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Review Summary:

Numbers don’t lie… If you are looking at the number of +5.000 positive reviews against 100 negative reviews I think it is safe to conclude Lightinthebox is not a scam. As they say: Shop with confidence!! Lightinthebox is our favorite!

Our Lightinthebox Review

When I visit a Online Chinese shopping site or Chinese wholesale site I always start searching for some statistics. And also when I started with the Lightinthebox review I want to find out is Lightinthebox scam or not? ScamAdviser tells me the site’s age is 5.5 years. It’s operated from China but the website is located in the United States. Based on this is information ScamAdviser gives a high-risk warning with 10% for Lightinthebox. This is very low.

Better to search for more user Lightinthebox review and ratings. Trustpilot shows a better figure. 8.5/10 with 1.069 reviews. Resellerratings is even better with 9.5/10 with 4.842 reviews (dated April 15, 2013). We give Lightinthebox a 5 star rating: 50stars

These are the numbers you can expect from a legitimate site. I don’t see sites often with 9.5 and more than 4.000 ratings. So you can expect to be satisfied if you start buying something at this shop.

But not everybody is satisfied. With every online web shop you’ll find people complaining. Also with this Lightinthebox review…….. You can even find a website dedicated to ‘pissed consumers’. 93 People didn’t get what they wanted. Wrong sizes or packages that never arrived. But most of them are complaining about payments and costumer’s service. To my experience they do always deliver in time and correct. Even with a perfectly translated invoice and description.

Payment methods for Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox has several payment methods: VeriSign credit cards, PayPal, Western Union, Wire Rransfer and in the Netherlands the most used method iDeal. I always prefer not to give my credit card information to an Internet site unless it is absolutely save. That’s why I prefer PayPal or iDeal.

Payment confirmation and Lightinthebox customer service

People complaining the payment confirmation is not accurate send. This can be a problem if you want to cancel your order and the initial cancellation deadline has been past. They costumer service responds well, within 24 hours most of the time. I have never had any difficulties with Lightinthebox. But based on other people experiences it’s not easy to get a refund. So be sure you check your orders a few times before you press the buy-button.

You can find some of their policy at the bottom of the site. They offer a live chat before you buy and promise their customer service are always on hand to help you.

Conclusion: LightInTheBox is a legitimate online web shop.

Numbers don’t lie… Well they can be manipulated. But if you are looking at the number of  +5.000 positive reviews against 100 negative reviews I think it is safe to conclude Lightinthebox is not a scam. As they say, shop with confidence.

If you have positive or negative experiences with Lightinthebox, I would like to hear them from you. So everybody who reads this blog, can benefit from this. Please leave them below at the comment box and give your own Lightinthebox review!

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Have a nive day! Boris


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    7 replies to "Lightinthebox Review"

    • John

      My wife ordered a hat for a wedding 22 days in the future. Selected postal expedited (5-8 days). It arrived (damaged) a week after the wedding.
      I returned it to Poland at their request, they have refused to refund postage.
      Glossy webpages and site,
      Order #19947847, 6-Nov-2016.

    • Bob4

      I bought many items at Lightinthebox. What I like is their very well translated site. Litghinthebox is one of the better professional Chinese companies on the Internet. Prices and quality are good. As long as the orders arrive in time.
      But it’s hard to get through to their customer support if you have questions. They should upgrade their response time and response frequency.

    • Sadia Khan3

      I ordered a few dresses from lightinthebox. The prices were reasonable and shipping was free but what I received was a complete disappointment. The first batch of dresses were badly stitched, the material was of poor quality and they looked nothing like the pictures on the website. A few days later I received the next batch. These were relatively better; still nothing like what was shown in the pictures. I’m thinking maybe there are different sellers at the website. You have to find a reliable seller selling good quality products; that of course is not an easy task. Most of the reviews by buyers seem fake.

      • Boris

        Hi Sadia,
        Thank you for you review. Most Chinese shopping sites do have multiple suppliers. Some of them are just resellers and have no store at all. They dropship the items directly to you.
        I wasn’t aware Lightinthebox didn’t check their products. I’m curious if you have complained at Lightinthhebox and what they did do for you?
        (Btw I get a lot of fake and spam reviews. If I suspect a fake or spam I delete it. Not every positive review is fake)

    • gracechak3

      I hope the delivery could be better, i’ve waited my precious for nearly half a month. While it only took less than a week to get my precious in Abbydress.

    • yetta

      Great review with very usefull information. I have never thought to check a site like this before! I will be back to see more reviews before buying next time. Thanks

      • Boris

        You’re welcome. I’m happy to provide you with useful information. We’ll add new reviews soon.

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