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Numbers don’t lie… If you are looking at the number of +5.000 positive reviews against 100 negative reviews I think it is safe to conclude Lightinthebox is not a scam. As they say: Shop with confidence!! Lightinthebox is our favorite!

Romantic Purple Strap Bikini Set with Bejeweled Decoration

Top 5 Swimwear Online Shop in China

A long-stretched white sand beach and crystal clear water is nothing without flaunting your curves with your sexy and comfortable swimwear.   Buying a swimwear shouldn’t take a day or so.  You don’t have to join the crowd to get that perfect pair of bikini in shopping malls. There are a lot of swimwear online shops that offers wider choices of swimsuits and trunks. Continue reading Top 5 Swimwear Online Shop in China

Star Style Stacked Rose Patent Leather Satchel Bag

Where To Buy Ladies Hand Bags

When choosing ladies hand bags, do you go for style or for quality?  Many girls will drop dollars to buy Louis Vuitton’s new hand bags, or to get Prada’s signature bags while there are also those who easily get attracted to well-designed hand bags. If they think it fits well to their style, they will likely buy it.

I am personally obsessed with hand bags. I change bags depending on the color of my dress. If you wonder where I bought my bags, here’s a list of online shops to buy ladies hand bag. Continue reading Where To Buy Ladies Hand Bags

MArtofchina shoes

Top Chinese Stores to Buy Cheap Boots for Sale

Wearing boots is not only staple footwear on winter but sporting a great pair of boots even if it’s 50 degrees outside is other women’s choice of fashion. We all have our own styles and achieving our own fashion desires doesn’t need to be expensive; you can buy cheap boots for sale through the online shops below.  Continue reading Top Chinese Stores to Buy Cheap Boots for Sale

Silver Wedding Couple's Ring

Top 5 China Online Fashion Jewelry Shops

I am a big fan of jewelries. I believe that wearing jewelries is not just about art, it is also about elegance, beauty and grace. Being beautiful doesn’t need to be expensive. You don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars for a luxurious jewelry set.  You can take pride in wearing made in China jewelries or blings without hurting your budget. Continue reading Top 5 China Online Fashion Jewelry Shops

Top Online Sites To Buy Wedding Dresses from China

Most women have already captured in their imaginations their best wedding dress.  Some would prefer a sexy back wedding dress, a deeply cut-v neck bridal gown or a Western-Inspired wedding dresses from China.

As the fashion trend advances, some women find it hard to decide on what styles to choose from especially if the budget is too tight. Whatever it is, the bottom line is, every woman would want to be the most beautiful bride on her wedding day.  Who doesn’t want to, anyway? Continue reading Top Online Sites To Buy Wedding Dresses from China

What to Wear on Your Valentine’s Date

It’s a week before Valentines and I’m pretty sure that many of you are excited about a dazzling candle-lit romantic date with your loved ones.  As you look forward to this day, you cannot afford just wearing a simple shirt and a pair of jeans on your date, do you? That’s ok for the not so girly, but believe me you would look even nicer and lovelier with a sophisticated dress from Milanoo or from LightInTheBox.

Valentine’s date is not like any other ordinary date, so you have to make this day beautiful, romantic and memorable.  You have to be the most beautiful woman your partner would ever date. Continue reading What to Wear on Your Valentine’s Date

25 Great Valentine Gifts for Her

Love is in the air. Valentines day is in the Love month, most men think about the best gift to give to her special someone.

But here’s a tip. Women love to be pampered.  They love to receive chocolates, flowers and stuff toys, yes, but giving them something that will make them special, sexy, happy and loved is something that will make her become more obsessed about you. Receiving what they longed to have from their partner would make them feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. Continue reading 25 Great Valentine Gifts for Her

25 Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him

Buying Valentines gifts for girls is too easy. You give her a box full of chocolates, her favorite scent of perfume and a bouquet of flower with some mushy poem– then she’ll feel like a princess already.  No, no, no….. don’t worry, we will come up with a nice list for her too. Nevertheless buying Valentines gifts for men is tricky and we will help you! Continue reading 25 Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him