I get more and more questions about fake Chinese shopping sites. Is this Chinese shop legitimate or not. After searching the internet I find a lot of fake shops and many based in China. Time for a black list. [Updated May 2018]

If you are looking for real legitimate shops, start with my Top 20 best chinese shopping sites.

Setting up a real online shop is a lot of work. Imagine a legitimate shop needs to create an online catalogue of their products, with images, descriptions etc. Handling the orders, shipping the products and have a customers support. All sites listed at StartBuyingInChina are real legitimate shops. They make mistakes, send wrong or broken products and sometimes their customers support sucks. But they all are real.

Setting up fake shop is pretty simple. Just buy a simple template and steal all your products from other sites. Then, when people buy, you say you shipped the product. If they complain, tell them their product is stuck at their customs. Or just don’t reply.

Too Good to be True? Fake Chinese store on the black list!

If you buy online always be aware. If it is too good to be true IT IS too good to be true. Don’t fall for extreme cheap prices. If you only have to pay 20% of the real price, you bet you’ll never get the product.

Let me ask you a question:

Why would an USA company like Nike or Apple sell their products through a Chinese store for a very low price if they have their own very efficient network?

If you find USA, Canadian, UK, Australian products in Chinese stores for a lower price than in your country, it is probably fake or counterfeit, as it is called.

Doesn’t mean these fake products are bad. I always buy my Apple accessoiries in China. It saves me a lot of money! But I would never buy an MacBook from any Chinese shops.

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Blacklist – Avoid theses stores at all time!

The guys from Scamfreeinternet did a very good job. They create a black list of fraudulent online retailers. Not specially for Chinese shops, all shops are allow. Without copying the whole list, I like to mention the following Chinese shops. If you come across a new shop you do not see listed. Write a note in the comments.

Update 2018 – This list is updated with all the bad stories form the comments… Don’t fall for the same fake stores, other people did before you…

99ssx.com (=rm44.com)
aceplaza . co
backpackshack. co.uk/
bmarkesportchuhesde . com
cherrylandcm.com /vagabond-c-2.html
chinacheapwholesale.net (cheap is a word you’ll find often in the url)
chinasprint.com (China is a word you’ll find often in the url)
chuweixin-trading.com (trading is a word you’ll find often in the url)
classic-mall. com/help-iphone
dhgatebuy.com (DHgate.com is real!)
dohoneyshopping . com
efit30 .com.au
eforsmart . Com
ejgfotografie . nl
elecpromotion . com/
hk-electronic.com (hk = Hong Kong)
ixloil.com .a
katydid designs .co.uk
kimolakindermoden. de
laptopvipmart .com
lasignorina. co. uk
mac. us. com
mart-free.com (martofchina.com is real!)
mgrcrockthegreen .org
Mupconlin .com
Newfootwearonline .com
nike .topmaxmall .com
nikeroshe.bestbrands-mall . com
northsailtraining .co .uk
pcvipstore .com
powerwheelsstore .com
rm44.com (see this blog)
slimpickins .co .uk
solekick . co/index.php
steamfestaustralia .com
stpatscatholicpanmure .co.nz/
tgprostore . com
the scribe-Eastbourne.co.uk
tinteamor .com
vipdrmartens. com/
wholesale-applestore.com (Apple doesn’t have a wholesale store in China!)
wholesale-watchess.com (wholesale is a word you’ll find often)
www . wellbern . com
www. zamtechsolutions. co. uk

And the list goes on!

Update 2018 – Beware of ‘Brands Shop’

Beware of this logo. You will find it on multiple sites. And you will not be the first to lose your money! Urls are from older real web sites like ‘Ristoramte Amaro’. In a quick research I found store names like:

www. atv-project . org . uk
www . softpaws . ca
www . doblepivote . es
www . epuf-medoc . fr
www . ristoranteamaro . it
www . buistore . co
www . meteoetna . it

Be alerted, put your fake Chinese store on the black list

Just be sure to buy only at real shops. And beware of scam sites. Don’t complain you’ll never got your product if you have read this article and still bought from a fraudulent site. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you are looking for real legitimate shops, start with my Top 20 best chinese shopping sites.

Please leave a reply in the comments below if you have any question or want to list another fake shop.

Happy and safe shopping!



Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    185 replies to "Fake Chinese shopping sites – Black list"

    • Lans

      can masorini.com be checked? Have a sinking feeling. 🙁

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Lans,
        Why are you concerned? This site uses credit cards, Paypal which can refund your money if this store does not deliver. At first glance, seems a legitimate site to me. Start with just one product and check the process and quality
        Good luck.

    • Paras

      another fake one:
      ids-tuning-and-more . de

    • Mark Little

      I’m concerned about all the counterfeit items for sale on the Lazada app I use in the Philippines. Several of the vendors on the app sell counterfeit Nike, New Balance, FILA, NCAA, NFL, and others’ items, and Lazada management appears to do nothing to cleanup its vendors. There are hundreds of counterfeit Nike and FILA shoes and t-shirts for around $10 on the app. This is an impossible price.

      Many of the Lazada vendors also use the “bait and switch” scam where they will present a photo of an expensive item and will send a much cheaper item to customer. Often the will use a photo of regular sized item and send the customer a “dollhouse” sized item. They will also send a completely different item than the item in the photo. If the customer wants to return an item, these vendors will often respond repeatedly with numerous of unrelated questions tor weeks until the vendor states that the customer contact Lazada customer service, which is never available. Often the vendor will respond to a customer complaint stating that the vendor does not understand the customer. A lot of these customers’ concerns and questions related to size and durability of the counterfeit items.

      I have quit using Lazada because of all the issues and scams. I go to my local shops and malls now.

