Have you tried going out in a day without your hand phone with you? How does it feel? It feels so empty,right? Why is that? It’s because nowadays we have become too dependent with technology. We need electronic materials for our business to run smoothly, we need gadgets for communication; we need home electronics to make things easier and faster. Electronics undeniably made our life less hassle. What’s bothering is how we can find a shop that sells high quality yet affordable electronic products?

There are many Chinese shops that offer electronic products at a reasonable price. But the big question is, are these Electronic Products Online in China reliable enough? Are the products good enough? Can they serve us well for a longer period of time?

Well, we have outlined below top 3 sites in China that are trustworthy in selling electronic products online.

24 Camera Surveillance Set only at Chinavasion


Well, we just created a review about this shop. Chinavasion is also a known Chinese electronic online shop. Their main product includes Tablets, media players, mobile phones, car video, digital cameras and the like.

What is good thing about Chinavasion is that they have a 12-month product warranty. So you don’t have to worry about getting replacements for a defective product because they can give you support up to 12 months.

Chinavasion claimed that their products are brand new and are not counterfeit. Find out more in our Chinavasion Review.

3 Finger Capacitive Screen Touching Hand Warmer Gloves at Fast Tech
3 Finger Capacitive Screen Touching Hand Warmer Gloves at Fast Tech

Fast Tech 

Fast Tech is complete with Audio-Video equipment and accessories. They also stock consumer electronic products like LED Light bulbs, Digital cameras and E-cigarette. They even sell DIY products like DIY- Drop-in Modules, DIY-LED Drivers and DIY-Switches.

What great about Fast Tech is that they give FREE International shipping and a 45-day money back guarantee.  They also offer lifetime after sales support. How’s that?


3-Layer Rubiks Magic Cube_WallBuys
3-Layer Rubiks Magic Cube at WallBuys


Wallbuys bestselling proposition is their  20-60% less price than other online shops. Wallbuys sells all kinds of flashlights, LED Lighting products, electrical tools sports gears and accessories and even toys.

They have a number of gadgets that are sold at less than $10 and they also give free international shipping by airmail.

What is makes me suspicious about this shop is that there are many links in the site that are not working. It appears to me that they are not truthful with what they have advertised or showed in the site. Well, I leave it up to you. Feel free to leave your comments below.

 I guess by now, you know enough where to buy electronic products online in China. But then again, before you place your order, always do your assignment first : research to know the shopping experience of the previous customers. Were they happy shopping on that particular online shop or they frustrated? Know your choices.

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Enjoy your shopping!


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