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Review Summary: is a China based online supermarket with super lowest price. Products include: Mobile phone, cell phone accessories, computer accessories, LED products, auto parts, game accessories, outdoor gadgets, indoor gadgets, and other cool gadgets.

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ChinaBuye is a wholesale and dropship online shop that is based in Hongkong. It is an online supermarket that sells large-scale electronic products. ChinaBuye has wide variety of products which are sold at a very low price that you can even buy items for as low as $1. You might think that ChinaBuye will give you less because you are paying less. But people have testimonials saying that ChinaBuye products come with great quality. Also, ChinaBuye offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied about the products that you purchased. This alone gives every buyer the confidence to enjoy shopping in Chinabuye.

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Although there are many customers who were also frustrated with ChinaBuye’s logistic problems, but in terms with value, ChinaBuye is one of the most trusted brands among electronic shops in China.

Impression of the ChinaBuye Shopping Site

ChinaBuye is easy to scan and navigate. I love how they arrange their products according to their corresponding categories. It is not disturbing and is pleasing to the eyes.

I personally tried their search box and so far it worked well for me. They made it easier for customers to locate and filter products. Even if you search specific key terms like “pink shirts”, the site filters all products related to the item you are looking for.

What I think is only lacking with their web shop is that they don’t have live chat support visible in the site, which, for every buyer is essential in every online shop.

ChinaBuye Review of the Products

Feedbacks from different customers were quite confusing. There are some who products but there are also a few who were ranting about a wrong item or a defective product.

ChinaBuye products are highly engineered so that they can continue to provide great value for the money spent by their customers.

Their products went through different testing and quality checks before shipping. So to prove that this is true, I have done my research and find out that there are many people who are bragging about the shop.

One customer says,

“I bought a smartphone and atablet from Chinabuye. Anyway, the function is powerful, haha… China phones, they all work good.”

Some funny gadgets from ChinaBuye

Gel Nose Wash Shower Dispenser
Gel Nose Wash Shower Dispenser

Power-driven Wine Bottle Opener Silver
Power-driven Wine Bottle Opener Silver

Smart Projector Multi-Media Player
Smart Projector Multi-Media Player








The negative ChinaBuye Review about defective products have something to do with product handling. It might be because of the parcel and how it is being shipped. But if I rate their products based on customer feedbacks, I would give them 7 out of 10. Why? Because a legit shop would really do their best to always please their customers. In the case of ChinaBuye, their 30-day money back guarantee only means that they are amenable to whatever damages or defects their products have and that they are open for any replacement.

In case of defective product, ChinaBuye reserves the right to let you discuss with them the details on why the product is broken. They would prefer sending a picture of the defective product or a video for them to fully assess whether or not, it needs replacement.

ChinaBuye Review of Payment and Shipping process

ChinaBuye offers a lot of payment options. They accept credit cards, paypal, web money, pay by points and western union. Personally, I am not convinced that the site is totally safe. Beacuse there is not “https” or Secure http connection when you check out using your credit card. If you do online shopping, you should always take note about these things.

[rdc_discount_box title=”Free International Shipping at Chinabuye” code=”Happy Shopping !” link=””]

But with the many positive reviews that I learned from previous customers, one can really say that ChinaBuye is a safe and legit web shop.

“I have more than 20 purchases now from Chinabuye.
Never had any problems. Always deliver on time.”

Might be possible that someone is just paid by ChinaBuye to fabricate positive reviews? Let’s check another feedback from Facebook where we see reviews from people with real feedbacks. This Facebook review is from Mike Rigs.

“Do not buy from them. They are not honorable sellers”

People are complaining about their customers support and the delay in shipping.

We like to know what your experiences are with ChinaBuye. Please leave your feedback in the comment box below.

ChinaBuye Review of Customer Service

With the many available but I see that they don’t’ update it that often. So I don’t recommend airing your concerns there because surely you will not receive a reply.

Based on the many feedbacks I read from different review sites, I learned that the customer representatives from ChinaBuye are responsive and friendly. I think, that is if you contact them through the contact us form which is their main way of receiving queries. Otherwise, your concerns will not be heard.

The only thing that I think is lacking is that they don’t have online support chat visible on the site. If I am a customer and if I have a query, it would be easier for me to get things straight right away to the customer representatives with just a ChinaBuye should have given confidence to their customers that at any time they are always ready to assist them.

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    • Carla5

      Speaking of shopping China, one of the most interesting products made in China, are replicas of clothes. In some cases replicas are obtained through the back door of the great factories of manufacturers.
      This is the best site of its kind that I know and I take to recommend:
      Allow pay with paypal if you register on their forum:

    • Rada Anpilova5

      I had an enjoyable shopping experience with Chinabuye. Ordered a smartphone for 117$ that arrived in a very beautiful giftbox, bundled with a few accessories that hadn’t been marked as included into the package, namely eco-leather flip case and the headphones, that was a pleasant little surprise. I chose Singapore Post as my preferred delivery method, it was only about 5$, which is actually cheaper than a standard delivery within my homecity. The processing time took 3 days and the package itself arrived within 10-12 days, while normally it takes well over a month for any package from any Asian country to reach my city. I’d also like to stress that I gave 100% rating for their Customer Support, although I didn’t need to contact their representatives, simply because there were no problems to discuss, which I think is a good thing. I was sent an automatic email after my placing my order, informing me about the average processing and shipping time frames, and there were no delays.

      • Boris

        Hi Rada, I’m happy you have had such a good experience with ChinaBuye. Thank you for sharing this with us! Boris.

    • Barry Morgan1

      Do not ever buy from this company. I bought a phone for $150 from them and it lasted exactly 1 week. It arrived after 60 days which doesn’t give me time to raise with Paypal. They have not answered any of my emails and have now banned me from their forums on their website. Please go to and read the posts under bazza522000.

    • john doe5

      In my experience using, I find the way how to buy great quality items in such a 1 stop shop.
      i am recommend to everyone to buy from them, Everything is good from them and payment is secure. This site has a lot of variety of all gadgets so it is a perfect one stop shop. But in general, this site is very good as per quality and price and variety of the products and of course, shipping is free.

      • Boris

        Hi John Anonymous Doe, are you sure you’re not working for ChinaBuye? A 5 star rating and 4×100% for quality and shipping is very high for any shop….

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