    • Leap

      What about www. shopnikes99 .com?

    • Corina

      www. itsmyfuture .ca is a bogus website and they have lots of different ones too… if you’re not sure e-mail them first and see if you get a reply, if they don’t reply don’t order. Also, if you get an e-mail from service@ onlinescredit.com that is their payment/order site and you cannot reply to them.

    • Jakub

      Hello all, please avoid buying from e-shop www. englishwithrae .com ! I placed an order, paid by credit card, but never received my items. I received wrong package (with completely different and much cheaper goods). I asked for my items, money refund, returning the wrong goods, but the seller didn’t agree on any of the options. They simply stole my money 🙁

    • Joe & Laura Gray

      Any negative feedback on CSEK.com? Wanted to know before I ordered.


      www. eyeheartshades .com
      It is a Fake scam website, fucking chinese or dogs behind this website, I try my 2 debit card and show : User authentication failed. The account or API user is inactive. Mean the website is switch off, they have done a BANKRUPTCY

    • Bryan Phillips

      I have tried to order from www. youqianzhenmei .com. First time I did they informed me the package was lost in shipping and to file a claim with PayPal to get my money back. That worked well.
      I placed several orders since. Still never received anything but always get my money back.
      They tell me they have no idea why I never get their products but I always get my money back.
      Has anyone else had experience with this company?
      I will always use PayPal. They have been great to me.

    • H Cross

      My favorite Skechers shoe is no longer available in my size at Khols or Amazon so I regretfully ordered from relocationalmeria.com. The price was average for a discontinued style so that was not a red flag. I then received 3 fraudulent charges on my bank account from “FHT*SBDRM CO SHENZHEN SH” none of which were for the amount of purchase. I closed my card to prevent more fraud charges.
      The following is my reply to order confirmation from relocationalmeria.com requesting return address and refund:

      ” I ordered Skechers shoe –


      I received wrong shoes.
      Send refund and return address please.

      On Thu, 7/26/18, vivian@best-savings.net wrote:

      Subject: Re: Website Inquiry from http://www.relocationalmeria.com
      To: c…………….@yahoo.com
      Date: Thursday, July 26, 2018, 2:00 AM

      the information shows you have been got

      Date: 2018-07-26 04:57To: relocationalmeria.comSubject: Website
      Inquiry from
      Email: c………….@yahoo.com


      Order Information – Order

      I need return address

      On Mon, 7/9/18, relocationalmeria.com wrote:

      To: c………….@yahoo.com
      Date: Monday, July 9, 2018, 7:05 PM


      1 x Skechers women’s bikers winner
      sneaker grey shoes lace-up flats,skechers dress
      shoes,skechers black boat shoes,official online website
      (Skechers 002230) = $19.81
      Sub-Total: $19.81
      Table Rate (Best Way): $10.97
      Total: $30


      Copyright (c) 2018
      relocationalmeria.com. Powered by Zen Cart

    • Tony

      mokmart .com is this legit it says it’s like to be safe but it’s not secure so I am unsure

    • Drongo

      Could you look at this website? givenchyoutlet.com

      Thank you in advance!

    • Maxwell

      Anyone with experience in dealing with these sites selling cordless power tools
      kingtol .com , toldeal .com , marts bid .com , grolora .com , all sites work and check out as valid sites, however the seller only uses mastercard for payment and the items appear to be genuine at TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE pricing

      • Bastiaan

        Most of these sites cannot be found anymore…. probably they were fake

    • Manu

      Three days ago I bought 4 Oukitel phones from this store: “retailphoneshop . com” and payed €60 for them all with my Paypal account.
      This is the phone’s page: “retailphoneshop . com /collections/frontpage/products/oukitel-c8-limited-time-sale-just-pay-9-95-free-shipping-shipping-takes-14-21-days-worldwide-shipping” [remove spaces].

      There are lot of reviews on that page, but I don’t know if they are real. Also there is a notification in the left bottom corner of the page saying that X or Y from Z country bought their product.

      They are running the add from May 2018 on FB: https://bit.ly/2JkFu7Y

      I want my money back because I’m pretty sure that I was scammed. Now I want to cancel the order, but no Cancel button on the site

      • Bastiaan

        There are a few things on the site that bother me. And iPhone 8 for € 1750 is way tooooooo much. The phone you mentioned is just 15 USD. Why did you pay 60?
        Cancelling orders are seldom done with a cancel button. You must contact them. Wish you best luck!

        • Manu

          The website – retailphoneshop . com – is gone / unavailable. So it was a scam. What else can I do? I want my money back. I paid through Paypal.

          • Bastiaan

            Try to contact Paypal. Maybe they can do something.
            I don’t think this store will contact you ever again…
            Best luck!

      • Corina

        If you paid by PayPal contact them and tell them what’s happened and they will look into it and they will or should give you your money back.

    • John

      Avoid the site “www . bobnmarket . top”. They do not respond to any thing written. They charged more than the item’s posted price and charged it twice. My bank stopped the charges and I began investigating.
      This reflects poorly on Chinese business… I will not trust any Chinese based business in the future and will advise others of the same warning. They cannot build respect with the thieving actions of so many .

      • Bastiaan

        Sorry to hear you have such a bad experience. Not all online chinese stores are bad or scam. Many do a great job, but the bad ones spoil the experience… Please check out this list, these stores are verified. China stores list

    • Larus

      “www . jblbuyshop . club” fake?

      • Bastiaan

        If you ask, what do you think? Prices are very low… Too good to be true.

    • MS

      www . farmastore . top is another fake sopping site. I did purchase and my money disappeared completely.

