• Chinese Tracking Codes Revealed

    Chinese tracking codes revealed
    What if you could always track your parcels from China? Unfortunately this isn’t always possible. Not all shipping methods have a working tracking method. Especially with free shipping methods by China Post or Hongkong Post. Sometimes you need to pay a little for a tracking number, usually just 1 or 2 bucks. But when you […]
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  • 4 Criteria to select the best Online Chinese Store

    4 Criteria to select the best online Chinese store
    Every week I get questions like: What is the best store to buy this product? Good question… But they cannot expect me to do their homework. Most of the time these folks just want the lowest price possible. Not understanding there is more to a Chinese store than just the price… And what about you…
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  • 9 Steps to Handle Disputes with Chinese Stores

    9 steps how to handle disputes with Chinese stores
    Importing products from China is fun as long as everything goes well. But when your products do not arrive, the whole buying process can become very frustrating. Just check online customer reviews. Most people complain that their products never arrived and that the company didn’t refund their money. Well, this is all over if you […]
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  • Fears and Dangers for Buying Online in China

    Fears & Dangers for Buying Online in China
    I do not buy online from China, it’s too dangerous! You probably have heard people saying this too…. Over the years I have heard many excuses why somebody should not buy online. And when it comes to Chinese stores the list of excuses grows.
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  • Extreme long delivery times…

    extreme long delivery times
    Very Very VERY long delivery times… It’s one of the most frustrating situations when you buy products from China. In general most products arrive pretty fast, within 2 weeks. But recently, it becomes longer and longer. What’s your experience? 
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  • NBA All stars counterfeit – a real story…

    Being deceived by Chinese stores is probably most peoples worst nightmare (just after falling from an airplane with parachute and eaten by a zombie)… At StartBuyinginChina.com you can find many articles about how to avoid these fake sites and how to avoid fake products. A few months ago I wrote about fake products, like fake […]
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  • User Questions and Answers

    User questions and answers december
    Hi! It’s time to do a new User Questions Blog for December! In case you missed the previous Q&A’s… April edition and the May Edition and October edition. BTW we have many questions from our Nigerian readers. Shipping Costs from China Livungthung asked: Are there any Electronic websites, that does not have a free shipping included? Since shipping price […]
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  • Reminder: Biggest Black Friday Sale

    Black friday 2015
    Tomorrow will be the day! It’s Black Friday weekend. This Friday 27th of November will be Black Friday. This day and the coming weekend, most stores will come up with huge discounts on most products. If you are planning to buy some products from China, this weekend will be your best shot! BTW I wrote about Black Friday […]
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  • Black Friday Sales in Chinese Stores

    black friday 2015
    Once a year all shops will open their doors for the biggest sale. It’s called Black Friday. Just a week ago the biggest Chinese sale was on. Singles Day on 11th of the 11th. With the largest turnovers ever. If you missed this, please read last weeks post. Now you have another chance. On Black […]
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  • Chinese web stores break sales records on Singles Day

    Alibaba Singles Day 2015
    The 11th of the 11th is a strange date. Four 1’s on one day. In China they celebrate Singles Day, the counterpart of Valentines Day. The four 1’s look like 4 ‘bare sticks’ what stands for single guys.On this day these singles were invited to buy something nice for themselves. Nowadays, the 11th of the […]
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  • More Chinese stores …

    We have over 100 stores listed on our sites. Real stores that would send you your products as they promise. Being on our list, means that it is a tested store. It is pretty safe to buy in this store. That’s why new stores ask to be listed on our site. Even non-Chinese stores asks […]
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  • User Questions and Answers – October

    questions & answers october 2015
    A Few months ago, I did some Q&A blogs. User questions are very interesting to read because they discuss common problems everybody can encounter. Time for a new Q&A, the October Edition.
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  • Halloween Again

    Halloween 2015
    The wind is getting stronger. Rain is falling. And winter is coming.  Trick or treat… If you don’t bring your candy, your house will be painted or covered with all stuff you do not want to find in your yard…. Its time for Halloween!! Let evil come out and vampires grap their victims. It’s no longer […]
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  • DressWe Review

    dresswe review
    Many Chinese clothing stores target on feminine clothing. Daily fashion, streetwear and all kind of dresses. Some stores focus more on special occasion clothing like Wedding and proms clothing. DressWe.com is a store in this category. Let’s create a DressWe or as the DressWe.com Review!
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  • NBA Allstars Counterfeit

    fake NBA allstars counterfeit, nike air mag back to the future
    At StartBuyingInChina we haven’t discussed real stores that sell fake products. At this point it is hard to tell. You need to know the original product, otherwise you cannot determine a fake product from a genuine product. Today we give it a shot!
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  • Reversed engineering for fake Chinese sites

    reversed engineering tools
    There are many possibilities to reveal fraudulent Chinese sites. If you still doubting on whether a site is fake or real, check out this blog: Avoiding Fake Chinese Sites. It has all the info you need. But… Today I like to reveal one of the techniques I use a lot. The reversed engineering technique. This […]
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  • No PayPal! What Should I Do?

