anything. The delivery time promiss ir was 20 Days!

    Order Number:
    Order date:
    Tracking Number: SWP9922936008

    Then have no costumer line and any email ou question you ask, then just send an auto repply

    • Hi Ricardo,
      There’s no option op my site to check your orders at Miniinthebox. But 20 days is that long. I suggest to keep contacting Miniinthebox directly.

  29. Good dya. Boris could you please check the following sites electronicsecuritydataltd.org
    and fsafecare.com? What do you recommend are they trustworthy site?
    Thanks in advance

  30. Hi Boris
    I wonder for one site name is to2c is it real because they offer few phones i was watch cheaper about 20 € then other sites and that is confused to me 🙁 because it would be my first bought of phone from china 🙂
    so i was wonder could u help me and answer me 😀
    thx in advance
    best regards

      • Thx u Boris on ur reply 🙂
        and i know that r chinese phones 🙂 bc they r better then copy they made
        i was look 2 phones to buy asus zenfone and coolpad f1
        both look good after i was read bout them 🙂 but site was wonder me 😀 bc to2c giving phones cheaper then other sites bout 20 € and that was confused me 😀 and i was looking answer on few sites 😀

        anyway thx u and have a nice day

        • Hi Mario, a fake site offers products for just 30% or less from the original price. 20 euro off isn’t a big deal. For what I can tell, To2C is a legitimate site. They offer Paypal as payment system. A fake site will never do this, because you have a refund policy with Paypal if you do not get your products. That’s why fake sites always uses Western Union.
          Good luck

  31. Dear Boris,

    Good day. My name is Rashad and I am from Azerbaijan. I am planning to buy Apple ipad air 2 128gb and Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch-64GB from China. And current I am getting al of emails from different kind of companies (persons) suggestions in accordance with buy above products to incredible , funny prices. And acctually some of them have provided me with their certificates and licenses about legality.

    So dear Mr. Boris what do you think about and which company (website) do you advice to me order above products with trustable?

    I think you will understand me.

    In prior I am deeply gratitude to you.

    Have a nice time.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Rashad,
      It’s impossible to buy legally original Apple products in China for low prices. The changes are very high that these ‘original’ products are fake or that the products will never arrive. I cannot provide you any trustworthy site with genuine cheap Apple products.
      Please see this article and this one.
      Check your sites or offers with the tips written in these blogs. They will probably fail the test…
      Good luck!
      (I’ve deleted your personal skype+mobile data)

      • Hi Boris
        Thank you very much for reply, I will usually purchase a lot from chinese websites. I tried buyincoins – aliexpress – eBay and to be honest and share my experience, what I do is the following:
        First find seller with a very good inventory list then choose what I need and after that contact him to get special shipping price ( which I usually pay using PayPal ) and out of eBay or aliexpress invoice system.
        Now I face some issues if I found some items with seller and another with another seller, if I want to ship them directly to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( where I live right now ) it will cost me about $100 or $200 using DHL or FedEx. My other option is to ship it to my US address with free shipping option ( without tracking number ). The chance to loose it is high, then consolidate the shipment there and ship it to my address as one package and that will decrease the shipping fee, but still its high.
        What I was looking is company offering package consolidation and forwarding service like Yoybuy. In china you can’t find list of companies doing this 🙁
        Sorry for the length

        • Hi Anas,
          What you do is very advanced to most readers I presume.
          I haven’t seen a packager for Chinese products yet. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t any. There are some agents for Taobao. I wrote about it here.
          I do not think they offer the service you want. But maybe you can contact them and ask them if they can help you.
          From your comment I understand there is no free shipping to KSA? Have you contacted Fedex or DHL, they might know an answer.
          Good luck and keep me posted.

  32. Boris, awesome list…thanks so much for taking the time to put it together for all of us!

    There’s one that you may want to add to your list, and that’s http://www.gearbest.com. While they are similar to the other sites, a very good friend of mine has ordered a lot of product from them, and they’ve even given him products to review on Youtube. As far as I can tell, they pass the test you listed above, but of course the final decision is up to you. Again, thanks for the list! 🙂

  33. hi boris,
    Your article was a blessing in disguise for a first timer like me. Could you please tell me if bluelans.com is a genuine place to buy stuff? I found their collection pretty good and cheap.
    thank you and regards…!