    • Mark Cunningham

      www . moonlight-um . co . uk NOT based in UK but front for Chinese goods shipped from China.
      Wife ordered a cardigan on site that seemed legit to her. No problem from bank authorizing the payment no contact from the company via email at any time (even checked spam etc). Item arrived was an $8 pair of fake Ray.Ban sunglasses. sent from:
      WENHAO HE, Guangzhou Hua(n) Yi Trading Co. Ltd. (en.qyk.sjfzxm.com/en/com/201202/25/78910 . htm). No 6 , No 2 Freight Station, Yunzia Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou.
      Tried to contact them via contact us on website via My account but no response and no other way of getting in touch.

      • Bastiaan

        Sorry to say, but you probably lost your money… The url does no longer work…
        (To try it, remove the spaces. i do not accept direct links to spam sites, because Google will ban my site for that. So all url’s have spaces)

        • Mark Cunningham

          sorry looks like I typed or copied the URL wrong it should be
          www . moonlight- uk. co. uk /index.php?main_page=login (with spaces)
          it is still works and I can login and see the order, just no response from them. Wife has logged a complaint with her bank who are looking into it.

          • Bastiaan

            Found it. Did you see, almost all products have the same price. Jeans, sweater… That was not a good sign.
            If prices are too good to be true, they normally are…
            Let’s hope no one else will fall for this.


      May I ask your thoughts on dsfrkshop . top ?

      I placed an order there, not noticing the domain, and later discovered several other identical shops. Here’s the thing, though, the identical shops ARE selling a lot of different items, but they have the exact same layout, same home page, same exact grammatically-poor text on About Me page, and I realize now that the pics all look like they were stolen off ebay. Here, for example, is a matching storefront – ciiishop . top and here is another – geniaonline . top , but THIS one has a different About Me. I can’t decide if these are just shops using the same template or fakes. I’ll note that I did find an identical item with same exact pics on the latter two, even tho many items are different. I also noted that the links to social media merely took you to their own homepages.

      I have a feeling I got scammed. Like a previous commenter, they also charged me more than my confirmation shows, but only by a few dollars. (I was charged $36.12, but confirmation shows $33.69. Possibly a currency conversion issue?)

      If I lost my $36, it won’t kill me, but I do wonder about other issues. Should I replace my credit card? Is it pretty certain that’s the info they’d be after? Is is possible identical sites selling mostly different items COULD be legit? Could it be one company with multiple shops for whatever bizarre reason? Or lazy sellers using a template?

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Cindy,
        Yes it’s probably a fake store… Poor lay-out, non-logical categories and products not matching the categories. (I’m always curious, why did you buy on this site?)
        When you used your credit card, did you send all your CC info to this store, or was there a third party payment system? It’s better to contact your CC company upfront. And maybe have your CC card blocked or replaced.
        Thanks for sharing! Wish you the best


          I was foolish. They had a fairly rare collectible I had been looking for (I came across the item with a google search) and at a reasonable (tho not red-flag waving price). I also was fooled at first into thinking it was a shop in Canada because the prices all came up for me in Canadian dollars – tho that could just be because of the google link I followed to get there.

          I called my credit card company and they seemed less worried about it, and merely said to keep a watch and let them know if I saw unusual charges. They said if I don’t receive the item, they will refund it. They didn’t seem to feel it merited a new card number right away.

          I will add this to the pool of knowledge about these sites: the charge they put through to Citibank was categorized as a RECURRING charge (which I had changed). So I am wondering it that’s the scam – a low amount to make you take the risk – and maybe they even send you the item (after all, half this stuff is made in China) – then hope you don’t notice when they charge the same amount month after month.

          Thanks for the help! Cindy

          • Bastiaan

            Wow, I didn’t hear that before. I was confused why they charged you for such a low price (normally scammer charged for hundreds of dollars). But creating a recurring payment is new… That’s the trick, that you will not notice the monthly payments…
            Sure it is scam.. Good that your CC company will refund you.

      • Bastiaan

        BTW there are many legit stores that have multiple sites with almost the same layout. That’s because they focus on different target audiences. But they do not use eBay images or products. For example Lightinthebox and Miniinthebox. And also many clothing stores do the same: Check this blog post: https://www.startbuyinginchina.com/just-one-chinese-company/

    • Rick

      I have found hard-to-find auto parts at bowenstore . top and hacoshop . top, but there is no phone number or physical address for the business. They also don’t respond to “Contact Us” email inquiries. What do you think?

      • Bastiaan

        Bowenstore is the second store with auto parts that has in their store info: leading fashion store. What the heck? It think these are vastly made stores (why a .top domain) and not very trust worthy. Too much alarm bells are ringing.

    • Justyna

      Hi !! I just shopped at atv-project . org . uk … unfortunately I didn’t do my research on this website. If you heard anything about it or if you can check I’d really appreciated it. It makes me suspicious, I’ve been trying to contact them several times with no response , and I’m not sure what to think of it. I got only confirmation email about my order , that’s it. Ugh I’m so upset I got scammed..

      • Bastiaan

        Oops, sorry to say… yes you are scammed… Prices are very high, but the site is very badly made. Look at their Logo. My nephew from 4 years old can do better than that. I hope my site will give you the information to save yourself from these bad experiences once more.

        Did you pay with CC? Does your bank has an insurance. Some does. Worth to check out.