    No Paypal, what should i do
    Online stores like AliExpress and DHGate do not have Paypal. AliExpress even holds the money till you – as a customer – are satisfied with the purchase. Why is this and is it safe? Why do so many stores offer bank transfers with Western Union, when you (we at StartBuyingInChina) say not to use it? […]
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  • Labor Day Discounts

    labor day sale weekend
    Special occasions and festivities are always a good reason to give special discounts. Next week on the first Monday in September, it is Labor Day. And although this is a typical American and Canadian public holiday, a lot of Chinese stores use this day to give extra high discounts for just a few days. Let’s dig […]
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  • Top 15 – Japan Online Stores

    top 15 japan online stores
    It’s all-in the name. StartBuyingInChina. But what about Japan Online Stores??? This week I will focus on Japan online Stores or better Japanese online stores.
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  • Who pays for Customs Clearance? UPDATE

    customs clearance update
    A few months ago I wrote about who is paying for customs clearance. Well, in general: YOU! But they great thing is…. Some Chinese stores offer a new service. THEY pay for the custom clearance costs. This sounds great and it is! Unfortunately there are also stores that ask you to pay them so they […]
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  • More Exclusive Coupon Codes for You

    exclusive deals for StartBuyingInChina
    Most people who buy from China search for the lowest prices. And I bet you do it too. And yes, I do it too! If I find a product I like, I search on multiple sites for better products, lower shipping costs or better service. Based on the criteria mentioned in this blog: 4 Criteria […]
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  • Avoiding Fake Chinese Stores! Update!

    Avoid fake chinese sites update
    This blog is for everyone who doesn’t want to get scammed by fake Chinese stores. I appreciate it if you are one of our loyal readers. You probably know how to recognize fake stores easily. And still I see a lot of people asking whether this or that store is real or not. It’s time […]
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  • Thank you for your trust in StartBuyingInChina.com!

    Thank you for your trust in StartBuyingInChina.com
    Since last summer I write consequently a weekly blog and newsletter about buying online from China. That’s over 50 different blog items concerning safety, shipping procedures, payment systems, legitimate sites and how to avoid and recognize fake sites! I appreciate it a lot if you are with us since last year. And if you are […]
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  • Vintage Clothing at Affordable Prices at Rosegal Review

    rose gal affordable vintage clothing
    In the online world of online Chinese shopping sites it is very hard to be distinctive. Most stores focus on Clothing or Electronics as phones and tablets. They compete on prices and free shipping. Most of them have no real unique selling points. There are just a few stores that really are different then others. […]
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  • Oversea Chinese Warehouses – Avoid Taxes

    Oversea Chinese Warehouses
    When you buy products from China many things can go wrong. By following our weekly tips you can avoid most of them. But we can’t avoid that your customs will calculate duty and VAT or sales taxes. There are ways to reduce these costs. And a number of stores have an insurance option, to insure […]
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  • Beware! Fake Products on Alibaba

    Beware Identity Thieves - Fake products on Alibaba
    A few weeks ago I announced that Alibaba wants to stop the fake products on their sites. This week Femi, one of our readers, mentioned a complete new method that fraudulent sellers use to promote their fake products on Alibaba to you. I wasn’t aware of this before and I think this is something you […]
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  • Lightinthebox pays the Custom Duty!

