Have you ever thought of buying stuff from China and resell it yourself?

I see a lot of people who want to start a business with Chinese products.

And why not? You can buy a lot of products for low prices and sell these products locally with a profit?

The main question is: How serious are you to build a business on it?

fast cash with chinese products

You can earn money!

Making fast cash with Chinese products is possible. Many products are much cheaper if you buy it online in China than in your home country. So if you can add a fair profit to these products and find your buyers, you are in business.

Currently I know a lot of people who own an online or offline store and who order many products to sell these in their stores.

I think these entrepreneurs are doing a great job building their businesses. And I’m sure these entrepreneurs know how to negotiate, find better prices and better quality.

And I’m curious!

Are you an entrepreneur who is buying products from China?
Please let me know in the comment box below.
And if you have any question about the import process, please ask me.

You can loose even more!

Lately I got a question from a reader who wanted to start a business.
He wants to invest US$100 and sell this locally for $200.
Than invest the $200 and sell it locally for $400.
And again invest $400 and sell it for $800.
And again, and again.

It looks like a money machine. And yes it is possible to get this working! If you know what you are doing….

Sure anyone can buy some stuff, sell it with a profit and earn a few bugs. This can be fun too. But this is merely a hobby, not a business. Just do it for the joy.

If you want to systemize it into a business, you must come up with a good plan. Let me point out a few things you should know before you start your business.

Do you have any experience with selling products?

If not, get experience. Talk to shop owners and ask them how they work? Find shop owners that do buy goods from China. Ask everything you need to know: How did they started? Where do they buy their goods? How is it going? Can they live from it? Etc etc. Ask if you can work for them. Anything, to GET EXPERIENCED!

Do you have any experience with buying products from China?

I see people who are dreaming of making a lot of money with Asian products. But these poeple have never bought anything themselves. Before you start ordering larger amounts of products, do your own research. I cannot mention this enough. Start with small orders. Try out different shops. Get in contact with them. Test their customer’s service. Their delivery system etc etc. Again: GET EXPERIENCED!

There are many other questions you must answer

  • How do you sell your products? Online in your own store? Offline in a real store?
  • Where do you find your buyers?
  • Do you buy your stuff from Chinese stores or from Chinese manufactories directly?
  • How much margin can you add to the price?
  • How do you handle complaints or warrantee?
  • Do you need licenses to start a shop?
  • Do you have a distribution system?
  • How do you handle clearing payments and customs and VAT?
  • How much money can you afford to loose if you fail?

If you are serious to build a real store, you must be willing to answer these and a lot more questions. Building a business is a lot of work.

And if you just want to earn a few more bucks, stick to a hobby. Buy some, sell some. Use the profit to buy new stuff and sell it again.

My question to you

Have you ever bought products from China and sold it?
Please write in the comment box what it was and did you make any money with it?

>>> Anyone who adds a comment will get a free chapter about Declation Costs and VAT for free <<<

Cheers, Boris!

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Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    44 replies to "Fast cash with Chinese products"

    • ifiok udoh

      I have been buying at AliExpress but I was not satisfied with those products. Wherewhere else can I buy original china electronics.

    • Celestine

      Hello boris, i must recommend you for your effort towards ensuring customers safety when buying goods from online chinese shops. I’m a new trader and i’ve been unsuccessful in my attempt to buy and ship android phone to Nigeria; the reasons are mostly customs issues. Boris, i’ll be very grateful if you could help me with any chinese shop where i can buy the phones and ship it to Nigeria. Please, your decision to help on this issue will either make me or break me, so please do all you can to help me. Thank you and God bless you for your good works.

      • Boris

        Hi Celestine, thank you for your compliments!
        Sorry to hear you have had bad experiences so far. I do not know how I can help you. Is it buying a phone at a reliable shop? Or is it the shipping process to Nigeria? Maybe you kan enlighten your questions.
        Cheers, Boris

        • Celestine

          Thank you Boris for your prompt reply and your kind gesture to be of help; the challenges i have is buying a phone from a reliable shop and most importantly the shipping process to Nigeria. Thank you!

          • Boris

            Hi Celestine,
            Reliable shops for phones are Tmart or DealExtreme.
            I don’t know why the shipping process to Nigeria would be different than any other country. Maybe you can explain me the differences. Thanks,

    • edokpa

      What i mean is that, I want a china company that will mold my own type of android tablet like that of apple. And what China sites can I get orginal Apple, Samsung and Nokia smart phones to buy.

      • Boris

        Hi, So I did understand it correctly. Please see my previous answer.
        I haven’t seen any Chinese site where you can buy orginal Apple or Samsung. Most sites that do offer Apple tablets are fake. Please refer to the serie about smartphones I wrote earlier in the blog.

    • amos

      wholesaleitonline.com has changed their web name to rotita.com. you can check it and update.

      • Boris

        Thanks, I just saw it. It takes some more effort to change the logos. I will do it soon.

    • Judge Said

      Pls I need more guideline on how to start online shopping from a reliable site and get them in wholesale price. Thank u sir

      • Boris

        Hi Judge,
        Please opt in for the free ebook. It will give you lots of tips about online shopping in China and reliable sites. Most of them offers wholesale prices.
        Best luck, Boris

    • amos

      can you pls help us with an online electronics/gadgets store that sells genuine products but the products and their manual are written in English? I bought from a store which I don’t want to mention names, but the manual was written in Chinese. the English version too was poorly written. thanx.