    • M1KL83

      Good day, made a purchase on May 7th 2018 at ‘www dot tsclstore dot top’ and my credit card was charged some $20+ more than the checkout bill said it would be charged and now over a month later I haven’t received the product, nor tracking info, or even confirmation that the product will be shipped. When I sign into my account on their site it shows my purchase and that the transaction was successfully processed but when it comes to the state of the order it still says processing/pending.
      I’ve emailed their contact several times since purchase date and haven’t heard anything back.
      The product I purchased was a good price but not ‘too good to be true’ kind of price that would set off the alarm bells.
      I think I’ve been had by this website but because I cannot speak to a representative nor get a reply to any of my email queries I’m thinking it’s only bad news and not any good…sadly. so frustrating!! My own fault I’m sure but I really thought I had found a decent retailer with decent pricing.
      If anyone else has experience with these guys and can share your experiences I’d really appreciate your feedback

      Thanks in advance!

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Mike,
        I checked the store. At first it seems legit, but there are some things I don’t understand. First the url: why use a dot-top domain. Second, their about page is all about fashion. But they don’t sell clothing. The extra money from your CC is not okay. Strange. This brings the question, are they amatures (with bad support for their customers) or is it fake. Although I cannot verify this, I hope it’s the first and they will send the products after all. (maybe it is stuck at your customs, this can take weeks…)
        BTW does your CC company offer insurance? Many do and you might get your money back from your bank.
        Wish you luck!

        • M1KL83

          Thanks for taking the time to look into this and replying to my comment.
          I hope so too!!
          It could very well be stuck at customs but I would have thought that it would show ‘shipped’ when I sign into my customer account on their website but instead is still says ‘pending’ in regards to the status of this order and has done so since the date of purchase.

          I really wish they would answer my emails to give me some idea of where I stand.

          Fingers crossed but not setting my expectations very high as I think it’s been all for not. I’m sad to say.

          Thanks again!

    • Claudia

      What about a credit card charge from hmlengy? Thanks your doing a great job!

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Claudia, thank you!
        Never heard of hmlengly… What’s that?

    • Kaylee

      Can you check mercierfashion .com please

      • Bastiaan

        All prices are zero…? That’s really odd. 😉

    • Honey

      Kindly check if mkeurvu. online is a scam. Thanks

      • Bastiaan

        Michael Kors in the url, probably fake. I cannot find this site… maybe it’s gone already.

    • Ayrton

      Another one that looks like it is located in the US. www. estloft. online
      Their homepage looks real only after I paid in US dollars and my credit card was charged in chinese currency did I get the idea.

      • Bastiaan

        Did you get your products?
        Although this site doesn’t seem to be fake, it does a lot that isn’t okay. No company info, very bad menu in the footer (links not working) and no mentioning about situated in China. Always be careful with these kind of stores.

    • LULA

      Another Chinese fraudulent site
      www. zamtechsolutions. co. uk
      You wouldn’t know it was Chinese – Except when my bank called to say they had blocked the transaction. When I Entered my bank details, the transaction failed and so I did it twice.

    • Michael Larsen

      pcvipstore .com; powerwheelsstore .com; laptopvipmart .com, to name a few…
      Since these “stores” use https and take credit or debit card information, I fell for one of their offers even though I know better. All of their associated email addresses and support contacts are bogus – cannot be delivered. If you track an order, it’s a non-standard procedure that virtually tells you nothing and from what I hear at other scam alert sites, it’s the same non-information with a final “Delivered to doorstep” but there is never a delivery. It seems that defrauding people through online stores now is an easy way to make money with no penalty or fear of being taken down. I’ve reported this to the FTC and the BBB and yet the stores are still operating and nothing is done. Defraud people for thousands and get away with it but face prison if you download a torrent! Sad!

    • Roumen Petkov

      slimpickins .co .uk is one of them too.
      You think it is an UK site, but everything goes through China. To be honest the bank asked me for authorization, but I was stupid enough to allow the payment. No e-mails to confirm the purchase, no real contact details. They send you a cheap imitation of whatever they have. I wonder why they do this. They would probably get away even if they don’t send anything.

    • Sarah

      I think this is one. Paid. no goods. no response. northsailtraining .co .uk/

    • Jill

      Newfootwearonline .com ordered boots got a cheap pair of shoes not like I ordered

    • Kat

      http: //www. stpatscatholicpanmure .co.nz/ is another fake site that advertises name brand shoes but sent me shoes that were nothing like I ordered and are total junk.

    • Melissa Peel

      www .steamfestaustralia .com
      I thought I was purchasing Lloyd shoes from an Australian website. Turned out to be a Chinese website
      Sent horrible brown plastic lace up shoes. Blamed the shipping company told me to keep them & they will give me a huge discount on my next purchase as it was too expensive to ship back
      Scam website !!

    • Mik Fielding

      Takes your money and nothing happens, nada, zilch ….
      Ignores any communications

    • batman

      kimolakindermoden. de: do not buy, fake site


      stop buying at walkerpaving.com this chinese company is sending crappy shoes instead…happened to me

    • Karen Alonso

      classic-mall. com/help-iphone
      Is this real or not

    • MZ

      eesco.ca Posing as a Canadian website selling shoes at a pretty high sale prices resembling the real sales, then upcharging and sending completely different cheap stuff than ordered, not even knock offs. No communications, purchase confirmation coming from a hotmail email.

    • Bella

      Okay, I bought a $2,090 GUCCI purse for $180. The purse looks real but when it came, inside the purse was a CHANEL authenticity card (that looks fake) instead of a GUCCI authenticity card. On th edges of the purse there seems to be like a icky glue. Is this site legit classic-mall.com/ ? On all their products they have hundreds of 5 start reviews when when you click the reviews it doesn’t let you see who left the review or what they said. And when you publish a review it says “review accepted for moderation” They sell so many designer stuff, Is the site fake?

      • Bastiaan

        The site might be real, but the products aren’t. 5 stars reviews doesn’t say much, these can be bought.

