Do you want to design your own customized cellphone case? FocalPrice is one of the famous online shops in China that does wonders to your cellphone cases. You can pick your favorite selfie pose, a portrait of your family or any picture that you suit your taste. It’s only $ 7 and even for China that’s a bargain. No wonder their upload methode is a bit old fashioned.They have no fancy upload system on their website So how do you order a customized cellphone case? You use email 😉

  • Simply purchase and pay the item that you like.
  • Email the photos that you like to use and send it to through your FocalPrice registered email.
  • After they receive the details of your order, FocalPrice will still check the picture if they are good to use or not.
  • Once approved, you can then arrange shipment with them.

Take note when submitting photos, make sure that you submit a high resolution picture (at least 300 PPI), size 4” X 6” (10 x 15 cm). It should be original and not copyrighted (of course ;-)). Note as well that you can have a minimum order of 1 piece only.

Kindly refer to the sample format below:Customized Cellphone Case email focal price

FocalPrice brings out the best custom cases based on your taste and style. Using high quality and perfect color combination, our design will wrap seamlessly around the edges of your cellphone case.

Nothings sweet than taking a family portrait with you wherever you go. Using it as a phone cover is a great idea. What do you think?Customized Cellphone Case example focal price

This cute and well-crafted custom design cases from FocalPrice fits perfectly for iphone 5S and iphone. It will not only show off your personality but it will also protect your phone from dents and dust.

And although FocalPrice offer made to order cases, they still need to work on the order process. Why? Because they are asking too much from their customers. Instead of providing a template ready for the customers to fill in during the order process, they are asking them to send email the information needed for the customization. Nowadays, we don’t expect people order thing through email. We expect a template ready for people to fill in to make the process fast and easy.

Nevertheless, hats off to FocalPrice for offering a DIY hard customized cellphone case at a very low price. I checked other shops and their price starts at $40 (that’s a lot when FocalPrice is only at $7).

So, create your own customized cellphone case now and don’t forget to share this to your friends and in Facebook and Twitter.Free Ebook StartBuyingInChina Or send us a picture and we’ll post it here!

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Happy Shopping!


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