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Chinese Virtual Malls

Virtual Mall

Virtual Mall

Virtual Mall


Wholesale B2B

Chinese Fashion Stores


The SHEIN girl is fashion forward yet classy, effortlessly cool and unafraid to venture into different styles.





Plus Size, Wedding, Special Occasion clothing

Plus Size

Plus Size

The SHEIN girl is fashion forward yet classy, effortlessly cool and unafraid to venture into different styles.


Punk / Cosplay

Special Occasion


Bags / Shoes





House, Food, Light

Lights, Leds




Baby / Child

Electronics & e-Cigarettes






Electronics & Phones




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79 responses to “100 Legitimate & Real Chinese Stores”

  1. Can you help, have you heard of www . stjohnscdp . co . uk ? I have purchased an item from them and when it arrived it had come from China. The item is not what I ordered but they took full payment after ordering. Never provided a receipt or email confirmation

    • Prices are very very high and discounts too low. Too good to be true. No contact information. I think you have been scammed. You think you bought some high quality fashion and got a fake badly made duplicate.
      Try to contact them again and again. If you paid with CC, you might get your money back form your bank. Wish you luck!

  2. hi i’m looking to buy from Chinese company’s who have their warehouse in the UK or in EU so i can offer quick shipping to my clients and make a nice profit , if someone can please give good advice , thanks

  3. well from last 5 years i am buying from shoptadka where i can say they are better than those in list above. yes aliexpress and ebay are best but yet somewhere they are not suitable for everyone. so i prefer shoptadka

    • Hi Frank,

      I would like to know if your company is interested in expanding sales globally or if we can collaborate in any other way. If you want you can add me on Skype so we can move forward faster (cloris_mopubi).:)

      I hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Hello Sir/Madam

    I have an active general Trading in Dubai based in the heart of Middle east and Also we do have a in-house TV station.

    We’re looking to have a full content affiliation from one of the major vendors in China to level;op this business across the region.

    Please note that This is a very urgent request and we need to get a lead on this.

    We have contacted wish.com but unfortunately the are ready yet for getting affiliation.

    Please advice

    Kian nabavi

    • Hi Ize. So many new stores ;-). I have no indication that this store is fake. But also be sure to test their quality and customers care. Start small.

  5. Thank you for putting up a fantastic site, and your time in helping people like myself to buy with out much worry. I am starting to try to sell in ebay and other sites products from China so once again many thanks


  6. Hello there.

    We are planning to buy AIR PURIFIER in China.we have been spoken to sellers from Website like made-in-China.com,global resources etc…are there sellers safe?
    Please tell me which FACTORIES are safe to buy AIR PURIFIER …we wanted SAMPLES.we are planning to distribute in europe.


  7. Hi,
    Where can i get quality baby cloths baby cloth diapers and accessories at a good price
    on wholesale.

    Thank You

  8. Hi there

    I would like to thank you for all the things that you have done here, you have help me so much in my career as a businessman…. God bless you…..!!!

  9. Hi,
    I would like to ask if you know any website that sells japanese cosmetics such as daiso, canmake and candy doll at a lower price compared to ebay and amazon? thank you

  10. Hello, I was wondering if freeshoppingchina.com is a trustworthy taobao agent, and if it isn’t, are there any good Australian taobao agents that don’t have expensive shipping fees like chinabuy.com.au does?
    Thank you for your help!

  11. hi,
    please i want to know from which safe website can i buy weddings gifts and favors ?
    thank you,

  12. Hi,

    I am new in selling products online.
    I have purchased a few childrens’ movie DVD’s from Dhgate and the service has been satisfactory.

    My question is, if I purchase products from oversee, do I have to pay some type of Custom’s tax on the merchandise I have purchased when I file my taxes at the end of the year?

    Also, can you recommend another website or vendor where I can purchase legitimate DVD Movies? I am interested in old TV Series availabe on DVD?

    Thanks for assistance. Your blog is awesome.

    • Hi Beverly,
      Good question about the taxes. No, there are no additions to your taxes at the end of the year.
      But your countries customs might leverage sales taxes, customs taxes and clearance fees at the moment you import the products into your country. You must pay these additional taxes over the total value of the products above a certain value. If you order below this value (for example 22 euros in Europe), there are no extra taxes. Please check your countries customs.

      I don’t think you can find old TV series in China. For this I would suggest Amazon. But if you do, let us know!

      Good luck

  13. i was looking at a composite softball bat that madeinchina .com had listed on their site and i was wondering 1 if i ordered a shipment of bats from them would i actually receive the bats. 2 if the bats i ordered would exactly the same as the bats i purchased here in the us

    • Hi Chuck.
      Madeinchina is a legitimate shop. So you can expect they will deliver your orders. But….. I suggest never to start with a larger order if you haven’t ordered from a Chinese store before. Start with 1 item and check the quality/delivery/service. Then – only if you are completely satisfied – contact them for your larger orders.