    No more duty costs!
    One of the most frustrating aspects of buying from China is the uncertainty of duty and clearance costs. Who must pay these costs? We discussed this in this blog too. Follow this link: Who pays for custom clearance? Now Lightinthebox and Miniinthebox offer an elegant way to solve this discussion!
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  • Just One Chinese company…

    There are listed over 100 different Chinese stores on our overview page. You find all kind of niches and all stores have their unique selling points. This week I checked which mother company runs these stores. And then you see there are just a few companies…
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  • Buying fake products from China

    fake products from China - alibaba qr code
    Alibaba is well known for the great volume of fake products from China. Lower quality and much lower prices. Products like Gucci, Ferrero, Nike. You name it. You can almost all kind of non-Chinese products in China if you do some searching. But it is forbidden. These 100% copies are being called counterfeit. And counterfeit is […]
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  • User Questions and Answers – May 2015

    Last month I did my first Q&A session. To make it a tradition here is the May Edition!
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  • Online Shopping Malls in China – AliExpress

    Online or offline shopping malls - AliExpress vs Lafayette
    There are two really different kinds of online Chinese stores. One is the store that sends you the products themselves. The other is nothing more than a virtual market place: the online shopping malls in China. For example AliExpress. When you deal with an online market, how can you be sure that the service is […]
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  • Take Away the Fear of Buying Online

    Take away the fear of buying online from China
    ‘Paying your money and the products never come or take a very long time to arrive’ According to our online survey this is the number one fear! What about you? Does this fear resonate with your buying experiences? For the novice and inexperienced buyer the fear of not receiving your products and losing your money […]
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  • Who pays for Custom Clearance?

    who pays for custom clearance?
      I think this is the most frustrating part when you buy something from oversea. You paid the products and you paid for shipping. And a week later the postman rings your door bell with the question to pay another amount of money. I’m sorry, he says, but you need to pay for duty costs, […]
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  • 40 Chinese Stores with Free Shipping

    40x free shipping from Chinese stores
    Buying in China is famous for the low shipping costs. Many times it is even ‘Free Shipping’ But where can you find these stores with Free Shipping?
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  • User Questions and Answers – April 2015

    Questions and answers april 2015
    Last week I asked you about your experiences or questions with Chinese stores. This resulted in several interesting questions. Today I created the first Questions and Answer for 2015. This might be a monthly opportunity to ask get your questions answered. If you to be in the next Questions and Answers, write a comment at […]
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  • SammyDress – Free Shipping or Low Prices?

    free shipping sammydress or low prices
    This is what triggers me. Do you choose for free shipping or the lowest prices. Well, if you can choose, why wouldn’t you choose both. Free shipping AND the lowest prices. It’s just that these two criteria doesn’t fit together very well.
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  • 100 Legitimate Chinese Stores

    Best Chinese shops and Chinese stores
    In the last year many new Chinese stores opened. And we saw also some shops being closed. Today we updated our list of legitimate Chinese stores. The previous list contained 80 different stores. This new list contains 100 different Chinese stores, wholesale markets, niche markets, clothing shops etc etc.
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  • Do or do not use Western Union – 10 reasons

    10 reasons not use western union
    Why keep I saying: do not use Western Union? Paying online has become very lucrative. In the last 10 years many new payment systems have come up. One thing they have in common is that these payment systems must be secure and safe. And with all these new companies like: Paypal, Stripe, all kinds of bank […]
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  • Expending your possibilities

    expending your possibilities
    Today I like to challenge you. It’s not about throwing a bucket with ice water over your head. Or doing something embarrassing. Nothing from that. The challenge is about giving back and teaching. I grew up with a faith that you need to pay first. You only give after you got paid and if you […]
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  • New eBook: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Chinese Smartphones

    blog new ebook Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Chinese Smartphones
    Buying a smartphone from China can be very profitable, finding a great new gadget for an affordable price. It can also be a difficult demotivating process too. Where do you start? There are so many different brands! How can you be sure the phone works in your country? What are these hidden costs like duty […]
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  • Xiaomi beats Google?

    google vs xiaomi
    A few months ago I hadn’t heard from them. Now they seem to become a threat to Google. This company just started and is number 3 in the world of smartphones, just after Samsung and Apple! And do you know its name? Xiaomi is conquering the world! Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011. Since […]
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  • Wipe your butt with the presidents face…

    respect solving buyers problems
    I can’t believe it! What I read this week blew my mind. I like a joke, especially a practical joke! But hey…. some more respect would be nice! This is what hit the news this week.
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  • Where is my parcel from China?

