What if you could always track your parcels from China?

Unfortunately this isn’t always possible.

Not all shipping methods have a working tracking method. Especially with free shipping methods by China Post or Hongkong Post. Sometimes you need to pay a little for a tracking number, usually just 1 or 2 bucks.

But when you have a Chinese tracking code… Do you know how to track your parcel?

Please read this blog about: How to track your parcel from China.

In this previous blog we discussed different tracking sites like:




And when you know how and where to track, do you understand what the tracking information means?

In this blog we dig deeper into the Chinese tracking codes!

What does the Chinese tracking code information mean?

It’s great to know that you can follow your parcel but what does the code mean? Let’s break down the tracking code into understandable English.

First use your tracking codes on one of the sites mentioned above. And see what information these site return.

The following codes are used as long as your parcel is still in China.

  • Posting = your parcel is in the tracking system
  • Arrival outward office of exchange = your parcel is in the posting system
  • Opening = Chinese export customs scan, parcel might be opened
  • Departure outward office of exchange = departure from airport
  • NULL = status is currently unknown

The next tracking codes are used when your order enters your country.

Your local postal service must use the China post tracking code or might give you a new local tracking code to replace the Chinese tracking code.

  • Arrival inward office of exchange = arrival in country customs
  • Held by customs = parcel is held by your customs until further notice
  • Departure inward office of exchange = departure from customs
  • Arrival at delivery office = accepted by foreign shipping company
  • Out for delivery = the last miles towards you
  • Failed delivery = you were not at home!
  • Delivered = finally it is all yours!

When you enter your code on one of the mentioned tracking sites, look at the last item on the tracking list. This is the last registered or known information about your parcel. You can use this info in the communication with the shop owner.

Please get experienced with tracking your parcels. It will make you life when it comes to buying from China much easier or at least less stressful.

Do you track your parcels from China, or do you just sit and wait?

Please let us know in the comment box below and share your experiences.

I wish you a great journey through the online world of Chinese shopping sites!


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    9 replies to "Chinese Tracking Codes Revealed"

    • Ritu sharma

      Hi, thanks for sharing. It’s really working. It’s very nice content for me. If you want to check your courier so you can Check your courier status with this facilities-
      ACE Courier Tracking Services

    • Happy Room Play

      Hi Boris, Thanks for publishing such useful information.

    • sandy

      Besides those tracking sites you mentioned, there is still a smart site: http://www.trackingmore.com/

    • FNAF

      Thanks for the best blog.it was very useful for me.keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. Thanks for giving me the useful information. I think I need it!

    • Ann Smith

      I was just wondering if anyone knows where the parcels go after they leave the country of origin being China and how many stops they have before reaching destination country being New Zealand. I have not been able to find any updated information since Wednesday and the tracking numbers are now giving “NO INFORMATION” available for any of them. NZ Post Office has no information either as I checked this morning. It is so frustrating not knowing any info on where they are.

    • Ann Smith

      I recently bought 4 items from china 3 from aliexpress and 1 from lightinthebox. I have had no end of trouble and no help from either of the sellers as to where my goods are. They have all but 1 been sent china post registerd air I think but the jewelry has gone goodness know where. It’s not trackable according to the seller as he sentit that way to apparently give me the best deal. I was not asked if I wanted to choose another method of shipping so it’s I guess gone snail mail. What is so annoying is that it seems to take forever to leave the china airport and which way it goes from there as it does’nt look like it’s shipped out once it is cleared for several days and just sits somewhere. I live in new zealand and we are only 4 hrs from china so it’s a pain that air freight is so slow somehow. I’m just hoping they arrive in time for my daughters birthday in first week of september. I have used the above web sites to track but not getting any updated information since monday so not sure where they could be or if they have even left china. I purchased them all just over 1 week ago so now I have to just wait and hope.

      • Bastiaan

        Well 7 days is still very fast. NZ may be close to China, but this does’t mean their bureaucracy at the Chinese customs is faster :-(. Normally I get my parcels within 3 weeks. But unfortunately I’m still waiting on several orders. If they times are small, there is often no tracking info or you need to pay extra for it. This is probably what they suggested you. I hope you have the products before your daughters birthday!

    • D

      Recently i’ve bought something on aliexpress whit a tracking code without CN in it. The seller told me to trace it on http://www.17postservice.com (this is not 17track) So after a few weeks this system told me that i should be delivered at my home. But it was not there. 2 weeks later still not. Seller told me it should be there or it got lost with post NL. So i contacted post NL but they told me a code should always have CN in it when from china so i researched the tracking website and there where lots of articles about that this site is fake and just to keep you busy. So this is just a warning if http://www.17postservice.com is used the are probably lying to you. i got my money back by opening a dispute.

      My other exprinces are if there is no tracking info 50% of those packages will not arrive.

      • Bastiaan

        Hi, I never get the CN codes working in the Netherlands. As soon as they leave China it is no longer possible to track them… Post.NL doesn’t give a new tracking number. I didn’t use the 17postservice you mentioned before.
        Hope you have better luck next time!

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