Buying in China is famous for the low shipping costs.

Many times it is even ‘Free Shipping’

But where can you find these stores with Free Shipping?

Chinese Stores with Free Shipping

Recently I got the question which Chinese shops offer free shipping. I realized that this information was not available currently on

To fill in this information I added a small image to the total overview of the Chinese stores list with over 100 Chinese shops. It’s easy to spot whether a store has free shipping or paid shipping.

Please note that several stores offer both. These stores have some products that are shipped for free, and some not. Other stores offer only free shipping above an amount of money, for example USD 50.

Don’t fall blind for these free shipping stores. Like we saw in last weeks blog about the SammyDress casestudy : Stores that offer paid shipping can be cheaper than stores with free shipping. Free shipping isn’t actually free. Read this blog.

More stores added to the Chinese Store list

100shops-button2This week I added 10 new Chinese stores to the list. This are all fashion stores. Let me introduce them to you.


I’m currently negotiating with some of these shops to get exclusive deals. EricDress provided some 10% discount coupons site wide. This coupon will be available next week. So stay tuned!!

For which store do you need special discount coupons?

I like to know for which Chinese store you want discount deals and coupons.
I might get some special deals for you and my other readers.

Please write the names in the comment box below.

Let’s keep it short! It’s lovely weather over here 😉

Wishing you safe online purchases!


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    3 replies to "40 Chinese Stores with Free Shipping"

    • janet

      i’am looking for dvds and magazine for Koreans, Chinese and Japanese historical drama and war actions generals with good English subtitles and clear pictures.

    • Sasho

      Discount deals and coupons?I would love something like that from deal extreme.They have some way to award,but,since i think they are legit,they are not the cheapest website.But,they have good support,so,i will buy more from them.Anyway,with some discount,i will buy more.

    • ChuckP

      this is very usefull. thanks for the update

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