    Where is my parcel - tracking codes from China
    Tracking your parcels from China all the way to your doorstep would be great… Unfortunately tracking isn’t that evident with free shipping. Not every order gets a tracking number. Not all the tracking codes work in your country. And how do you know where you can track these codes? Let’s break down the tracking code […]
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  • Chinese New Year 2016 Discounts

    We already passed the first month of 2016. So let’s celebrate New Year! The Chinese New Year starts February 8th on our Gregorian calendar. Time to celebrate. Time to get huge discounts. But.. It’s not the time to get in contact with China, they are all on holiday.
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  • How fast can you receive a parcel from China?

    fast shipping from China
    The delivery times from China are very unpredictable. Sometimes parcels arrive in only a week and sometimes you need to wait for 50 days! Why is this delivery time so unclear? Did you know that: The delivery time is calculated as the sum of the processing time and the transmit time. Note that the shipping […]
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  • Is free shipping from China really free?

    Is free shipping from china really free?
    Have you ever wondered how it is possible that most shipping from China is free? I couldn’t understand how you can order a small item for just a few bugs and get all the way to Europe for free. It needs to be transported by plane, transported by car and hand over at my door. […]
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  • How to recognize a fake Chinese store

    how to recogize a fake Chinese store
    How can you recognize fake Chinese stores? With these simple steps, no bogus site will ever fool you. Read more…
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  • Wishing You The Best Year Ever

    Best Year Ever!
    A Big Thanks to you! 2014 was a wonderful year. StartBuyingInChina grew from a new web blog into a community with hundreds of visitors every day. And almost 2,000 subscribed people. And for this I want to say to you: Thanks a Lot!!
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  • Can I have your attention now?

    When you think: ‘I know how to do it differently.’ And then when the pressure of deadlines is high… Will you do it differently or do you fall into your old way of working?
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  • XMAS Presale offer – Safe Buying in China Course

    Presale Course
    I’m so excited! Last weeks I worked hard on my online course: ‘Safe Buying in China – Course’ It’s in the last stadium now. I’m planning to launch the course officially on January 15th, 2015.
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  • Buying Non-Chinese Brands in China

    non chinese brands
    The most asked question on StartBuyingInChina is: Where can I find cheap iPhones, iPads, Nikes? The most given answer is: You cannot! But this is the simple answer. Today I like to give some nuances.
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  • Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday is Coming

    black friday cyber monday
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming! If you have missed my post 3 weeks ago, now is the time to pick it up. Tomorrow starts the biggest sale you’ll ever get this year. All Chinese shops go immense discounts for Black Friday. Most will last only this weekend up to Cyber Monday.
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  • Eight Benefits of Online Shopping in China

    benefits of online buying in china
    When your friends ask you why you are buying in China, what do you say to them? Thinking back on my experience with online shopping, I could think of eight benefits. I wonder, do you know a ninth?
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  • Making Money with Chinese Products – Course 101

    Building a business with Chinese products
    How do I make money online? How do I build business with Chinese products? Where do I buy cheap products I can sell? These are just a few examples of the questions I got during the last months. Earning money with Chinese products is ‘hot’ these days. But where do you start?
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  • Fast cash with Chinese products

    buying selling chinese products
    Have you ever thought of buying stuff from China and resell it yourself? I see a lot of people who want to start a business with Chinese products. And why not? You can buy a lot of products for low prices and sell these products locally with a profit? The main question is: How serious […]
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  • Winter is coming, Halloween is out there…

    Winter is coming, the dark days have won from the glorified sunny Summer. It’s the time of the year that evil comes out and vampires grap their victims. It’s no longer trick or treating on the door. Those kids already grew up and so has Halloween. Now it is time to meet your alter ego. […]
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  • Taobao, The Undiscovered Country

    taobao guide
    Remember the Star Trek series on TV? Discovering new worlds and new civilizations. Seeking for new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before? For me directly shopping in China is something like that. I do not speak the language, but fortunately we have the universal translator, called Google Translate 😉 Let […]
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  • Ultimate Chinese Smartphone List

    You want a smartphone? And you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for the newest Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or HTC One? Did you look for Chinese brands yet? Today is the time to look at the 12 different Chinese brands in this Ultimate Chinese smartphone list! In this Ultimate Chinese Smartphone list I […]
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  • 8 Times Looking Through the Eyes of a Scammer

    Beat Scammers Insights
    Two months ago I created a simple test. With this test everybody can check with just 6 questions whether a (Chinese) online store is legitimate or fake. If you haven’t seen this test, please follow this link: Fake Chinese shopping sites – Black list. After this blog I got a lot of emails of frustrated […]
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  • 80 Tested places for safe online shopping in China

    80 testes Chinese Wholesale Stores
    Online Shopping in China? Chinese stores, they come and they go. In the recent comments I got on my blog posts, some people were recommending other sites with large lists of Chinese shops and Chinese wholesale stores. Hmmmm, why? That’s how I figured out I needed to update StartBuyingInChina. And that’s what I did.  I […]
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  • What do you need on StartBuyingInChina?