    • Marianna

      cherrylandcm.com /vagabond-c-2.html

      fake company, real price for brand shoes,
      you´ll get no items and money back.
      It´s a cheat, be carefull!!!

    • Bridget Sevier

      Mupconline com
      Designer shoes. Took twice as much out of my account than I ordered. I had to cancel my credit card as they would have kept doing it. Got sent a crap $5 pair nylon trainers instead of Karl Lagerfeld..buyer beware. The contact button doesn’t work either. No receipts or emails have been sent to me. Site looks very genuine. Hundreds pairs shoes…

    • Karen Young

      Add wearlocker.com to your list. They do not disclose items are shipped from China. Football jerseys are counterfeit. Do not give refunds even though website claims 90 day return policy. When contacting their customer service for return information they advise to just keep the items, give items away or sell them and they will send you a 15% refund of your purchase. In my case that would have been $23.00. Website is a scam!!

    • Catherine J Whitlock

      backpackshack. co.uk/

      Definitely avoid this one. They send completely the wrong thing and won’t refund (even when a return is offered). Very bad customer service

    • Ann

      joomla jingle.com/ fake online shop that just steals money

    • Kez

      thescribe-Eastbourne. co.uk never received item. Sent several emails never replied. FAKE SITE

    • Eddie Snow

      ebuy2016.com/ and best-buying.net/

      Are these 2 scam sites included in your list? They are identical but using different scam names.



    • Mark Laforme

      Raykgas.ca is Fake Brand shoes.

    • Mark Laforme

      raykgas.ca Brand shoes is a fake site. They will send crappy cheap shoes but not what you ordered.

    • Aine Dubh

      This seems to be a fake vipdrmartens. com/ They advertise on FB on Facebook. com/Vip-Day-2017-518677751815481/

    • Donna

      I bought a handbag from verfhuid.com that was advertising Dsquared merchandise for low prices but not unbelievably low prices. So I bought a handbag for around $400 only to receive some cheap looking michael Kors replica. I contacted the numerous times via email without any resolution…and of course there wasn’t a phone number . I reported a fraudulent charge to my credit card company and finally after 3 months I got a full refund after they did a full investigation on the Chinese fake site. So frustrating! But at least I got my money back and hopefully I can expose these crooks so they get caught

    • Sia

      WWW. VEGGIE-WEIHNACHTSMANN .DE definitely a fake shoe site. I ordered a pair of Geox shoes for 84 euros. The shoes never came. They don’t answer my e-mails. They appear to be German but they are from China.Stay away from them!

    • Kylie

      I ordered a gold coloured Louenhide handbag which I paid approx $100 for. Which is the going rate for such a bag. It came up as “Au Accessories” and down the bottom the website was racingforjesus.co.nz. Everything appeared to tick all the legitimate boxes…2 weeks later I received (from China) a dreadful poor quality brown thing which was probable worth all of $5! I emailed them and they said they would fix it up. Never heard from them again. Lost my $100. Very angry!

    • Ash

      Is chinabulklots.com legit or does it sell fake goods?

    • Eduardo Miranda

      Did you know China Bulk Lots?

      • Bastiaan

        Doesn’t seem to be fake to me. Have you done business with them? What are your experiences?

    • Richard Vert

      www. lasignorina. co. uk is a scam site based in China. Stupidly I purchased a Piquadro backpack from them for around £83, then immediately realised my mistake! No returns policy and only means of contact a chat line. I initiated a chargeback the next day after they failed to respond to my cancellation of the order (realising that it wasn’t the genuine article). Eight days later, still no contact, but surprisingly I received a parcel – inside an extremely cheap looking’ Nike’ backpack – the sort seen on market stall for about £5 tops!! Lesson learn’t and still awaiting the outcome of the chargeback – not holding my breath. Almost impossible to publish this sort of feedback online.

      • Bastiaan

        Sorry to hear. As far as i can see, too good to be true prices. That’s always not true…

    • Lidiya

      www. mgrcrockthegreen .org – and this site is fake, I already suffered, beware

    • Joan Carles

      HI. I bought two shoulder bags in two different web sites:
      katydid designs .co.uk/ ( bag from Tommy Hilfiger)
      ixloil.com .au/ ( Bag from Fred Perry)
      I received two fake bags from Michael Korrs. Both shipped from China.
      I discovered is the same company that just defraud me.

      Do you know these sites?

      • Bastiaan

        No we do, fake sites or counterfeit sites come and they go. Thanks for adding your comment.

      • Bastiaan

        Now we do, fake sites or counterfeit sites come and they go. Thanks for adding your comment.

    • Sabina

      I ordered from this website they have an email but they dont have a phone number i spent 29 dollars on a romper they sent me a confirmation number and they said they will notify me when my item been ship but im having some doubt. I sent them and email they reply but it had said sent from an iphone

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Sabrina, what site did you buy?
        A real scummy site would sell you much more than 29 dollars. Most sites do not have a phone number, only chat or email.
        Did you receive your product yet?

    • chris

      I bought some brand shoes and got totally different and fake Nike shoes. The site was www . ejgfotografie . nl

      When you pay the payment goes to china.
      www . dohoneyshopping . com

      • Bastiaan

        Hi, the first is definitely fake. The url is Dutch for a Photographer site. Has nothing to do with selling shoes.
        The second is no longer online.

    • Gary Johnson

      What is your comment on a China company bestclothingmanufacuturer.com

      • Bastiaan

        I do not know this store. Lot’s of google ads is not normal for a store.

    • Larry Jones

      www . elecpromotion . com/
      Have no problem if my info or email is used.

