The wind is getting stronger. Rain is falling. And winter is coming.  Trick or treat… If you don’t bring your candy, your house will be painted or covered with all stuff you do not want to find in your yard….

Its time for Halloween!!

Let evil come out and vampires grap their victims. It’s no longer trick or treating on the door. Those kids already grew up and so has Halloween.

ericdress halloween
halloween dress we
milanoo halloween

What is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated is many countries. Halloween is a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”. It is a yearly celebration  on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. This is the night before All Saints Day. A old tradition to honour all saints that are known and unkown.

Halloween is older than this old Catholic tradition. It goes back to the Celts in Europe in the dark ages. The Celt calender started at November 1th. So October 31th was their New years even. Their harvest was done, and the Celts had one day off to celebrate their new year, called Samhain.

And in tradition to celebrate Samhain or All Hallows’ Evening, you can dress up. Many Chinese stores are waiting for you to have a look and offer discounts for Halloween or All Saints Day.

halloween chicnova
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halloween banggood

Many Chinese stores offers discounts and extra coupon codes during this season. We have added all our coupon codes for Chinese stores on a single page: BestChinaShoppingDeals. Please see for yourself and used it when you check at these stores.

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Milanoo: Zombie Nurse

Milanoo: Batgirl

Milanoo Batgirl

ChicNova: Pumpkin Kid

ChicNova - Pumpkin Kid

Milanoo is a store that celebrates Halloween with lot’s of costumes and cosplay clothing. Every year they dedicated a special part of their site to Halloween. From fancy and sexy clothing to the most creepy slimy disgusting masks you can imagine.

If you are looking for something special, Milanoo should be your first stop. To go directly to their Halloween Stores: Click this link: Milanoo Halloween.milanoo halloween sample


Wishing you a weekend. And be prepared for Halloween!!


A 15 minutes bonus for Halloween 😉


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