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Review Summary:

MartOfChina is China’s leading professional fashion clothing supplier. They cater thousands of wholesalers and retailers around the world. They are the market leader in providing first-class women and men’s clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories, bags and lingerie.

Thank you for reading our MartOfChina Review is China’s prominent fashion clothing online shop that offers thousands of first-rate fashionable goods. Their products include dresses, shoes, bags, lingerie, jewelries, cosplay costumes and accessories both for men and women.

Since they are supplied by many big Chinese manufacturers, MartOfChina is able to offer a variety of high standard products at a very low prize.

Although they ship to different countries across the globe, MartOfChina only offers free shipping for jewelries. They also give 5% if you pay through their affiliated payment centers.

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Impression of the MartOfChina Shopping Site

What caught my attention as I visit are their highly-fashionable and stylish products. It also makes it easier for me to identify their weekly deals, their best seller of the month, their new arrivals, and their hot sale products. Their site is very user-friendly and organized where you can easily determine if the product is already out of stock or if there are price changes or restocking.

I also love how they position their call to action buttons along with their well-designed promotional banners.

MartOfChina review of the products

Mart Of China updates its site daily with new product arrivals. Our MartofChina Review in terms with product quality is a bit high because most of their stocks are new designs that follow latest fashion trends worldwide. From toe stiletto high heels to sexy back designer dresses, down to men’s sweats and hoodies; Mart Of China is the home of every fashionista.

Bustiers & Corsets - MartOfChina review
Bustiers & Corsets

Gothic Chain and Buckle Decoration Zipper Fly Red Bustier
Gothic Chain and Buckle Decoration Zipper Fly Red Bustier

Women Clothing at MartOfChina martofchina review
Women Clothing at MartOfChina

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MartOfChina Review of Payment and Shipping process

MartOfChina don’t give free shipping except for jewelries but they give a 5% discount to a total of your purchases if you pay through Western Union, MoneyGram, and through Bank Transfer. Additionally, they accept payment through Paypal, Debit Card or Credit Card.

Please note that your shipping fee will be determined based on the shipping method that you use and the region that you are from.

For retailers, MartOfChina also offers drop shipping where they will be the one to ship the products directly to the customers without exposing the retailer’s business information.

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MartOfChina Review of Customer Care

With their live online chat, Mart Of China assures to attend to every customer needs anytime, anywhere. To validate our MartofChina Review,we tried to chat to one of their representatives online. So far, their customer representative has been very accommodating and knowledgeable about their products. However, we noticed that their representative don’t communicate English too well compared to other customer service assistants in other shops. Maybe, this is something that they should work out for them to serve better a global market.

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    2 replies to "MartOfChina Review"

    • barbara3

      Hi, I bought from Australia and I received my order a month after, even with express delivery. It was my first time ordering online.
      Everything was ok.
      But you should pay attention to clothing sizes and make sure if they will fit you.
      The shoes material had a strong smell and I could use it.

    • Linda S.3.5

      Very content with dress and shoes. It was shipped very fast.

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