    What do you want to read on StartBuyingInChina
    Today I need you help. It will take no more then 2 minutes of your valuable time. Like the Chinese word Bāngmáng in the image above. It’s all about: ‘Helping Out‘.
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  • Alternatives for Chinese Brand Smart Phones – Part 3

    ALternatives for buying phones from CHina
    This is the third article about buying phones online in China. In this article I will cover 5 alternatives for online buying Chinese brands. If you are hesitating to buy a Chinese brand directly from China, you might find these options useful. In the last two articles I wrote about buying smart phones in China.
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  • 10 steps to take before you buy a phone in China – Part 2

    10 steps to take before buying a phone in China
    In last post I described the pro’s and cons for buying a smart phone directly in China. If you search other blogs about this subject, you will find many blogs about the problems you may encounter. But buying a phone is not rocket science! If you do your homework, you can find very good Android […]
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  • Buying a phone in China, Pros and Cons – Part 1

    Pros & Cons for buying Phones in China
    Buying smart phones online can be a difficult process. There are so many brands to choose from. The prices of the phones differ a lot. Can you buy the phone simlock free or only with a cellular contract? And what is the phone’s quality? When buying a phone online in China, you’ll even get more […]
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  • China Wholesale Stores

    China Wholesale stores and markets
    When it comes to consumers buying in China, people mostly buy one or two pieces from a product. A lot of shops also offer a wholesale price. This means that if you buy more than one piece, you’ll get a discount. Normally this starts around 5 pieces of each item. The more you buy, the […]
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  • Fake Chinese shopping sites – Black list

    6 test to filter fake shops from real shops
    I get more and more questions about fake Chinese shopping sites. Is this Chinese shop legitimate or not. After searching the internet I find a lot of fake shops and many based in China. Time for a black list. [Updated October 2014]
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  • Case study of Fake Chinese shopping sites: RM44.com

    This week I got a readers question. Is the Chinese shopping site RM44.com legit or not. The reader wants to do business with this site. And he asked my opinion. Since I do not trust this site, I used it as a case study of a fake Chinese shopping site. Update: 99SSX.com is the same […]
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  • Thinking ahead when shopping in China

    Smart phones from China
    If you have downloaded our ebook, you learned about the 7 biggest mistakes people make when they start buying in China. I made all of them. And I hope you can benefit from these tips to save you some trouble and money. This week I made a new mistake. Being too late…
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  • Chinese Back to School Deals

    AuraBuy Back to School promo
    The summer season just started. It’s time to look forward. Our kids will be go back to school in just a few weeks. Are you ready and prepared? Or do you still need some new stuff to buy, so your kid will be cool when he or she is entering the new class? If you […]
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  • How to add coupon codes?

    Last week I started my new partner site to add coupon codes and shopping deals. I don’t want StartBuyingInChina site to become too commercial. So I decided to have a new baby! (Can you do that alone???)
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  • Buy Apple Accessories Online in China

    12cm Cool Bendable Stand Design Lightning 8 Pin USB Data Sync Charging Cable for iPhone 5
    I love Apple products a lot. It is one of the reasons for long queues in malls and overwhelming bulk orders online.  People are amenable that apple accessories are priced higher than any other gadgets and accessories and yet the advocates of Apple brands continue to grow. With these budding demands, many Chinese online shops […]
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  • ClothingLoves Site is Down

    lightinthebox lingerie
    The ClothingLoves site seems to be under construction. The completely renewed their site, but some parts are still not working. For now I cannot tell you if their selling procedure and shipping will work correctly. You can check it here.
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  • Where to buy LED Lights from China?

    Led Lights
    Why Buy LED lights from China? LED lights are not just for indoor and outdoor lighting, but they are also used for desktop aquarium, reef tanks, and motorcycle illumination. The benefits of LED lights are very clear. They last for a long period up to 20 years. The are way more energy efficient. And the […]
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  • Top 10 Online Chinese Wholesale Sites

    China Wholesale stores and markets
    People mostly buy one or two pieces. A lot of shops also offer a wholesale price. The more you buy, the more discount you’ll get.
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  • Top 5 Swimwear Online Shop in China

