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9 steps how to handle disputes with Chinese stores

9 Steps to Handle Disputes with Chinese Stores

Importing products from China is fun as long as everything goes well.

But when your products do not arrive, the whole buying process can become very frustrating.

Just check online customer reviews. Most people complain that their products never arrived and that the company didn’t refund their money.

Well, this is all over if you follow the next 9 steps to handle disputes with Chinese stores. Continue reading 9 Steps to Handle Disputes with Chinese Stores

More Chinese stores …

We have over 100 stores listed on our sites. Real stores that would send you your products as they promise.

Being on our list, means that it is a tested store. It is pretty safe to buy in this store.

That’s why new stores ask to be listed on our site. Even non-Chinese stores asks to be listed.

This week I like to..

Which store do you want to be added on our list? Continue reading More Chinese stores …

reversed engineering tools

Reversed engineering for fake Chinese sites

There are many possibilities to reveal fraudulent Chinese sites.

If you still doubting on whether a site is fake or real, check out this blog: Avoiding Fake Chinese Sites. It has all the info you need.


Today I like to reveal one of the techniques I use a lot. The reversed engineering technique.

This tool can help you with a lot of great stuff. Continue reading Reversed engineering for fake Chinese sites

Take away the fear of buying online from China

Take Away the Fear of Buying Online

‘Paying your money and
the products never come or
take a very long time to arrive’

According to our online survey this is the number one fear!

What about you? Does this fear resonate with your buying experiences?

For the novice and inexperienced buyer the fear of not receiving your products and losing your money holds them from buying in China. And they will never experience the fun of buying products worldwide. They will never benefit from low prices and great gadgets or clothing you get in online Chinese stores. Continue reading Take Away the Fear of Buying Online

taobao guide

Taobao, The Undiscovered Country

Remember the Star Trek series on TV? Discovering new worlds and new civilizations. Seeking for new life and to boldly go where no one has gone before?

For me directly shopping in China is something like that. I do not speak the language, but fortunately we have the universal translator, called Google Translate 😉

Let me introduce you the Undiscovered Country of Taobao. Continue reading Taobao, The Undiscovered Country


Ultimate Chinese Smartphone List

You want a smartphone? And you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for the newest Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or HTC One? Did you look for Chinese brands yet? Today is the time to look at the 12 different Chinese brands in this Ultimate Chinese smartphone list!

In this Ultimate Chinese Smartphone list I cover the top 12 brands with their flagship smartphone, their budget phone and where these phones can be bought. Continue reading Ultimate Chinese Smartphone List

10 steps to take before buying a phone in China

10 steps to take before you buy a phone in China – Part 2

In last post I described the pro’s and cons for buying a smart phone directly in China. If you search other blogs about this subject, you will find many blogs about the problems you may encounter. But buying a phone is not rocket science! If you do your homework, you can find very good Android phones for a very reasonable price.

To help you I created 10 steps you must take when you want to buy a Phone in China. Continue reading 10 steps to take before you buy a phone in China – Part 2