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Review Summary:

Deal Extreme is a legitimate online shop in China that specializes in gadgets like flashlights, lasers, flash carts, microSD readers, big RC helicopters and Nokia phones. With 400 suppliers, Deal Extreme has 110,000 items available for its customers worldwide.

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Deal Extreme is an extreme gadget store in China that has one of the largest product catalogues in the industry. With over 4000 categories, Deal Extreme is a leading retailer with about a million customers worldwide.

Deal Extreme is the first online store in China that offers local phone numbers to its customers for easy and timely customer support with no incurring international charges.

It offers free international shipping and covers a 90-day free defective replacement and warranty and a 5-day dead warranty on all items.

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Impression of the DealExtreme Shopping Site consistency in branding is what makes me feel good about the site. I love the sliding pictures which are very noticeable.

I also like how they positioned their products located at the bottom part of the site. Maybe change the color of the Apple Gadgets from grayish to a more attractive one just like the rest of the products.

The DealExtreme review section is good, but it would be better if they would have a banner in the homepage with a strong call-to-action to encourage people to leave their DealExtreme review too. The forum section is also a great idea though.

DealExtreme Review of the products

What is good about DealExtreme is they have around 110,000 items available for their customers. China is known as one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics and gadgets in the world. Every buyer has a wide variety of choices what Chinese online shop to buy from. With our research, we found out that DealExtreme is among the most preferred online shop by millions of people worldwide. We read many great DealExtreme reviews from and most customers are happy with the products that they buy from the shop.

DealExtreme ReviewVisit DealExtremeVisit DealExtreme







“I have ordered a more then 500 items at 3 years with DX! DX is better!” 

With that alone, one cannot simply say that DealExtreme is a scam. A loyal customer has had 500 repeated orders with DealExtreme. How can the store be a scam then?

DealExtreme Review of Payment and Shipping process

DealExtreme offers free shipping worldwide on all items. They have multiple international warehouses that serve up to more than 30 countries.

DealExtreme follows a process with corresponding estimated turn-around time for a more tailored shipment of goods. Confirmation of payment, order processing and packaging will take up to 3-7 days. Products shipped internationally are expected to be received in 5-15 business days.

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DealExtremeReview of Customer Care

It is DealExtreme’s goal to best assist their customers at all times. Their customer service representatives know very well how to turn angry customers into happy and satisfied customers. With their live chat assistance, DealExtreme is in autopilot to attend to every customer needs.

One happy customer says, “Very pleased by the service of DealExtreme. One of my orders turned out to be not working when it arrived. Replaced for free very quickly!”

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