A few weeks ago I announced that Alibaba wants to stop the fake products on their sites.

This week Femi, one of our readers, mentioned a complete new method that fraudulent sellers use to promote their fake products on Alibaba to you.

I wasn’t aware of this before and I think this is something you must know.

Let’s beat those scammers once and for all!

You won’t see the fake products on Alibaba

Yes this is for sure. When you search for Samsung s6 Edge, Apple iPhone, DELL XPS 13, MacBook Air, you will find no original or fake products. The best you can find are accessories or repair parts.

So Alibaba did beat the scammers? There are no more fake products on their site and everybody is happy.

Well, I guess you understand by the tone of my blog, it is not…

A short lesson in finding fake products

Disclaimer: The following steps are illustrative. If you think you can find real cheap genuine products and you fall for these prices. I can’t help you. You must learn it the hard way. Don’t complain I didn’t warn you…

  • Make sure you are logged in on Alibaba
  • Search for (electronic) products on Alibaba
  • At the product page you will find an option for the latest prices. This option is located just below the description, after FOB prices.

fake products on alibaba - latest price


  • Clicking this option will bring you to a pop-up with ‘Request for the latest price from supplier’
  • Check the option: ‘Get the best quotes from verified suppliers through AliSourcePro’
  • Wait a few hours and the inquiries are coming into your Alibaba message center.

fake products on alibaba more in quiries









These steps actually give fraudulent businesses the possibility to send you emails with their products. Fortunately these emails will only be in you Alibaba message center and not in your personal email box.

It is possible you will get multiple emails with fake products on Alibaba with Too Good To Be True Prices for Non Chinese Brands. It is useless to show the complete lists, but I like to give you some samples form these inquires.

All these products fail for our simple ‘ beat the scammers’ test.

  • Too good to be true prices
  • Non Chinese brands
  • Only payment through Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Unprofessional





Beware!! Identity thieves!

When I checked the company in Google from one of the inquiries, I found a different company and site!! This needed some more investigation.


The autor refers to a site from Kunup Technology. When you Google for Kunup Technology you will find a USB manufactory from China with a Chinese and English version for their USB sticks.

But when you follow the link provided in the email, you will find a fake store for Apple products. This fake site fails on all the criteria I describe in my free video training. You can opt in for this video serie on our homepage.

To be sure, I sent an email to Kunup technologies to verify this site. Within a few minutes they replied to confirm we are dealing with an company identity thief… These people use false company names to sell their fake products on Alibaba.

company identity thief


I cannot urge you enough to stay away from these sites. And if you are a frequent reader of our blog, I’m pretty sure you wil!!

For more info, check the previous blogs about this subjects:


In conclusion

I can’t believe this will hold very long at Alibaba. It is easy for Alibaba to filter for these emails. Remember it is not a private conversation. You talk with suppliers within the Alibaba store. Sure they can monitor this.

Maybe if people start complaining about the fake products on Alibaba, Alibaba will do so. But then these people are already scammed by then…

Question to you

Do you buy products at Alibaba? What kind of products?
And have you received emails like we discussed above?

Please write it in the comment box below.

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Wish you many safe purchases!



Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    20 replies to "Beware! Fake Products on Alibaba"

    • Milka Bhugobaun

      i just to use your blog to make others get cheated with a shop on Alliexpress,the shop ‘s name is WTS store and on its site there is nothing, i bought a blouse since nov. 16 i did not received the item ,after discussion they refuse to refund and they mentionned the transaction completed.if you can insert the in your blog as FAKE SHOP thanking you

    • Bill Brewer

      Thank you for your reply I wish it was true about tv over there many thanks to you for your help have a bless day.I’ll take all the sites that you can throw my way please and thanks

    • Bill Brewer

      I’m not a great reader and comprehend what I read that’s why I’m sending this.
      Do you mean that there are real seller’s on Alibaba.com and how do I find them? Please I did almost bought from these people until I look up website and put scam on back end of their website and then I found your article and I thank you. How do I find the real sellers?

      • Bastiaan

        Hi, Alibaba is a market place. you are dealing with different people every time. Please see this article for the rating system
        Alibaba has a similar rating system.

        • Bill Brewer

          Thanks for your reply I’m learning how to use computers and search but I’m not great at this yet can you help me find great deals with big screen TV I wouldn’t ask but I’m not great at this and Christmas is coming soon I humble myself to ask this favor please give me some site I look through most of your post from the first blog I looked at all almost all of those are clothes and gadgets can you help please and thanks

          • Bastiaan

            Sure, it is very simple.;-)
            You cannot buy big screen TV’s from China easily. I have NEVER seen a real Chinese site selling them. Only some small unknown brands. Only scam sites sell these TV’s for great (too good to be true) prices. So, save yourself a lot a money and frustration and don’t buy your TV from China directly.

    • Jasmina Mogulić

      Dear Bastiaan,

      thanks on this page it would help to avoid scammers.

      Best regards

    • Juan rubio

      I just received an email from kunop co and thanks to your advised i not make something stuped , you save me alot of money thanks i apreciate your help great job

      • Bastiaan

        That’s out goal. You’re welcome!

    • Don Pennington

      July 6, 2015 I made the mistake of placing an order w/ will stephen of szkunup technology. Stupid is as stupid does and I did. I placed an order for a large screen tv via Western Union. I wired $346 to a Shanshan Li. I never received anything. I sent nice email request for info, then I sent nasty emails, then I sent emails to every official office in Shenzhen. Nobody even responded. All I can say is, when you think you are getting a good deal, you are getting screwed.
      As far as dealing with Alibaba and AliExpress, I have never been scammed. You have to make sure you pay the seller via Alibababa, AliExpress or PayPal. Buyer Beware.

      • Bastiaan

        Sorry to hear… But you prove my point…

    • Amanuel

      I found your information to be very helpful and I hope Alibaba will take a measure on the issue as soon as possible.
      Thank you Bastiaan for your usual support and advice.

    • Akinyemi Tumule

      Thanks for the information, atleast at this point am sure Alibaba and group should find a means of evacuating this fake people and their fake products or else before they know it customers will hardly patronise the platform, something should be done please for the safety of the customers.

      • Bastiaan

        Alibaba is one of the largest marketplace for online stores on Earth. Yes they must act on this soon!


      I never buy on Alibaba because of all the fake quotes am getting from the seller which sounds too good to be true cos i actually know the price of those items like samsung S6 Edge that cost like 800USD if not more they can call it 90USD on Alibaba. Alibaba really need to do something to screen those fake ass on the site.

      Thanks Bastiaan for the great work.

      • Bastiaan

        Since I’m an Apple user and know more about their products, I slightly use Apple more for my examples than Android. You’re absolutely right. The prices for a Samsung S6 Edge in these emails are 90-125 dollars depending on the memory size.
        You’re welcome!

    • KiGO

      The website www dot szkunup dot com is a fake website.
      Our real website is http://www.kunup.com. 深圳市坤普科技有限公司 Shenzhen Kunup Technology Co.Ltd.
      We just sell USB flash drives. Please be careful, Thanks!

      • Bastiaan

        Thanks for the fast reply. I hope these scammers will not cause too much trouble for you!

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