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Review Summary:

Located in Shenzhen,China, Chinavasion is a leading electronic online shop. It has a wide variety of products from electronic items to hot and innovative gadgets. It is among the few online shops that offers a 12-month long product warranty. It has wholesale and dropshipping.

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Chinavasion is said to be the first ever online shop in China that offers electronic drop shipping. They claimed to beat other Chinese shop’s cheap products with their western quality standards. They buy directly from Chinese exclusive suppliers. They negotiate great quality products with cheap prices for their customers to be happy. They also offer attractive bulk wholesale pricing for the wholesalers.

If you are a drop shipper, you can sell globally with confidence.  Chinavasion protects your online electronic business. You can also enjoy great discounts from Chinavasion.But despite these great offers from Chinavasion, there are still a lot of customers who are not happy and satisfied in their shopping experience with Chinavasion.

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Impression of the Chinavasion Shopping Site

Chinavasion site is very simple but comprehensive. The part where it says, “China Wholesale Electronics” should be improved. It should be something attractive and compelling too.

Another thing is their customer service pop up box. It comes out only once but when you click on the close button, it closes and never appears again even if you refresh the site. The customer service option should always be visible and available on the site to let customers know that they are always ready for any query. Otherwise, you would have many lost opportunities.

Chinavasion Review of the Products

Chinavasion is among the few Chinese online shops that offers a 12-month product warranty and after sales support. This is good!

Because they coordinate directly with big suppliers in China, Chinavasion promise to deliver nothing but brand new and great quality products. They claim not to sell any closeout and counterfeit products and used electronics.

3D Effect LED Watch - Blue LED
3D Effect LED Watch at Chinavasion

Chinavasion Review
Baby Monitor designs from Chinavasion

Chinavasion Review
Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget from Chinavasion







But when I check Chinavasion Review in Reseller Review site, I found out absolutely good and bad comments. One customer says,

“The main menu mode selection of the monitor doesn’t correspond with that of the user manual. The talk key doesn’t allow two way communication. The motion detection does not work even at high sensitivity. After two weeks also night vision is no more possible. High price for low quality.”

However, despite the not-so-good feedbacks from some customers, Chinavasion still get a 7.37 rating out of 10 from Reseller Review.

Which means, that there are more customers who are happy with Chinavasion that those who were dissatisfied.

Chinavasion Review of Payment and Shipping process

One of the best things about Chinavasion is that they have an organized shipping process. Since they cooperate with international logistic services, Chinavasion never fail their customers in terms with shipments of goods.

They say that it only takes two to six days for the products to arrive in various destinations including Europe, Australia, and US. Let’s check what customers say about their shipping process:

“All good! One week delivery to Russia!”
“I have not received my item for over 20 days.. Was expecting this site not to be a scam.. hope I’m not proven wrong..”

You read it right. There are people who are complaining about the shipping. Do you think it’s the shop’s fault or the customer fault for having less knowledge about the shipping option and its corresponding delivery time? There can be different reasons. If you want to know more about the shipping process and the reason why express shipping isn’t always that fast, you can find a whole chapter about this in our free eBook.

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On the other hand, Chinavasion accepts different payment options: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and  Maestro. They don’t accept wired transfers. But we prefer Paypal.

Chinavasion Review of Customer Care

So far customers are satisfied with the response of their customer representatives. But one thing that I don’t agree with Chinavasion is their availability.

As I have mentioned earlier, the customer service pop-up box in the website should always be visible to their visitors. Otherwise, it will be a turn-down of sales. In online shops, the front persons are the customer representatives. If they are not available, customers will likely leave the site and go to other sites instead.

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    7 replies to "Chinavasion Review"

    • Marc1

      Items never received. No refund

      Invoice number: 2871052

      I ordered a phone and some other things. (160$) Products never arrived.

      I opened a ticket and after months of back and forth. I was told there’s nothing we can do.

      here is one of the replies:
      Dear Marc,

      “Our local post office had finished the investigation and the resuld is delivered. However, if you have not got it, their suggestion is as below:

      1. This is a kind of post service and they can’t provice the delivery signature.
      2. Use this one 61299991206455380299 to contact FedEx to see which post office they delivered to?
      3. Use this one 9261299991206455380299 to your local nearest USPS to see where they delivered the parce.

      Thank you for your assistance.”
      Fedex shows delivered to post office… Post office shows waiting for package.

      So I lost 160usd.

      Never buy from them!

    • Wkurzony Klient1

      I bought an expensive mobile phone in Chinavision.

      I had to send the device two times, as first they have send me back the device in exact same condition without repairing anything.
      I have sent it once more, after providing them a few videos with the GPS problem reproduction they said they will send me a brand new one – of course they have sent me exactly same broken device back,
      unfixed and did not even had slightiest decency for reimbursing for the costs of 1st return. They have explained that they rely on the producer tests after repairs while they state on their page they perform a Quality Control before sending back, and that seems to be a lie.
      They have explicityle written they rely on the producer feedback!

      Also they require Tax payement receipts so they attach it with the package (they say they do) on the return after fixing; to ease customs processing – BUT THEY NEVER DID IT, they have never attached my receipt and I had to explain and prove again and again that I had paid customs already and send the receipt on my own.

      I do not recommend using they services as I have never been treated so badly by a seller.


      i do have a problem with that site i order a phone dogee dg 110 it came to me and after 7 months the phone camera was off so i send it back to be repaired they told me that it cannot be repaird and that they will refund me only 30 eyros from 59.76 that i buy it.
      i told them that i dont care and is not legal this kind of action they must eather replace the phone or refund the total price to my acc ound and they refused becouse they say that i have youse the phone 7 months and his price becouse of that is not the starting one that i pay for .
      . itold them that this practise is illigal by the low and they reply they cannot do something more about it .OMG IS ANYTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT ANY THING? somewhere it must be a place that we can put our complains and some agency check them is int it any? how can they do that to there own customers? and how legit they are to refuse the warranty lows and make there own one’s as they fit it

      • Bastiaan

        That’s a sad story. I don’t think there is some international law that protects buyers and supports warranty. I know the EU laws, but these are only valid in the EU and not for Chinese purchases. Some Chinese stores don’t take their customers serious, because they know there is no law to protect the. These stores needs good user comments and suffer from the poor. I hope your comment will help.

        • ATHANASIOS1

          but to sell in EU don’t they have some kind of agreement? or else how do they sell?? is there any fraud trick they use??? to sell??

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