With businesses moving fast toward online shops, more and more consumers are now fairly susceptible to Chinese online shop scams. According to Baidu, China’s biggest internet search provider, there are a lot of online shopping scams that are from China. With them helping authorities pinpoint frauds and con artists, consumers now know a bit on how to protect themselves from Chinese online shop scams.            

Below are three common scams that Chinese online sellers practice, but once you know what these are and how to avoid them, it would be easy now to identify the good apples from the rotten ones. Just keep an open-mind, not all Chinese online shops are scams.

Three Common Scams by a Chinese Online Shop

1.      Counterfeit items

Number one scam you will find in China is the selling of brand name consumer electronics at super low market prices. The world knows most counterfeit items are mainly from China. Even pharmaceutical products such as medicines, band aids, hospital instruments, you will most lee find counterfeit versions.

fake real gucci bag - Chinese Online Shop Scams

2.      Undelivered items

If some Chinese online shops are good at selling counterfeit products, next on their list of working scams is not delivering the purchased item at all. Some of them will likely make some excuses like your order is probably stuck somewhere until all communications with them stop and no item arrives at your doorstep.

Others will send you bogus tracking numbers and will probably shroud you in an illusion of assurance that your item is on its way.

3.      Scam in email disguise

Chinese online shop scams extend into your private territories like your email. Once they get hold of your email, they will find a way to get your banking details by pretending to be your banking provider. If you are not keen on details like the email address used in the scam, you’ll unknowingly click on the link. The link will go to an identical website of your banking provider. Once you provide them your banking details (logins, passwords etc.), the next thing you know your account is drained of funds.

It is important that you know how these scams work whether you have firsthand experience or not. Chinese online shop scams are only a small percentage of several types of scams disreputable online Chinese businesses do. For sure you can file complaints but the Chinese authorities will only turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to that. Why? It’s because this practice brings I huge deal of revenue for China. Therefore, they don’t generally pursue sellers or business websites with fraudulent practices.

So if you want to make sure that the Chinese online shop you are interested is not a scam, ask advice from review sites like Start Buying In China 😉 which lists top Chinese web stores or shops. This way you can stay away from random shops that were built mainly to cheat consumers or worse steal money from bank accounts.

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Safe shopping to you !!


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    5 replies to "Common Chinese Online Shop Scams"

    • allan tique

      http://www.chaosdiscos.co.uk total scam site supposed to be in the uk and selling every known fashion brand at sale prices. Trouble is they are based in China and send out any old rubbish to people. I ordered a pair of Grenson triple welt shoes and received fake rubbish Prada shoes nothing like the shoes I ordered. I sent all the information, shoes, Chinese factory address and e-mail address of this scamming bitch service.katrina @ oumal.com to the Chinese embassy in London. The wankers have not even bothered to reply. I guess the whole chines race is corrupt

    • Hazel

      Hi,I’ve just saw this website ecdrop.co is it a spam?They have interesting items there,please help!!!

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Hazel,
        This is the second time I see a shop like this with a huge number of non-chinese brands. I think the shop is alright but they are selling remakes. Just haven’t figured it out yet.

        • Hazel

          Thank you Mr Bastiaan ur the best!!!

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