    • Al

      I think I have lost 110 transferring it to fake Ralph Lauren site.
      it is identical to the official one and it is written that is german office.
      When you pay the payment goes to china.
      No order confirmation after. they do not reply on emails…

      It was too good to be true… plus it was strange that the Ralph Lauren has the bikini collection of Victoria` s secret…


    • lolo


    • koen van de wouw

      fake canada goose products

    • Suzanne

      I bought a few things on www. tinteamor .com. Later I didn’t get my order info I can’t track my order.I tried to contact the customer sevice but they the customer service only have an email adress now it’s 10 days later I received no reply from email and there is no phone number to call . The price is a lot cheaper than the official website. I am not 100% sure whether it’s a fake shopping website but my intuition tell me now it’s very doubtful.

      • Bastiaan

        A site still offering Xmas shoppings cannot be very serious… They accept credit cards. Can you get a refund from your CC company?
        good luck

    • Law

      A china shoes online shop www .efit30 .com.au ( using au address) is a liar. Don’t buy any shoes in this website.

    • praveen

      another site is www. mac. us. com

    • P Almén

      Criminals. Delivering wrong shoes. It takes a long time to get an answer. They offered me 15% payment back. Informed me that there is no idea to return items because they will disappear. When I told them that I have contacted A consumers right organisation in China the stopped answering my emails.

      • Bastiaan

        Sad to hear that stores have this kind of bad service.
        I cannot verify it’s a Chinese store. But it’s a bad store indeed. Used Google translate to read the return policy. There is almost no way to get your money back. Even if you cancel your order within 5 hours (max possible time) the deduct 10% immediately.

        • P Almén

          Yes, I understand. I have no expectations to get my money back. But I would like to make it tricky for them to continue to commit crimes against other people. Black lists is one way. I have also contacted Chinese police.
          I believe in humanity and that criminals will get what they deserve one day.

    • Mila

      One more scam online shop is buying-boots.com
      Never buy from here! They send fake shoes

      • Bastiaan

        Thanks for your addition.

      • Sherri

        I don’t know the name of the site anymore, but I too got suckered when I went to buy some Pikolinos boots. The price wasn’t amazing, but it was good; they supposedly had the boots I wanted that were out of stock almost everywhere; the site looked great; and I too ended up with some smelly plastic “things.” I feel stupid for getting suckered; I didn’t realize these sites are a “thing.” That UGG site looks incredibly real.

        • Bastiaan

          Bad… I ever heard someone who got great Uggs from China. These products are from Australia and that’s the real brand.
          good luck next time, be aware 😉

    • renate

      aceplaza . co
      Fake Uggs for $130. I didn’t see the clues online this was a Chinese company. Maybe going back to brick & mortar shopping.

    • Jolanda

      nikeroshe.bestbrands-mall . com.
      Can somebody please tell me whether this is a genuine website? My daughter wants to order from here but the prices seem very low and almost too good to be true

      • Bastiaan

        Hi, I think you gave the answer already yourself. Too good to be true isn’t true! Please see this blog.

    • Muhammad Nur (Xie)

      Hi hello,
      can you give me information about this site?
      www . wellbern . com
      can i trust this shopping site?
      please reply me as fast as you can help me
      post it to my mail

      • Bastiaan

        I’m always curious how people find these sites. The site was created on December 7th, 2015. Pretty new and has many criteria from a fake site. So, I label this site fake too. Don’t loose your money there.

    • Jehad AKKAM

      eforsmart . com
      is a Chinese fake website of sale on line.
      They copy all their pages from Tiffany & co and Aliexprress … if you pay something you’ll loose your money, it’s just a fake merchant, so be ware.

    • Amy Lynn

      One site complained about in a comment here does the super fake, half the photos are from selfies and half look like legit catalog or web site pix. Didn’t that seem dodgy to you? Sometimes, just paying attention helps. Reading all fine print, etc.

    • Amy Lynn

      I use ad block on my laptop, but since I have been using kindle fire and their only browser doesn’t work with adblock (grumble grumble), I get ads *constantly* for new -to-me online stores with gorgeous looking clothes and accessories for teeny prices. I finally went to a few and yes, gorgeous, crazy cheap, red flags go up all over my brain.
      I just came from YouTube where there was a lot of discussion about these places, all in China (allegedly) and every person either got nothing, got leggings when they bought a sweater, just on and on.
      I love a good proper, especially when it involves helping people (so much time on my hands, might as well use it well!). I’m wondering if all of, or several at least, are just a few people buying a domain name, grabbing random pix of clothing (it seems a red flag to me that some photos of garments are on people on the street, and some are beautifully photographed!), and calling themselves a real store.
      Also, comment after comment saying “This crappy thing came, but it would cost more to SHIP IT BACK than the cost of the item, so I’m just screwed”.
      Sometimes people are lazy and don’t read things like, these are NOT U.S. sizes, use the sizing chart. But the majority are getting nothing and only receiving automatically generated e-mails from “Customer Service”. I’m ready to go be Veronica Mars. 🙂 I will share this site, and any other thoughts would be appreciated! This feels like a huge scam, it would be good to shut down scamming sites!!

      • Bastiaan

        Hi, advertising is very targeted today, so the ads you see have something to do with the sites you’ve visited. You didn’t mention the stores you referred to. There definitely poor Chinese stores that offer low,bad or no quality. My site tries to separate the good ones from the poor… I hope that will help.

    • Dovile

      abugg. com.au/ is fake. I received boots which quality are worse than Primarks 😉 They are not Australian shop, but China one. The package i received was from China. But is there anything i can do to stop this website, to get my money back?

      • Bastiaan

        Well, the store isn’t fake, their products probably are. Check their footer menu, most links refer to their home page. And the stores name… ABUGG, this should tell enough.

