How do I make money online?
How do I build business with Chinese products?
Where do I buy cheap products I can sell?

These are just a few examples of the questions I got during the last months.

Earning money with Chinese products is ‘hot’ these days.

But where do you start?


Do you need support on making money with China products?

The readers from this blog sent me a lot of recurring questions about building businesses with Chinese products.

Some questions are very basic like: Can you recommend a shop for this product?
Some questions are from experienced people like: How can you order from the Chinese mainland if you don’t want to use an agent.
And a lot of them are somewhere between these questions.

I think there is need for a course on building a business with Chinese products.

This course will be made for consumers who wants to earn extra money.
And for small business owners who wants to learn more about buying in China and benefit from low prices.

My first question to you is:

Are you interested in a course about making money with Chinese products?

Tell me what you need to learn in this course.

To create the best course that really suites you,
I need to know what your questions are on building business with Chinese products.

The main categories and questions I like to cover, are:

Part 1 – Questions you much ask before you start! (basic)

  1. A quick start to make money with Chinese products!
  2. Why do you want to sell products?
  3. What products do you want to sell?
  4. How do you want to sell your products?
  5. How much money can you make?
  6. How much money can you afford to loose if you fail?
  7. How much money are you willing to invest?
  8. Do you have experience in selling goods?

Part 2 – Selecting your Chinese partners (intermediate)

  1. A Quick start to find reliable shops
  2. How do you select the shop you want to cooperate with?
  3. How do you recognize fake shops?
  4. How do you test a shop and get experienced?
  5. Why you must get in touch with the shop?
  6. Why you must test their refund policy?
  7. Buying from resellers or manufactories?

Part 3 – Selecting and testing the products you want to sell (intermediate)

  1. What products do you want to sell – Part II?
  2. Test the products yourself
  3. Do the products have translated manuals?
  4. Why genuine products are probably fake or uninteresting
  5. Don’t fall for ‘Too good to be true’ prices
  6. Customizing your products
  7. How much products do you have in stock?
  8. What is dropshipping?

Part 4 – Taking care of your own clients (intermediate)

  1. What is your niche? Can you be different?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. How do you reach your target audience?
  4. How do you ship your products?
  5. Taking care of your existing customers. Make them work for you.
  6. How do you handle complaints and warrantee?

Part 5 – How do you make and raise your profit? (intermediate)

  1. How much margin can you add to the price?
  2. What costs do you have to cover?
  3. Calculate your retail price
  4. What are wholesale prices and what are large quantity prices
  5. Steps to double your turnover
  6. Steps to raise your profit
  7. Payment systems when you pay
  8. Payments systems when your clients pay you
  9. How do you handle clearing payments and customs and VAT?

Part 6 – Working with Chinese agents (advanced)

  1. Why buying at Taobao or other Chinese sites?
  2. What are Chinese agents for?
  3. Buying without agents
  4. How does the process work when you’re buying through an agent

There is so much material to cover. I had to be selective.
But I don’t want to end up with a course nobody wants.

My second question to you is:

What subjects do you need or miss in the list above?

My third question to you is:

Are you willing to pay for an online course about making money with Chinese products?

All contributors will be rewarded 😉

Creating this course will be a lot of work.
That’s why I appreciate your contribution. And I like to thank you for your help.

There are 2 ways you can contribute:

A) By answering the three questions mentioned in this blog in the comment box below.
You’ll be rewarded with a huge discount when the course is finished.

These questions are:

  1. Are you interested in a course about making money with Chinese products?
  2. What subjects do you need or miss in the list above?
  3. Are you willing to pay for an online course about making money with Chinese products?

B) By helping actively creating the course.
You’ll be rewarded with a least a free course and maybe more.

I need people who can:

  • make infographics and great looking lists
  • create great looking pdf’s
  • do proofreading and text editing (native English)
  • create whiteboard animations
  • contribute on the subjects, like writing
  • someone who is so creative that he/she knows what I forgot….

If you are willing to contribute actively, please send me a note through this link and let’s talk.

I hope to read soon how you can help building this course together.

To your success!!



Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    22 replies to "Making Money with Chinese Products – Course 101"

    • Rajmeej Poudel

      Are you interested in a course about making money with Chinese products?
      -Yes i am interested
      What subjects do you need or miss in the list above?
      -Promote and selling via online (social media)
      Are you willing to pay for an online course about making money with Chinese products?
      -Ready to pay but price should is reasonable

    • Ibiso

      i will love a course so i can know more about this business.
      If the cost of the training is affordable and i can always have access to them whenever i want, then there is no problem.
      I want a scenario where i can get these products at rock bottom prices because currently the exchange rate of the dollar to naira is on the increase and in order to maximise profits i will need very affordable goods. thanks

    • johnkennedy

      i will be grateful if will release the ebook am an upcoming enterprenuer and a student i have once shopped with alliexpress, but the shipping rate is so high, as for alibaba their is too much scam their, am looking forward to starting my own store and i will really love it, even if i will pay for it

      • Boris

        Thank you for you comment John.

    • Andrea Reid

      1. I would pay for a course if it fitted within my learning style.
      2. You dont mention in your course anywere about overcoming the first barrier you have, the ‘mindset’ of how people, feel, see, think about purchasing products from China.
      3. I would pay for a course, but I would like at least a some sort of ‘Guarantee’ of at least a certain level on profits if I don’t ‘deviate’ from you course.


      • Boris

        Hi Andrea, Thank you for our comment.
        At 2. You are absolutely right. I’m already working on this. Thanks
        At 3. I understand what you mean. Thanks

    • Melanie

      Are you interested in a course about making money with Chinese products?
      A: Absolutely
      What subjects do you need or miss in the list above?
      A: I need to know that the products will work as described, and test them on myself.
      Are you willing to pay for an online course about making money with Chinese products?
      A: I would be willing to do a donate or a pay what you can for a course.

      • Boris

        Thanks Melanie for your answers.

    • Billy

      1.yes i like it a lot! will be great to talk about suppliers and dropshippers who working with PayPal-personally i’m preferred to do business with those who do(not aliexpress etc….)
      3.if the price is not too high for me-yes.

      • Boris

        Thank you for your comment Billy

    • Gladys Mosiiemang

      Yes I am interested in raising my profit and also like other ideas.This will also help me save money and time.I would like you to always contact me on all of this.

    • RUBY

      1.Am interested of cause .
      2.What I will really like to know more about is the best shipping method to use for different products so that you can make your profit after selling them…
      For example I placed an order for some jewelries from Aliexpress on the 11th sales though am yet to make the payment , but I found out that to ship them down to Nigeria here with dhl is even more costly than all the items I bought put together and someone have discouraged me from using free shipping saying that a times you would have forgotten about the products you bought before they will alive and some times the products wouldn’t be complete if you use free shipping …. and having to pay more than the amount you buy the products for the shipping is really discouraging , it minimizes your profit if not making you to lose your money .
      3. if the prize is OK with me and my budget , why not I will buy

    • Kwaku

      I am looking to establish my own business because self employment is the best.So this course would be much appreciated.My problem is I do not where to start.
      I need information on how to make payment from Ghana,Are payment methods like Western Union, money gram,bank wire or transfer safe? Also Should one pay for a product you have not seen? How reliable is the quality?,How do one inspect the product from in the Chinese shop from Ghana? After receiving the product and stop working,or develops an issue after some days,what should one do?,What if they get your money and refuse to send the product.Should you pay for something you’ve not seen?,I need to to pay to keep the course going only if it becomes affordable.

      • Boris

        Thank you for your contribution, Kwaku!

    • amos

      this course will be great for those who wants to enter into serious business. it’s a laudable idea. but before this blog came in, I was looking at pandawill and they claim in the site they provide manuals in English, German, Spanish, etc for Chinese branded smartphones like Huawei, lenovo, etc. can you check and give a recommendation? if it’s really true, then that’ll be my next stop.

      • Boris

        Hi Amos, getting in contact is one of the items I will cover in this course. Because it is so very important to build long term relationships with these shops. I cannot do this for you. My suggestion is to contact Pandawill and ask any question you have.

    • dave

      1. Of course, I’m interested and I can’t wait to learn more. 2. I would like to know about the kinds of product that can really sell and bring profit in no time. 3. Well, it’s really tricky..if the course can really guarantee the dividends then why not but it should be affordable. Also, I’m from Nigeria and how would one pay for the course. But I think you shouldn’t charge for this first course.

      • Boris

        Thank you for your contribution Dave,
        Btw the only guarantee in live is that the sun will come up tomorrow. I’m sure the course will be valuable, but the amount of dividend, depends on the person who takes the action 😉

    • Paul Stran

      That would be great!
      1 yes I like that
      2 i’m mostly interested in raising my profit, but also like the other ideas
      3 If it is good and can save me money or time, sure!

      • Boris

        Thanks Paul for you contribution.

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