Once a year all shops will open their doors for the biggest sale.
It’s called Black Friday.

Just a week ago the biggest Chinese sale was on. Singles Day on 11th of the 11th. With the largest turnovers ever. If you missed this, please read last weeks post.

Now you have another chance. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t forget to mark Friday 27th of November in your agenda.

All stores will go wild with discount stunts and mega sales.

Time for you to benefit too!

Without the crazy crowds and long waiting lines.

Get Discounts up to 80%

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This year it will be 27th of November.

This day is the day after Thanks Givings. It’s a public holiday and most people get the day of on Friday. This is a splendid day to do your Christmas shoppings. Many people, long waiting lines, and crowd everywhere!

That’s why it is called Black Friday because of the immense large crowds on the streets. No parking places, long waiting lines, people fighting over the last articles in stock.

I like to mention something more about this tradition. Just because it’s somewhat connected tomy hometown in the Netherlands.

In 1574 BC my hometown Leiden siege of the Spanish occupation ended. The city was desperate for food and the mayor offered to cut of his arm feed to the citizens. (as is the story) During 1609-1620 the Pilgrim Fathers, who fled from England to Leiden, got accustomed with the celebration of this liberation. Gratefulness for food was a very important part.

In 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers bound for America with the ship Mayflower. In 1621 they settled. Their crop failed. But with help of the Wampanoag Indians they could harvest that year. To celebrate their survival, they started Thanksgiving. Based on the liberation ceremony Leiden they knew.

Thanksgiving is always on the 4th Thursday in November. It’s all about food and gratitude. Most people get the day off  on Friday. Since the 1960ties people went shopping like crazy on this free Friday to get their Xmas presents. Since then it’s called Black Friday.

In Leiden we have a ruin called the Vrouwenkerk (Ladies’ Church) from the 14th century. It is said that the Pilgrims attended this church in the 17th century before they left for Plymouth Colony. But let’s quit this history lesson. It’s probably only fun to me 😉

Let’s get back to what Black Friday can do for you!


It is not just discounts like 20% or 30%. The discounts can be huge! Up to 80%. Especially clothing can be very cheap.

A lot of Chinese shopping sites anticipate on this special occasion. Just as they did on 11-11 for the Chinese. Most discounts and sales takes the whole month of November.

Quick start to great deals

It can be a hurdle to find the discounts you like. There are many shops to choose from. But will they have a great sale with Black Friday 2014? To help you I selected some great coupons and sales.

My question to you about Black Friday

Would you go shopping on Black Friday in the crowd.
Or would you buy your presents online?
Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Cheers, Bastiaan!

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    3 replies to "Black Friday Sales in Chinese Stores"

    • frank

      The deals might be good when they advertise 50% off or more, however i did notice many items are inflated before the discount, so your not really getting “The Deal” you think you are.

      This is worth investigating. Just after Nov 11, I received an email saying almost all of my items in my Wish list got reduced.

      • Bastiaan

        Interesting indeed. However in my local stores there is often a reduced price visible. And the original price is seldom ever paid.

        • frank

          You can even try saving a screen shot of the prices and compare.

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