    Romantic Purple Strap Bikini Set with Bejeweled Decoration
    A long-stretched white sand beach and crystal clear water is nothing without flaunting your curves with your sexy and comfortable swimwear.   Buying a swimwear shouldn’t take a day or so.  You don’t have to join the crowd to get that perfect pair of bikini in shopping malls. There are a lot of swimwear online shops […]
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  • Where To Buy Ladies Hand Bags

    Star Style Stacked Rose Patent Leather Satchel Bag
    When choosing ladies hand bags, do you go for style or for quality?  Many girls will drop dollars to buy Louis Vuitton’s new hand bags, or to get Prada’s signature bags while there are also those who easily get attracted to well-designed hand bags. If they think it fits well to their style, they will […]
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  • Top 5 Shops To Buy China Computer Accessories

    Padmate BH203 wireless headphone bluetooth headset stereo earphone for all mobile phone
    Have you experience an hour or more travel to get into computer shops or malls just to buy a single 4-port USB HUB for your computer? Isn’t it tiresome? Don’t you think you could have save more time travelling for hours if you just place your orders online? Bu I need the item right there […]
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  • Top 5 Online Sites for Gadgets from China

    BuySKU_Cute Egg Shaped Silicone Stand Magic Audio Amplifier Speaker for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
    Where do you normally shop for gadgets? Do you still pain the long queues on the mall? Or do you just do it in a few click of the mouse? Well for years now, I have been buying and using gadgets from China. With the many online shops to choose from, I sometimes have a […]
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  • Top Chinese Stores to Buy Cheap Boots for Sale

    MArtofchina shoes
    Wearing boots is not only staple footwear on winter but sporting a great pair of boots even if it’s 50 degrees outside is other women’s choice of fashion. We all have our own styles and achieving our own fashion desires doesn’t need to be expensive; you can buy cheap boots for sale through the online shops below. 
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  • Top 5 Best Sites to Buy Cell Phone Cases in China

    EachBuyer_High Quality Beer Bubble Pattern Hard Case for iPhone 4 or 4S
    How frequently do you change your cell phone cases? Personally, I dress them depending on the occasion, or depending on my mood. I have a collection of cell phone cases that are made in China which I bought online. Below are a few of the top 5 best online shops in China that I recommend […]
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  • Top 5 China Online Fashion Jewelry Shops

    Silver Wedding Couple's Ring
    I am a big fan of jewelries. I believe that wearing jewelries is not just about art, it is also about elegance, beauty and grace. Being beautiful doesn’t need to be expensive. You don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars for a luxurious jewelry set.  You can take pride in wearing made in China jewelries […]
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  • Top Online Sites To Buy Wedding Dresses from China

    LightInABox_Ball Gown High Neck Chapel Train Organza Tiered Wedding Gown
    Most women have already captured in their imaginations their best wedding dress.  Some would prefer a sexy back wedding dress, a deeply cut-v neck bridal gown or a Western-Inspired wedding dresses from China. As the fashion trend advances, some women find it hard to decide on what styles to choose from especially if the budget […]
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  • FaceBook – Wear To Win It – Contest

    Enchanting Semi Sheer Black Lace Flouncing Design Halter Teddies
    Win a $ 20 Free Shopping Credit for Lingerie or Jewelry from MartofChina It’s a great Facebook Competition, Click Here and Join Now. Mart of China is a leading fashion online shop that provides first class women and men’s apparel, jewelries, bags and lingerie. Their lingerie is comfortable and sexy to wear. You surely will […]
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  • LighTake Review – Great Gadgets? Get it at LighTake!

    LighTake Review
    Thank you for reading our LighTake Review It is the goal of LighTake to be the best B2C webshop in Hongkong giving the best product, the best service and the lowest price to their customers. Their warehouse is located next to their shipping couriers so contacting and communicating with their suppliers is not a problem. […]
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  • Top Spring Wedding Colors for 2014 from Milanoo

    spring wedding colors
    Spring is the best time to exchange vows. It’s great to say I DO as nature creates a natural beauty in your wedding reception with its fresh favors, colorful blooms and warm sunshine. But choosing your wedding motif can sometimes be tricky. Setting the color for your wedding will not only set the mood of […]
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  • What to Wear on Your Valentine’s Date

    Sheath_Column Sweetheart Short_Mini Grace Bandage Dress
    It’s a week before Valentines and I’m pretty sure that many of you are excited about a dazzling candle-lit romantic date with your loved ones.  As you look forward to this day, you cannot afford just wearing a simple shirt and a pair of jeans on your date, do you? That’s ok for the not […]
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