      • thank you…i need your feedback on the following sites.i found some pretty cool clothes at jaw dropping prices but trying to exercise some caution.the sites are:
        1. dresslink.com
        2. rosewholesale.com
        3. clothing-dropship.com
        4. causewaymall.com

        thank you and regards…!

        • Hi Sheetal,
          It is good your do your checkings on sites you don’t know. I appreciate that!
          Please check the link in my latest comment to you, it will help you identify a legitimate shop yourself.
          For these 4 shops, they all seems to real to me.
          Cheers, Boris

          • hi, just wanted to inform you to add another site to your blocklist. bluelans.com seems legitimate at first.i tried using paypal a couple of times and fortunately my suspicions aroused when despite cancelling some of the items which they claimed was the reason why i could not access paypal i still could not use the same.it offers paypal at a payment option but ultimately sites some reason or another to the user to switch to western union as the only other option left.

          • Hi Sheetal,
            This site seems legitimate to me. One of the criteria for a fake site is they sell very expensive products for very cheap prices. This site has only very cheap products. It doesn’t make sense to create a fraud site if they cannot make a huge profit on the products.
            But to test them, I just bought some earings for my daughter and paid with the Paypal express checkout system. China post without tracking. Everything works fine so far. It’s already been paid and I have a order confirmation. So far, so good….

          • Hi Sheetal,
            I did receive the earrings after 4 weeks. Everything was okay, one strange mistake. They sent me 2 pairs of the same earrings.

          • cheap prices and free delivery without a tracking number seems too good to be true.please do let me know when the earrings reach you.thank you and regards! 🙂

  34. Hello! You have done a great job here! 😀
    I want to know if this site is real and if you would recommend me this site? rayflectorsunglasses.com

    I hope you can help me!
    I will be waiting your answer, thank you!


    • Hi Javiera, The site is an English / London web shop. Seems to be real. But it is not something to be discussed on StartBuyingInChina.
      Good luck, Boris

  35. Best way to start your shopping experience is to have somebody who you can trust and who has had personal experience shopping from China. I was lucky to have a friend recommend some sites. You could find some price differences between them but in overall I believe that Focalprice offers competitive prices and most important thing for me is Customer service. I had few problems but they reacted promptly and solved issues to my satisfaction.

    • Hi Zoran,
      I was hesitating to approve your comment. I agree with what you say about recommendations. But it was a bit too much pro FocalPrice. That’s why I deleted the links you added.
      Cheers, Boris

    • Perfectly fake!! No prices, No shop name, Payment only by money transfer and a delivery within 3-5 days worldwide. This is just impossible…

  36. Interesting article, but for a person who is totally new to online china market it becomes difficult to check for the authenticity of these sites. If you go to the facebook pages of certain sites like sammy dresses, DH gate, Aliexpress, light in the box, Mini in the box etc, people have described them as fake and unreliable. So how to decide? is there any other way? Did you check for yourself if the sites listed here are legit?

  37. Hi Boris,
    I live in Gaborone,Botswana an I have recently had quite some interest on buying online and 3 times I have bought stuff from 3 different suppliers on Alibaba, an it came through,no complaints,but I must say I wasn’t even aware I needed to know so much about buying from China! Your site is very helpful, it opened my eyes,I thank you very much. Please be kind enough to check hbxdt.en.alibaba.com for me. The site has very eye catching beautiful heels for women, too good to be true maybe. My insticts are just telling me to further inqure about them. I tried to google to find reviews of the site and customer service,haven’t found any, I hope you will be able to assist.

    • Hi Lucindal,
      Thank you for the complements. I’m happy to hear you already have had good experiences. This is just what should be 😉
      I haven’t mentioned Alibaba before, since it was all Chinese written. I see it is in English too. Next week I can check the page you mentioned. The thing I liketo say about Alibaba is the same as AliExpress: You are dealing with Chinese manufactories directly. Alibaba/AliExpress are just portals. Always look for references made by other customers.
      Regards, Boris

  38. Good afternoon, first I would like to congratulate you for the excellent site. I need a site that provides unique handsets Samsung handsets and documents for submission to Apple Brazil, can you help me? Thank you so much.

