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Review Summary:

​BuyInCoins is China’s prime e-shop that sells computer accessories, apple product accessories, video cables, card readers, headsets, phone cases and first-class gadgets. They promise low prices and have an online best price watch. But they should take care of their customers care!​

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BuyInCoins is one of China’s vast virtual shops that offer gadgets and accessories. It is the most preferred online store by many retailers and buyers because of their extensive buying protection. Their legal and transparent transactions are what giver confidence to every buyer.They are the only online shop in China that offers a point coin system. The point coins can be used to purchase any products from the shop. However, despite of BuyInCoins great offers, there are still a lot of previous customers who are not happy with their service. One BuyInCoins Review says that they have false advertising and others say they are a scam.

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Impression of the BuyInCoins Shopping Site

Like any other stores, BuyInCoins displays a wide range of products available for its customers. The setting makes it easier for customers to scan the products from top to bottom based on the featured categories and new arrivals and the featured products. The site consumed most of its space for product display. They should have left a space where they can post information or banner about their Online Product Price Matching and their Point System. They fail to explain how these unique values benefits to its customers.

BuyInCoins Review of the Products

The reason why most people love BuyInCoins is because they offer products at a very low price and with free international shipping. In one BuyInCoins review that we read, one customer even wondered how they made money when their products are offered at a very cheap price.

“I don’t understand how they make money, but hey! Great site, great little gadgets.”

On another note, there are also people who are not happy with BuyInCoins.  There are some who are complaining about the poor quality of the product, delayed arrival of products, returned items not refunded, false advertising and they’re like.

“Do not trust this company – rip off! Stole my money and won’t return it.”

Visit BuyInCoinsVisit BuyInCoins  Visit BuyInCoins

BuyInCoins Review of Payment and Shipping process

BuyInCoins made their products very affordable to people. If you are a person who gets delighted with product that is priced lower, then you would surely love BuyInCoins. BuyInCoins offers Online Best Price Match where they match any price of the products that you like based on the price of their online competitors. For more information about Online Best price match, click here. Like any other shop, BuyInCoins also delivers products right at your doorstep wherever you are in the world, without asking you a single penny. [rdc_discount_box title=”Free International Shipping at BuyInCoins” code=”Happy Shopping !” link=””]

BuyInCoins Review of Customer Care

BuyInCoins don’t have an online chat support that is available in their website. Like on my case, when I first check the site I had a hard time locating where can I possibly talk to a customer representative for my product inquiries. I was scrolling from top to bottom only to find out that the contact us button is not even available at the navigation menu. The contact us form or message option is available within the product page.

Personally, I don’t find this idea practical because not every customer will go directly to the product page. There are some who have queries right from the time that they arrived on the page. BuyInCoins should let people know that they are visible anytime of the day. They assure to their customers that they will be taken cared of with whatever transactions they will have with the shop.

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    • Dmitriy1

      DO NOT BUY NOTHING FROM BuyInCoins. They sell fake. Order B20140508279462324 – it’s android phone at mtk 6592 2gb ram (as mentioned in listing)act m302 – i received it after 50days of paypal pay. It’s not real phone characteristics- real mtk6572 and 512mb ram. Support did not want to return money nor receive their fake phone.

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