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Review Summary:

EZcosplay (ezcosplay.com) is a leading China-based apparel retailer/wholesaler specializing in cosplay costumes and accessories. Based in China – the largest garment manufacturing country – and distributing our products only through our web store enable us to offer you the same quality costumes and apparels at 40-80% off their retail prices.

Thank you for reading our EZCosplay Review

EZCosplay truly help you get your desired cosplay design based on your preferred Anime character.  They give you a complete package of the Anime character costume with the accessories and swords.  EZCosplay also has a measurement guide with easy-to-understand instructions. I’m pretty satisfied with my order (Star Wars Costume). This is one to come back for.One customer says,

I choose your website to buy it for my friend. My friend is so happy. Thank you.”

Check this video from Angela Blanc who wears a Kuroshitsuji costume

 EZCosplay sometimes fail in following exactly what other customers want. Or at least that’s what people think. As a customer, you have to make sure that you give them as much detailed information as possible. You don’t want to end up with the wrong size. EZCosplay has a return policy if you got the wrong size. They will send you a new one. This sounds great. As long you are not on a tight time schedule. Be sure you plan your orders ahead!

Impression of the EZCosplay Shopping Site 

EZCosplay is very popular and has reached many customers all over the world. Despite the heavy website traffic, EZCosplay webpage is still not that slow to load which makes shopping easier.  One great thing is that EZCosplay website is sealed with Verisign which makes it more safe to browse and sign.[nrelate-related]

Another point is that, the site presented their products pretty well. EZCosplay categorize the items accordingly and the search button is fully functional which will make the customer find the products easily. Also, customer reviews are found just below the product. So it would be easier for you to decide whether or not, a specific product is worth buying for.

EZCosplay Review of the Products

EZCosplay is specialized in Anime costumes, Game costumes and Movie Costumes. They have a wide range of products with props too. If you want to be Jack Sparrow, Chewbaca, Darth Vader or be a hero from The Legend of Zelda or Assassin’s Creed at your next costume party, you’d better give a look!

Assassin's Creed II Ezio Black Edition Cosplay Costume
Assassin’s Creed Cosplay Costume

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Cosplay Costume - EZCosplay Review
Final Fantasy Lightning Costume

 Star Wars Darth Vader Collector's (Supreme) Edition
Darth Vader Collector’s Edition









Many cosplayers and anime lovers around the world are joining cosplays wearing EZCosplay tailored-fit costumes. EZCosplay don’t run of discounts and hot sales that is why many customers come back again and again because of the very affordable cosplay costumes. We would like to hear your experiences with EZCosplay too.

EZCosplay Review of Payment and Shipping process

EZCosplay accepts payments through Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union and bank transfers.

And since your dress needs to be tailored, it would take 20 days (depends on the shipping method that you choose) for your costume to arrive. This is the timeline that they promised to their customers.

“ It will take 7-10 working days to tailor your dresses by professional dressmaker. Shipping time ranges from 3-7 working days – USPS Express (USA only) and DHL/FedEX/UPS (USA and worldwide). The exact shipping time varies according to the country you live in and the shipping method you choose. We will email you a shipping notice with a tracking number after we dispatch your parcel.”

[rdc_discount_box title=”Get Your Custom-Made Cosplay Dress Now!” code=”Happy Shopping !” link=”https://www.startbuyinginchina.com/go/EZCosplay”]

As a customer, you have to be very mindful about the timeline. Since they need to tailor the costume, you need to wait for a week for it to be done. Plus the shipping schedule which would depend on the shipping method that you use and subscribed.

EZCosplay Review of Customer Service

You can contact EZCosplay representatives through their contact us page which is located in the footer of the site. The text is a bit small.

Another thing, there is no customer live support button in the homepage.  For me this is important for customers to easily address their concerns or queries. In terms with email correspondence, their customer representatives did their jobs though. Be sure you order exactly what you want. Better contact them in advance than be disappointed you didn’t

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Have you tried shopping your favorite cosplay dress at EZCosplay? What can you say about their work? Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Or are you frustrated? We would love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about the shop through the comment box below.

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    8 replies to "EZCosplay Review – Get Dressed, Get Playing, Get CosPlaying !!"

    • Karl Schmahl1

      My wear date came and went and they still have yet to ship my cosplay. When I asked for a refund they refused. Worst shop ever, will never buy from again.

    • Angel Chavez5

      I bought a pennywise costume from EZCosplay and I’m very satisfied with it. The quality is pretty great for the price youre paying. Shipping may take a little longer tham expected but I had recieved both my suits on time before my conventions. I’m honestly excited to order from them again!

    • Melany Denny

      Save your money and buy somewhere else. I purchased an item from this shop on 8/14/16. Delivery was supposed to be September 5 2016. Plenty of time for events I had planned to wear it to. Item didn’t arrive timely. After it was over a week late I filled out the online form, which is the only method you have of contacting them. No communication back. I tried their facebook on 9/14. Got a response to a day later. Was told they were starting the order-“there was some problem with the working machine which caused delay in your order. Could you please wait for more days?” Never mind they did not contact me to let me know this, nor did they let me know when I would receive the item. I asked them to overnight the item-I had an event on Saturday that I really needed it for. They didn’t respond. When they finally responded, they asked me for my order number! Really??? So I provided it again, along with the event program and a note that I was upset as I placed my order in plenty of time to receive it and ended up with no outfit to wear and no time to plan an alternative. I was requesting they communicate with me effectively about my order. Was I going to receive my order and if so, when? Then they asked for my order number again. Arggh! At this point I am thinking this must be a fraud situation I need to alert my credit card company about. Just a warning to you about ordering from this site. I thought I did my homework, saw all of the glowing reviews and thought things were fine….not so much. Be warned!

      • Bastiaan

        Sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing you story!!!

    • KelliK3

      Not to sound rude or anything.
      But do people ACTUALLY get their costumes, because the last time I ordered from a “legitmate” Chinese cosplay site I spent $180 and never got it.

    • jane3

      nOt every thing is that cheap. They have a huge catalog, but 800 bugs for a costume is a lot. I don’t dare to spend that much…

      • Boris

        Jane, this counts for everything. First start with smaller orders and see if you are satisfied. And check if they have a good return policy. EZcosplay gives a guarantee you get the good size for taylor made costumes. If it is not correct they will replace it with a new costume. (Unless you ordered the wrong size your self) You can find more here: http://www.ezcosplay.com/ezcosplay-policy

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