  39. Hi Boris,
    Thank you for this nice list. Do you have any information about online food shops? I’m looking for online shops for chinese tea, but did not find yet?

  40. Hello,

    You have a done a great job for all the foreigner. I need your comments on DHGATE. How this website is different from aliexpress and alibaba. Further, kindly guide me about some websites where i can buy jewelry and watches at best rates.

  41. Hi
    I want to buy with cheap clothing from china with free world wide shipping
    and wanna resell them in my home country. can you please tell me where can I buy those clothes ,price around 5 or 6 dollars because I noticed most of the retailers in my country order their products from China and sell
    around 9 or 10 dollars.

    • Hi Shannon,
      It all depends on the clothing you want to resell. A lot of shops offer free shipping. 1) talk with the resellers in your country about the Chinese suppliers they use. And ask for their experiences 2) Start with small orders and see if you like the products. If you want to buy larger quantities, you can always negotiate for lower prices.
      A list of chinese clothing is found above.
      A list of wholesale (B2B: large quantities and no free shipping) shops is here: https://www.startbuyinginchina.com/china-wholesale-stores/
      Good luck.
      PS AliExpress might be a good start for you. Products are very cheap and you’ll find same products with and without freeshipping with different prices.

  42. Hi

    Could you please help me were can i get All Star, or Converse shoes the latest one. Someone telling me that the is one of Somaian or Parkistan selling in bag 20 inside but she don’t want to show me this guy. Pls help.


  43. These are the china shopping site through which you can buy the wholesale products, clothes, bags, toys, accessaries, electronics etc. they are famous top sites in online shopping

  44. First of all nice list!
    I saw a website compareimports.com. Do you have more info about them?
    It looks like a comparing website.
    I think It compares the biggest china wholesale website.

    • Hi Gerlof,
      Compareimports is a comparing site indeed. They do not sell any goods but redirect you to Chinese retail/wholesale stores.

  45. Kindly ask for a list of Chinese companies manufacturing branded electronics especially laptops and desktops, appreciate it.


  46. hi, sir can you help me where i can shop nba shoes? i want the real website please and cheaper price please.. hope ypu can help me.. thank you..

  47. Hi Friend,
    You are doing a great job thank you very much.
    I wanted to know that if the website rm44.com, is OK or not? means is it a scam or a real online shopping store?
    You can inform me on my email [deleted] as early as possible.Thank you.

    • Hi Ali,
      UPDATE: RM44.com is scam! See this Blog
      I’m not familiar with rm44.com. For what I can see. It has no real shopping name. The company is Shenzhen RM Trade Co. This is a very simple name. I think it’s just a dropshipping site without it’s own warehouse. Based on their site, it’s not a site I would recommand. If you have any experience with this site. please let me know.
      Good luck, Boris

  48. Hi there

    I am Matt, I like to tell you that
    You have done a very good job here…….
    You have help foreign people shopping in china….
    I’m looking for a trusted cheap cell phone online shop
    do you have some, could you kindly direct me to it.

    much appreciates…


  49. Great list of Chinese Shopping Websites! We also provide a list of about 100 Chinese shops for German customers and still found some sites we didn’t know yet. Good work!

    We will check them too and include them in our so called “China Shop Liste” where we collect all reliable China Shopping Sites delivering to Germany.

    • Hi
      are dealextreme and gearbest reliable sites as sometimes they ask for buyers credit card photocopy?
      Moreover kindly give name of some retail sites which are good for fountain pens and double edge shaving razors.

      • The sites are legitimate. I would check the terms and conditions at DX and Gearbest for this. You can use Paypal with your CC too.
        I have no information on specific products.
        Good luck, Boris

    • Sometimes you might even not know it’s a Chinese shop. Lightinthebox has a very good translated website and send you a description written in your onw language (I get it in Dutch, which is not a very common language in the world)

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