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Review Summary:

Coolicool is said to be the world’s largest electronic online shop that is based in Shenzhen, China. Their mission is to encourage people in buying and selling online. Since they connect directly with networks of Chinese wholesalers, their products are sold at a very affordable price.

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Coolicool is one of China’s best electronic online shops. They mainly sell electronic products such as tablets, laptop, PC, cellphones, cellphone cases, USB, and other electronic accessories. Some people would prefer buying in this shop because their products are sold at a wholesale price. Apart from that, they have around 100K plus products that are available online. But others fest on their newly-bough products in Coolicool, there are also who are complaining about the shop. When I checked for Coolicool reviews in the internet, I find out other people complaining about the quality of the products they purchase. How cool is Coolicool? Are their products as cool as their prices?

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Impression of the CooliCool Shopping Site

Just like any other online shop sites, Coolicool web shop is well organized. I love how they organize their products from hot deals, to top sellers, new arrivals and daily deals. However, the banner is just too busy and needs improvement in terms with design and navigation. Maybe a sliding banner or images would make it easier for customers to see your ads. Asking them to click on the arrow to navigate is way too much for them to do- the lesser the clicks, the better. Also instead of showing two banners, maybe just put them together into one slide show. This saves space and will make the site less busy. Another thing is the newsletter opt-in form. Maybe make it a little more attractive to make it more noticeable by people.

CooliCool Review of the Products

I’ve read a lot of customer feedbacks about Coolicool. Some were happy about the products, but some were frustrated. As I check Coolicool Reviews from other sites, I found a few customer feedbacks that hit Coolicool on product quality.

“Not recommended, product came defective (I9300 4.7 Inch Capacitive Android 4.0 Smartphone. No Service signal, took 3 months to get a replacement and didn’t work either.

Leading Edge Water Dancing Speakers @ Coolicool


Modern Candle Featured Crystal Chandeliers_Coolicool







But contrary to this is a happy customer who was overwhelmed with his second purchase with Coolicool. “This is the second one I have purchased.ZOPO C3,this phone works great and have had no problems with it just like the 1st one so far. Great value for the Money.” I personally haven’t tried shopping with Coolicool but I guess it’s worth giving a try. Why?

  1. They have wide array of products. About 100K available products online.
  2. They offer almost everything you need – electronic products, clothing and apparels, watches, party supplies, home and garden products, and even car electronics.
  3. They offer a wholesale price even if you only buy a few items.

I think these are enough for me to consider in shopping at Coolicool  So if you are planning of shopping in Coolicool, I hope our Coolicool review will help you decide!

CooliCool Review of Payment and Shipping Process

It’s true that Coolicool sells super affordable items. They even have gadgets that are below $3. A $0.94 Crystal Shield Hard Case Back Cover for iPhone 4G is not bad. Check it yourself through this link.  So far in my research, I never see a complain about someone paying more than what is reflected on the site. So I assume, Coolicool is truthful with what they advertise.

Q88 via8880,this little tablet is great! I expected it to be low quality because the price is so low. It works like an expensive tablet! I love it. Sometimes it’s a little slow, but it catches up quickly. Great product and great quality. It feels very well made, not cheap feeling at all.

[rdc_discount_box title=”Free International Shipping at Coolicool” code=”Happy Shopping !” link=””]  Although Coolicool ships internationally but they don’t give free shipping. Depending on the shipping method that you choose, Coolicool ships good directly from their factory.

CooliCool Review of Customer Care

Despite the overwhelming complains of the customers about Coolicool delay in shipping and low quality products, Coolicools still maintain a great customer relationship. Their customer representatives are very talented in turning a frustrated customer into a happy buyer.

I had a problem with my order when it was shipped, but attended my problem inmmediatly and send the package again. I’m sure to continue buy products offer in this website coolicool…thanks “

But there’s one thing I notice about their online support. I tried to chat with one of their customer representatives but I was surprised because nobody answered me when the prompt says they are online. Misleading information will really lead to customer frustration.

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    15 replies to "CooliCool Review"

    • Gwen Shannon3

      I have ordered twice from Coolicool, once from their EU depot and their mainland China depot. Both were delivered in good time and at a good price. The point of the EU site is that duty is not an issue , this is fine until like me your phone stops working, then you have to return it to China. So after sending my phone of on the 19th Jan and hearing nothing I emailed on 6th Feb 15 to check on progress. I was assured phone had indeed arrived and was being checked, and to be patient. I have emailed again 4 March , allowing for Chinese new year holiday and as yet still awaiting a reply.( Time zone differences of 8 hours also have to be taken into account) Feeling anxious that this is not going to end well.