    • Mandy

      The site is: tgprostore . com
      I’m pretty sure this website is a scam. Aside from my anti-virus program having a seizure when I went to it, they are selling “authentic” brand name sports apparel at ridiculously cheap prices. They only take Visa and Money Transfer and attempted to take money from our bank card on multiple occasions even after the first transaction was denied by our bank.

      The website domain was created only 21 days ago. The whole thing just smells fishy.

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Mandy,
        If a site only exists for 20 days it’s a real risk to buy any stuff. Although this site is very well built, the prices are too good to be true. So there are two possibilities. The products are fake or the store is fake. Anyway, it is good to avoid. Sorry to hear you had bad experiences.
        Please see also this blog about sports clothing from China.

      • Amy Lynn

        If a site triggers your anti-virus and you buy from them? Wait, why would anyone buy from a site like that? And seizures aren’t funny, some people suffer through the real thing. Not fun.

    • Morrey

      solekick.co I shopped in this online stor at November 9th 2015 .
      First of all my item cost was around 87 dollars and they charged me 124 dollars .(I believe they show me price by Canadian dollars and charged me by us dollars )
      And after almost 20 day I did not receive my order and they not answering my emails and I can’t access to the site any more . When I’m typing the site address it’s pop upping with error.

      • Bastiaan

        Hi you wrote this store with a .co. This site is still alive and selling football shirts. The .com is no longer alive. Where did you buy it? If a site is taken down, you probably lost your money… Sorry.

        • Morrey

          That was address of sitewhich one send me email w

          • Morrey

            With it I mean

        • Morrey

          solekick . co/index.php?
          Here is orginal address of site with one i just copy and paste it for you .

    • Janine

      Here is also a fake site:
      bmarkesportchuhesde . com
      This shop shipped wrong shoes…

    • Adam

      designpreethi.com This site appears to be Canadian but fake incorrect goods/sizes are shipped from China.
      Site offers money back if incorrect good are received but they say “sorry can not send back and no refund, on sell goods to someone else”. Total Ripoff! Beware!

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Adam,
        It seems to be Canadian yes and their are no direct indications that it is Chinese. Looks like this blog: NBA Counterfeit. We keep it listed here.

    • Nadine Andrews

      diydress. co.uk This shop shipped me out a dress that was different from what I’d ordered. Then they told me that if I wanted the right one I would have to pay them more money . I asked to send the dress back to exchange it for the one I’d asked for, but they said no.

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Nadine, sad story. Now shop should handle their customs like that.
        Just for the record and this site. It’s not a Chinese store and it is not a fake store either. It’s a store with poor customers care.

    • Fraud

      too much risk in buying online on china website if its not fraud its fake items

      • Bastiaan

        Hi ‘Fraud’,
        You confirm the thoughts of many people. That’s why I started this site. Buying from China is safe if you know how and where! Please have a look at the blog posts on how to recognize fraudulent sites.

    • tavish

      Is it legit i just ordered off this site before reading and I’m scared.
      nike .topmaxmall .com

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Tavish,
        The site is down. That’s a bad sign. I hope you didn’t spend to much money.
        I edited the url because I don’t want to refer to fake sites.

    • Lady Aliehs

      Can you tell me about a china store called wish . com ?

      • Bastiaan

        Hi. Wish .com is not an online Chinese store. It’s a shopping platform from California and seems legitimate to me.

    • Rameh Yousef

      hey i made a order with modLily on march 9 2015. i have never received an email with the confirmation number. i had been charged for it amount $62.86 I really think this is a fake page I really would like to have my money back

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Rameh,
        ModLily was previously MartOfChina. I’ve done more projects with them.
        It’s definitely a legitimate shop. Have you contacted them? I hope this will work out well soon.

    • Adewale

      What is Coupon?

    • Tahir s

      I want to share my problem with you
      I made a shopping from timberlandforyou.com, they gave a tracking number but that number was fake, I contacted with them and they said ” ok, a mistake happened and we will send another one”, a month passed but we did not gave any answer to my mail, I can not refund my money, No any item.
      I think that shopping site is a fake, I want to share my event with you,
      Thanks for your interest

      • Bastiaan

        Thanks for sharing, I don’t think it is a Chinese site. Did you pay by credit card? Can’t they refund your money?

    • Neil

      Is modlily.com a trusted site?

    • Hussein

      is this proudsale.com/index.html real or fake?

      • Boris

        Hi Hussein
        Too good to be true prices. Only Western Union… I would say fake!

    • Saad

      Keb2.com, this website sells iPhone 6 for $160 only. After I registered in their website, the customer manager kept sending me emails asking why you didn’t order from our products yet? …

    • Rashad

      Dear Boris
      Good day. I am going to buy Iphone and Ipad from fsafecare.com. What do you think? Is that trustworthy site? In addition, What is the best optimal payment method to avoid of any fraud?

      • Boris

        Hi Rashad,
        Another fake site. Prices are too low and they only offer Western Union as payment system. They fail the test.

    • Lynn

      Hi, am trying to buy a phone from the ksrplayer site they only accept money transfer, am aware the products are counterfeit but all I would like to know is if I’ll get my parcel or they would they scam my money and disappear.

      • Boris

        Hi Lynn, We have KSRPlayer because we believe it’s a fake site. No prices mentioned and people are complaining. I wouldn’t loose my money on this site.

    • mary

      Boris, I want to buy a phone from ksrplayer but they asked for a wire transfer. Are they legit? Thanks for your info

      • Boris

        Hi Mary,
        Definately fake! Did you check this site lately. It’s already down: http://gbcinternetenforcement.net/14-829
        Good you asked! You see wire transfer is a valuable check to see if something is fake (note: not every site that accepts only wire transfer is fake. In B2B this is normal. for B2C not).

