When your friends ask you why you are buying in China,
what do you say to them?

Thinking back on my experience with online shopping,
I could think of eight benefits.

I wonder, do you know a ninth?

The Wild Wild West is over!

Buying in China is a rapidly growing business. In the last decade hundreds of new Chinese online shop started. And maybe even more already stopped. Some stores focus on a niche market like Chinese tea. Some try to cover all products in the world. Some are very professional, some are learning by making mistakes.

Most important, it is a growing competitive market. The ‘wild wild west’ period is over. And a number of Chinese shops have put their foot print on the western markets. If you haven’t heard of Alibaba entering the New York Stock Exchange in 2014 you probably have been sleeping.

8 Benefits why you should buy in China

Despite of fears and anxiety some people have for Chinese shops, online shopping in China is fun and can give you lots of benefits. That’s why I create a list of 8 benefits of online shopping in China.

1. You can save money!

Buying in China yourself can safe you a lot of money! Do know that most products in the western world come from Asian manufactories? Even the biggest American brands like Apple or Blueberry are manufactured in China. And why? Because the costs for manufacturing are much lower than in the west.

By passing the western retail shops and buying directly in China you can save a lot of money.

2. You have more choice!

Some of the Chinese shops are extremely large. Some are very specialized. If you learn your way around through the forest of all Chinese shops, you’ll notice that you can buy anything. From McDonalds fries shaped USB sticks to helicopters, from wedding dresses to steampunk corsets.

The limitation of what you can buy will be in your head, not online 😉

3. It’s fun!

Searching through all the products you’ve never thought of and searching through products with extreme low prices is fun to do. Don’t blame yourself when you started to look for a new iPhone case and ended up with a new RC copter with camera

4. It’s a challenge!

Looking for bargains, and then looking for even lower prices is a challenge. Don’t stop at the first shop you started. The same product can be bought at more shops and sometimes even cheaper.

5. You can find cheap ‘genuine’ products!

Hmmmmmmm, this is not exactly through. You can find genuine products, but they will not be cheap. Or you can find cheap ‘genuine looking’ products, but they are not really genuine. Call it a remake, a clone. The official manufactory probably calls it fake or counterfeit.

Let’s say, 99% of the ‘genuine’ products you’ll find in Chinese shops are not genuine. Not even if they say it is genuine or real. It doesn’t mean the products are bad or poor quality. But you need to have luck.

6. You can find great looking gadgets!

Like I said you can buy anything online. Now if you are a gadget freak (like I am) some Chinese shops can really be a Valhalla. I have many times impressed my friends with the most idiot watches.

7. You can make profit by reselling Chinese products!

This might not fit for you. Maybe later.

But if you are experienced you’ll notice people will ask you to buy products for them. Treat them fairly, help them out and they are willing to pay you some money for your troubles. If you are even more experienced, you might create a business out of it.

8. You will become an expert to your friends!

As soon as you get experienced, you will notice your friends are going to ask you questions about online shopping in China. Helping them out can be really fun. You’ll experience how many people are just afraid to buy online. They are spending a lot of money on high prized products. You can help them with your knowledge.

My question to you

What is for you the main reason to buy products online in China?

Please write it down in the comment box below.

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Happy shopping



Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    8 replies to "Eight Benefits of Online Shopping in China"

    • Nayeem Ul Kabir

      My main reason is – Chinese products are cheap but the might not be long lasting, now a days technology is growing very fast. If I buy a product one to two years of usage is great. I would want to change that product anyway. I don’t want a product witch is expensive and that may last more that three years, I would chose a product that is cheap and give me two years of service.

    • Frank MILLS

      Hey… what can I say; like every other cheapskate in the world, I love the idea of being able to pick up a $50.00 article for $8 or 9 dollars.
      The other thing I really like is the “Trippy Shit Factor”. I can access odds and ends that many people have never seen before. The variety of jewelry and all the different types of watches that I can sell is what sets my business above the competition.
      Seems that a lot of these merchants from China also realize the importance of superior customer service to generate repeat business. I have been getting better service from China than I do in America.
      Frank W. Mills,
      Ontario, CAN

      • Boris

        Never heard of the Tripp shit factor before. But I like it.
        I agree that the Chinese manufactories and shops are getting much better in customers support. That’s great.

    • amos

      How do we find our way through the forest of these shops. How can we identify the genuine products. Anyway, it’s the price ofcourse that make me buy from them. A few of friends are now requesting 1 or 2 items. Are all the coupon codes real and legit? Do they devalue the product quality when we use them?

      • Boris

        Thank you for your questions. It gives new food for thought. I’ll come back to these in later blogs!

    • Roland

      I bought in China because the price is very competitive and it is in fact easily to start a small business without paying too much effort. I want to thank you Boris, thanks to you, I get to make my savings now, following the advice you give. Buying from China is simply make big savings.

      • Boris

        You are more than welcome Roland. I’m glad you can save a lot of money!

    • Tony

      Mostly for gadgets at very low prices. The quality might be that great, but I don’t care. It’s cheap.

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