  14. Hey Boris, I have a doubt about purchase from China, specially with customs or taxes stuff. How can I ask to seller, to know exactly how much is for a purchase until my door in my country, covering customs and others? BR.

  15. Just came across this site keb2.com. Is this site genuine to buy from ? I am scared as i have been scammed and am looking to be extremely carefull . Looking for laptops, tablets phones and cameras. Thank you in advance

  16. Hey Boris,
    You are absolutely correct, I would want to buy from a reseller, when I can buy direct myself in China, especially with your blogs and guidance. However, I was wondering is there a shipping location in the US that China utilizes to get the products to the buyers sooner than the normal shipping time coming directly from China. And last, I in the process of placing another order, this time with DH Gate, would you recommend DH Gate as a safe and honest company to purchase from. This order will be in the 10k range. Once again, thank you for all that you do.

    • Hi Rick,
      The larger stores have an oversea warehouse. Companies like DealExtreme and Tmart. But not all products are stored there. Only the most buyer products.
      DHgate is reliable marketplace. You buy form independent manufactories directly. That’s why you wouldn’t find an oversea warehouse at DHgate. They have an extensive buyers protection.
      Two questions to you:
      First: Why start with such a large order if you haven’t purchased from this company before?
      Second is more a favor. My site is paid with affiliate income. This means I get a small commission (at DHgate it is very small!) for referring people to Chinese sites. If you don’t mind, can you please use my links to these sites before you buy? Thanks!

      • Hey Boris,

        I would be an honor to buy through your site, I am looking for reliable and quality electronics and men apparels, as well tablets and mp3 and mp4 players. If you recommend a company through your site, I will place the order through your site. I am ready to place the order ASAP.

        Thank you

        • Hi Rick,
          It would be my honor..
          For the products you mention I would suggest TMart.com. I still recommend to try out some stuff before you order the whole 10k. Be sure you are satisfied with the quality of the mp3/4 players etc. And I would suggest to contact them too and check their customer support upfront.
          Good luck!

  17. Hey Boris, I am very grateful to you. I place my first order and my product were deliver on time. However, I want to buy from company in the US that deal with china. Are there any wholesale company you would recommend that would have the prices that China have in the US.
    thank you

    • Hi Rick, if I understand your question correctly you are searching for a company IN the US with Chinese prices? Why do you want that? It’s another reseller who wants to make their profit. Maybe you can explain this more?

  18. Hi Boris,
    I would like to thank you for all the information here.
    Can you please till me something about xuping.com.cn.
    Although everything about the site looks legitimate and it’s operational for more than 7 years. but they are claiming to give discount of 71% over their already cheap prices looks quite unreasonable. can you please suggest anything about them.


    • Ho Vinod, your analysis is correct. There seems nothing wrong with this site, although it is not very professional. The payment system isn’t integrated. I don’t know the margins on jewelry, just know they are huge. Start small on this site and see if you are happy with the products and quality.

  19. Can anyone recommend the best site to buy children’s clothes from china I’m looking for good quality and the best prices thank you in advance

    • Hi Kirsty,
      Welcome to our site. I haven’t seen sites that only focus on children’s clothes. Doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. SammyDress and AliExpress have sections for children too. Some other clothing stores and virtual malls on the list above too.
      Good luck.

    • Kirsty,
      Do you need ready made children wear to order or you want your design to be manufactured? if the later one is correct, you may try Bangladesh as your low cost sourcing and buying.

  20. I truly appreciate your dedication in helping protect buyers from scams and fraudulent websites. I am interested in buying laptops and tablets. Can you recommend a company in china that is reputable.


  21. Hai Boris,

    Just checking out your best deals coupon site. Unfortunatly for me Ali Express doesn´t have a good coupon now. Would be lovely if you could arrange special deals for your visitors!

    And at my computer the deals page a bit slow at the moment, while this one is very quick.

    Shame Ali E. they don´t have Paypall included in the payment options. But maybe it´s very European- Dutch.

    Thanx for this great and complete insight in all the shops. I did put it on my desktop so i can excess it easy. You might offer a simple button for this for us all 🙂

    • Hi Yettta,
      AliExpress seldom has coupon codes. This is because you buy directly from individual sellers and not from AliExpress.
      BestChinaShoppingDeals isn’t hosted that well. I’m working on it.
      What kind of button do you suggest?
      Thanks for your comment!

  22. You have done a great work, to compensate u I bought from miniinthebox with your affliate link. Please help us with a good sight for buying varieties of laptop brands. Thanks

  23. hello boris, i have been totally bless with your blog…..keep it up and i hope to start a great concept of these kind of yours blog in my country to help my people and i will also ask you for your own coupon code so that i can place them on my site.
    thanks alot

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