      • Boris

        Hi Amos,
        Poorly written English manuals is a common problem. Mostly done with Google Translate. Some shops like Lightinthebox put a lot of effort in correctly written English. They sometimes offer an extra inlay with the translation. It’s not commonly done. Some other shops go for low prices and don’t care about the manuals. It also depends on the brand. They must create it. My suggestions is to contact the seller before you put an order and ask about the manuals for the specific product.
        Regards, Boris

    • vojko

      I bought the electronics from Aliexpress, Pandavision, Banggood and Chinavasion.
      The best for the shipping it was Chinavasion.
      I just want that Chinavasion has a more products.

    • okueq

      Hello Boris
      thanks for all your-selflessly services , though your online platform educative blog-site….please i really need your advise i want to start a customize android branding business here in west-africa, but i dnt know were to order for it at a reasonable prices.

      • Boris

        Hi Edokpa,
        Thank you for your compliments.
        You ask about customized Android Brands. This is a bit far from this site. My suggestion is to contact companies like Huawei directly and discuss the possibilities. I don’t think the Chinese shops listed here can offer customized phones. (or maybe I don’t understand your question correctly)

    • snailee

      Hi Boris,

      Thanks for the mail. I am in Tanzania and I want to start buying products particularly ladies products such as clothes,shoes,hand bags etc. from china and sell them in Tanzania. Please advice me on where best I can buy from. I want to first order some few handbags of my choice for sale trial.


      • Boris

        Hi Snailee,
        It’s good to start with small orders and test.
        My suggestion is to start with the clothing shops you can find here.
        For bags try: BAGINC. Shoes: Lovely Shoes
        you can find shoes and bags also in other stores.
        good luck,

        • snailee

          Thank you Boris,

          How do I go about starting to order online.


          • Boris

            You can find a lot of in info in my free ebook. See the sidebar.
            Best is select a shop and get acquaintant with this shop.

    • Nishant

      Hi Boris,do you have any experience with volumerate.com ?

      • Boris

        Hi Nishant,
        Volumerate,com is the wholesale daughter of DealExtreme. I have no further experience with them. Let us know what you find out.

        • nishant

          Thanks for your reply
          Yes, I know that, I have been shopping at DX since 1 year and thought about trying volumerate.com just for reselling purposes.

        • nishant

          Hey Boris,
          Does Lightinthebox super saver shipping have a tracking number?
          And which post they use l mean like HK post, SG post,China post or any other?
          For item costing around $8.
          And how much time it takes for the package to get delivered?
          Thanks in advance.

          • Boris

            Hi Nishant,
            I ordered many times at Lightinthebox and the products always arrive. I never bothered to look at the post service they use. It’s mostly written in Chinese. They say 20-30 days. It never took that long.
            My suggestion is that you order a small product and you can check it yourself. Also contact them and see if you are comfortable with the way they handle your questions.

            • nishant

              Ok thanks a lot.

    • Hazel Nelani

      Hi Boris,Im from South Africa & I need your help. I would like to start the online Fashion boutique and I’m struggling to get shops to buy ladies clothes from china. Please tell me which online stores I should use to buy clothings, shoes, handbags& accesories. Thanks!!

    • Nasser Hamalile

      Hi Boris
      Thanks for the wonderful work, i live in zambia, kindly help me i want go in the business of laptops and computers, can you give me the shops of cheap laptops and computers. GOD BLESS YOU.

      • Boris

        Hi Nasser,
        Computers and electronic equipment are very tricky. Can you offer repairs or any guarantee if the equipments get broken? Please keep in mind you need to invest a lot of money to have some equipment in stock. Unless…. You use dropshipping. I buy my electronic stuff at Tmart and CooliCool
        Do me a favor and start with a small order and get experience.

    • amos

      So far, I’ve bought 2 lenovo A10-70 tablets for others, memory card and so on. Other things will follow soon.

      • Boris

        Hi Amos, good to see you back! Did you buy this Lenovo tablets to resell or for yourself? (btw did it work out with FocalPrice??)
        Greetings, Boris

        • amos

          They were not for myself. They were for others. Focalprice has refunded but I’m yet to see it. They gave me 2-3 weeks timeframe but it is not up yet.

          • Boris

            My mistake… I just saw you said it was for others and wanted to change my response. But you were faster 😉
            Good to read FocalPrice is willing to refund!

    • Pamela

      Hello Boris, Thank you for All your information, I am trying for the first time to buy jewelry for sell it, do you recomend some online shopping or have some advise?

      • Boris

        Hi Pamela, you’re welcome.
        An online wholesale place specialized in jewelry I can recommend is Viennois.
        Other legitimate shops (but I have no experience with them) are NBeads, Vancaro, Beads.us or Gets.com
        Good luck
        Update: Vancaro has a 15% discount coupon with code: LUCK15OFF

        • Pamela Martinez Rubio

          Boris, thank you for your recommended online sites for jewelry, I just find LightInTheBox, do you recommend them as well? An do you know direct manufactures?

          • Boris

            Hi Pamela LightInTheBox is very reliable and my favorite site *you’ll see it on top of my lists). But it is a life style shops. You can find jewelry there and a lot more. The shops I recommended are specialized in jewelry. BTW you can check AliExpress too for jewelry.

    • Dayarin DR

      I have just started buying the product from China last month. I have been thinking a lot about starting my own business related to what you have mentioned. So, I need to understand of how it work in order to get the profit. Please guide me more! Thanks!

      • Boris

        Hi Dayarin,
        You’re welcome. I’m thinking of more info about this subject.
        Cheers, Boris

    • Paul Stran

      Hi, I’ve bought a lot a smart phones accessories and sold it online through marketplaces a few years ago. But more and more people are buying these things themselves. After I got stuck with 25 iPhone 4 cases I stopped. It was good as long as it lasted. Never more than a hobby.

      • Boris

        I see Paul, Thanks for sharing!

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