Winter is coming, the dark days have won from the glorified sunny Summer. It’s the time of the year that evil comes out and vampires grap their victims. It’s no longer trick or treating on the door. Those kids already grew up and so has Halloween.

Now it is time to meet your alter ego. It is time to be mr or mrs Hide again. Did you bring your mask?


Where did Halloween come from?

Halloween is celebrated is more and more countries. Halloween is a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”. It is a yearly celebration¬† on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It initiates the night before All Saints Day. A Catholic tradition to honour all saints known and unkown.

But Halloween is older than the Catholic tradition. It ways back to the Celts in Europe in the dark ages. The Celt calender started at November 1th. So October 31th was their newyearseve. The harvest was done, and the Celts had one day off to celebrate their Samhain.

And in tradition to celebrate Samhain or All Hallows’ Evening, you can dress up. The Chinese stores are waiting for you to have a look.


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>>> Halloween is October 31th, so act fast or you’ll be too tricked <<<

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    2 replies to "Winter is coming, Halloween is out there…"

    • RUBY

      1) we don’t know what’s Halloween here.
      2) I think it will be a nice one.

    • Paul Stran

      Your blog is great! Thank you for all the effort.
      1 My kids will go from door to door
      2 Didn’t do it before, but this is a good idea.
      Thank your for the list.

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