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Chinese tracking codes revealed

Chinese Tracking Codes Revealed

What if you could always track your parcels from China?

Unfortunately this isn’t always possible.

Not all shipping methods have a working tracking method. Especially with free shipping methods by China Post or Hongkong Post. Sometimes you need to pay a little for a tracking number, usually just 1 or 2 bucks.

But when you have a Chinese tracking code… Do you know how to track your parcel?

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customs clearance update

Who pays for Customs Clearance? UPDATE

A few months ago I wrote about who is paying for customs clearance.

Well, in general: YOU!

But they great thing is…. Some Chinese stores offer a new service. THEY pay for the custom clearance costs. This sounds great and it is!

Unfortunately there are also stores that ask you to pay them so they will handle the customs duties. This might be fraudulent!

So in this article we go a bit more specific. Continue reading Who pays for Customs Clearance? UPDATE

Oversea Chinese Warehouses

Oversea Chinese Warehouses – Avoid Taxes

When you buy products from China many things can go wrong.
By following our weekly tips you can avoid most of them.

But we can’t avoid that your customs will calculate duty and VAT or sales taxes.

There are ways to reduce these costs. And a number of stores have an insurance option, to insure your self for these costs. See this blog: Lightinthebox pays the duty costs

And there is an easier way! Continue reading Oversea Chinese Warehouses – Avoid Taxes

Take away the fear of buying online from China

Take Away the Fear of Buying Online

‘Paying your money and
the products never come or
take a very long time to arrive’

According to our online survey this is the number one fear!

What about you? Does this fear resonate with your buying experiences?

For the novice and inexperienced buyer the fear of not receiving your products and losing your money holds them from buying in China. And they will never experience the fun of buying products worldwide. They will never benefit from low prices and great gadgets or clothing you get in online Chinese stores. Continue reading Take Away the Fear of Buying Online

who pays for custom clearance?

Who pays for Custom Clearance?


I think this is the most frustrating part when you buy something from oversea.

You paid the products and you paid for shipping. And a week later the postman rings your door bell with the question to pay another amount of money.

I’m sorry, he says, but you need to pay for duty costs, sales taxes and clearance costs.

And there goes your happy feeling, replacing with a bad taste of being screwed… Continue reading Who pays for Custom Clearance?

fast shipping from China

How fast can you receive a parcel from China?

The delivery times from China are very unpredictable.
Sometimes parcels arrive in only a week and sometimes you need to wait for 50 days!

Why is this delivery time so unclear?

Did you know that:

The delivery time is calculated as the sum of the processing time and the transmit time.

Note that the shipping time is just a part of the transmit time. So, although a company can promise fast shipping, there are still reasons why the delivery can take much longer. Let’s dig into it! Continue reading How fast can you receive a parcel from China?

Is free shipping from china really free?

Is free shipping from China really free?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that most shipping from China is free?

I couldn’t understand how you can order a small item for just a few bugs and get all the way to Europe for free. It needs to be transported by plane, transported by car and hand over at my door. And all that for free?

Free shipping from China is probably the best reason why shopping in China is so interesting. Continue reading Is free shipping from China really free?