      • Bastiaan

        I hope it will work out well. Please give an update when you get your phone back.

    • Ido1

      Do not buy anything in this site! they have the worst costumer service. I ordered a phone and it didnt arrive after more than 2 months and nobody helped me and no reply.

    • Ermentraude Judith3

      good site.i was waiting for my smartphone only 7 days at total. recommended

    • Sven Spielberger5

      coolicool was the best site I’ve ever shopped till now, very fast, easy negotiable and reliable. There was no problems with anything, shipped very fast, money back guarantee is great and communication with the site is great. 5+

      • Mythooaz5

        hi coolicool tomorrow im gonna receive from my local post office, thank you very much for your fast delivery. it took about 12 days. very fast delivery excellent communication.

    • ja

      fast shipping

    • Jamie Husband1

      Lies from start to finish…

      I ordered what I thought would be a really cool octa-core phone in March 2014 to be delivered to the UK. It is now the end of June, I have no phone and have lost lots of money. The phone was eventually delivered, weeks late, following numerous emails (and after paying extra money to the couriers to cover import duty). The reason for the late delivery was “high demand” and “we need to test it before we send it”. My phone worked great until I tried to charge it – disaster… To cut a long story short I returned it. Their minimum email response is 48hrs (if at all) and they like to send reassuring emails that “we are fixing it” and “we are testing it”. I grew tired of this and asked for my money back – obviously they then quoted their 30 day period, and that I wasn’t entitled to a refund – their delays made sure that this was inevitable. Email after email saying I should be patient gets tiring! My last response was abrupt, stating that I will be posting a video review on Youtube about their service and lack of moral responsibility. I hadn’t actually planned to ever do that but now I will! It’s not about the money, it’s the principle. Sure enough – they didn’t reply. I am one person, I work hard, I’m honest and have come to expect a basic level of service from online traders. I honestly believe Coolicool have a policy where they deliberately and randomly send defective products to certain countries, because they believe people won’t complain. Well I am here, and I am speaking up for myself and for the others that these companies think they can step all over. If you post a negative review on their website, they delete it too (see for yourself – they are all good). I am half expecting a reply to this, but don’t let them fool you, nothing will be resolved! They just tell lies. There are some fantastic Chinese retailers selling amazing gear, but I’m sad to say Coolicool is not one of them.

      • Boris

        Hi Jamie, I can understand you’re really angry. This is not a kind of service you expect from a serious Internet shop. Your review will not be deleted here 😉
        There’s one thing Coolicool cannot be blamed for. It’s the duty and VAT. European countries have high duty and VAT rates and can drive the prices up with 20-40% or more. In my free ebook (see on the right side) I wrote a chapter about this issue and on how to prevend this.
        I wish you better luck next time. Thanks for your review.

    • Rob W.5

      First buy at coolicool, i found a phone for my daughters birthday and ordered one. Didnt pay shipping and it was shipped with swedenpost and that was not a good idea.
      I did wait for 4 weeks and still no phone and my daughters birthday was one week later, i asked for refund or re-order but had to wait for a few days. But wanted a phone in one week so i order a new phone but choose DHL shipping….. That was awesome, phone was in 2 days in the Netherlands!!!
      The other phone wasnt still here, track and trace for that phone was not clear so ask again for refund and coolicool add me at whatsapp so there was very good contact.
      after 75 days still no phone and i got refunded 100%.

      So if you order and no risk choose DHL shipping!!

      Special thanks to Wata!!!

      • Boris

        Hoi Rob, It’s great CooliCool handled this so well. It can always go wrong with products sent from China. That’s why these Chinese shopping sites need a good customers care. Your experience should be and example to other shops too!
        Greetings, Boris

    • Chur5

      No problem for delivery and customs fortunately left me alone for this command. In addition, I find that the screen is superb compared to its price range. The pixel density gives a mixed review but it goes to 720p and 2D video games.

    • Charles

      Muy contento con el móvil. Muy fino, y gran calidad de pantalla y cámara de fotos. La batería normal, aguantando un día mínimo con un uso moderado.

    • angin31755

      I was amazed how quickly my order came in. only one week, My son went crazy when he saw the phone! I was every impressed with the product and the company service! I will refer to my family and friends!

    • Engine1

      These guys are scammers. They dont send product and take your money.

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