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Review Summary:

Many Chinese clothing stores target on feminine clothing. Daily fashion, streetwear and all kind of dresses.

Some stores focus more on special occasion clothing like Wedding and proms clothing. DressWe.com is a store in this category. Let’s create a DressWe or as the DressWe.com Review!

Tailor made (almost)

What I like about DressWe is that all clothing is specially made for you. When you order a product, you select the color, sometimes the fabric and of course your size.

DressWe has a wide range of fabrics and colors and also gives reference charts for these. I haven’t seen this in any Chinese store before. Fabrics like: Satin chiffon, composite silk. 30D-chiffon, elastic woven satin, organza and more. dresswe-fabrics

This is store is fully organized to create unique designs. DressWe has a design team from different countries. Not an unimportant decision is you want to deliver to the whole international world. Fortunately we all have different tastes.


And In their own photo studio they create their own imaging. For me this is a pro, because in many fashion stores you will always find the same images. All stores sell the same clothing from one manufactory, or, they make the clothing based on the images. In which case it is not always the same. (The good thing with this is that you can do some reversed searching and find the lowest prices on the Internet, see this blog: Reversed engineering for fake Chinese sites).

Dresswe review

When you select your size (after checking the reference table for the exact measurements, don’t trust that you ‘know’ your size). DressWe shows an indication of the measurements for this size. This is also I haven’t seen before. If you really know your size, this is a final check.

dress we reviews- sizes

And at last, at the shopping cart, you can add specific instructions for the clothing pieces. As it is tailor made, you can correct some parts to fit your body perfectly. You can even customize your dresses, as they promise.

dresswe.com reviews cart

DressWe Review of the products

When we look at the products, let’s first say, your taste is probably different that mine. So I selected just some very different images to shop the wide variety of the clothing.

Wedding Dresses









Party & Evening Dresses









Home coming & occasional Dresses









Mens Suits

Fortunately there is some clothing for men too… 😉









The prices for a simple dress at WeDress.com start at 70 US dollars. Wedding dresses go up to 800 dollars, but then you have a very large dress as shown in the first image.

The prices are not low compare to other Chinese stores and convection clothing. But hey, all the clothing are created specially for you. When you compare the prices to other tailor made clothing or when you search for wedding dresses in Europe, you will pay much and much more.

Customer support & Shipping

Searching for reviews about DressWe, there are many complaints about the customer support and the delivery time. Starting with the last one. Many people complain that the product do not arrive within 2 weeks. Well, for clothing that must be made, two weeks is pretty fast!! I’m still waiting for many parcels that I ordered 4 weeks ago. Ad these are just simple stock products. I you need a special occasion dress, don’t wait till 2 weeks before the party. As with all Chinese purchases, you must think in advance and be patient.

The other part people are complaining about is the response time for he customer support. People say they do not get an answer. Or they say that they are not satisfied how the complaints is resolved. Like they got a discount voucher for future purchases.

Below every complaint you can find on the Internet, there is a response from DressWe in which the complainer is asked to contact them, with their order numbers, so they can solve the problems.

Write your own DressWe Review

Below, at the comment box, you can write your experiences with DressWe. What do you think about this store?

Have fun


Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    3 replies to "DressWe Review"

    • Maria Dan5

      I’m so in love with my dress it’s just perfect and I’m so looking forward to seeing my man’s face when I walk down the isle in it. It looks exactly like it does in the picture and fits well. So recommend this website very professional and efficient. Can’t thank you enough to give me an unforgettable wedding I’ve been dreaming of.

    • esun3

      In many fashion stores you will always find the same images!

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