      • Lynn

        Hi mary, I noted that u were trying to buy a phone from ksrplayer , I would like to know if you got the phone as I am about to place an order on the same,. Any advice?

    • sodiq

      When I buy on coolicool.com and I want to pay they ask for every thing about my ATM card, including my pin, and am panic that if I leave my pin, is my bank account secure?

      • Boris

        Hi Sodiq,
        We don’t use ATM in my country so I don’t know how their payment system works with pin etc. CooliCool is a legitimate company. So I have 2 suggestions:
        – Check ATM if the payment procedure is legitimate to them
        – Create a Paypal account and connect your ATM to it. Then only pay with Paypal in China. This is what I have done. I never use credit cards online (anymore).
        Good luck and thanks for your comment,

    • Enoch

      Hi Boris,
      Please do you have any knowledge about genuine websites on alibaba.com
      that sells phone and computer accessories?

      • Boris

        Hi Enoch,
        I have very little to none experience with Alibaba. AliBaba is more a trading site between customers and suppliers. I’ve always use AliExpress This is the Alibaba retail daughter site. Maybe I’ll try Alibaba soon.

    • Mario

      Hello, I have some websites that I would like to know if they are real. Like, 3cwell.com, susingsi.com, and m.alibaba.com, because I made an account with alibaba.com, and they started to send me emails of cheap electronics, and I want to know if it is a real job website. Thanks

      • Boris

        Hi Mario,
        I wouldn’t trust 3cwell.com or susingsi.com. I still don’t understand how people can order on these sites. There is no price, no payments possibility, no explaination how to buy…… So you must contact them, ask for a price?? If you can enlight me, please tell me.
        Alibaba.com is definately real. m.alibaba.com is just the mobile version. Yep, if you register you get emails. See this or any other article about Alibaba: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/19/alibaba-stock_n_5852040.html
        Cheers, Boris

    • thorsten

      HK-Bonroy.com is just such a cheater company. I have bought a PS 4. It was nicely handled and I was asked by western union to pay to get my product. It was written to me that I will pay half now and the rest when the product arrived. After this they were not responding to further e-mail and my money was gone. And weeks later, I got a 5 Euro china cheap console instead. [deleted offensive] cheaters.

      • Boris

        Hi Thorsten,
        That’s bad news. Looking at the site, it is clearly a scammers site…. Only A-class products, no prices, only western union etc. etc. I don’t think you will ever hear from them again. Thank you for sharing and I’ll add this site to the blacklist.
        (btw I edited you comment to make it more readable in English)

    • Victor

      Onsinking.com: Sales Manager from Shenzen (HK) Onsinking Technology Limited sets up your order and asks you to pay through Western Union or T/T with Bank of China.
      She sends you a real invoice and once you have confirmed your payment she sends you a DHL tracking number. The tracking number provides no information, and when you contact her back she says that customs asked for $150 more to release the goods.
      Even if you pay the additional money you never see the products or a refund.
      She ignores your email and skype messages.

      • Boris

        Hi Victor, I checked onsinking. It has all of a scam site. Fake….. The site fails on many of the 6 tests in this blog. I hope you didn’t loose too much money on this site.
        Wish you better luck next time.

    • Enoch

      Hi Boris,
      Apart from online shopping sites that accept many payment options.
      Do you have any information about B2B websites like: globalsource.com,made-in-china.com,etc that have a collection of big manufacturing companies.This companies have websites,but they don’t allow online payment.Their payment terms are normally,western union,bank transfer/T&T,moneygram.
      Please do you have any idea about this? If yes,please send some details to my email

      • Boris

        Hi Enoch,
        Yes, please check this page China Wholesale Stores. If you have any questions, let me know. I haven’t checked their payment methodes, btw.

    • Jerry Hall

      HK-Kairui.com scammed me out of $600 stay away from this scammer.

      • Boris

        Hi Jerry,
        I’m sorry to hear that. I hope this list will help you next time to avoid scammers.

    • Kwaku

      Hi Boris! I am supecting the following stores to be among the fake ones.

      • Boris

        Hi Kwaku, thanks for the update.
        – Used-Phones: Seems okay for used phones, but: Prices are extremely low. Minimum of 30 pieces orders and might have simlock. This could mean stolen products. Btw it’s a Polish site not Chinese. And I don’t like the single payment system: bank transfer.
        – Pipo-store: seems okay, I just don’t know the brand.
        – ksrplayer: is already offline because of counterfeit.
        I’ll update later!

    • Kwaku

      Huge thanks for the reply.Glad that we have you.Thanks for the great help

    • Kwaku

      I really want to do bussiness with dealsmachine.com.please is it a safe site?

      • Boris

        Hi DealsMachine used to be aHappyDeal.com. It changed it’s name this year. It is a real shop.

    • Roland Mantama

      I would buy on a Chinese website where I find the most competitive prices except that I still hesitate and as I am lucky to find you, I wonder if you knew him and if I can trust. At least, is that there is someone who has already placed an order from them? The site is: 99ssx.com

      • Boris

        Hi Roland,
        This site is Scam for sure. It is completely the same site as rm44.com. See this blog: https://www.startbuyinginchina.com/case-study-of-fake-chinese-shopping-site/
        Don’t loose your money there!
        Cheers, Boris

        • leny liss

          i see the prices for wholesale super AAA parfums but im not sure if there are real because the website have a lot of gramatical errors and i dont want to lose my money..

          i hope your fast answer

          • Boris

            Hi Leny,
            Super AAA parfums for probably too good to be true prices, are probaly fake.
            If you want to try it out. Start with a smal batch and test the products.
            Good luck, Boris

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