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Review Summary:

In summary, if you share a Passion for Fashion and are looking to find an online wholesaler that supplies a whole variety of clothing and accessories, then you need look no further than This company provides excellent quality at extremely reasonable prices, and I’ve found customer support to be very good.

Our Complete Milanoo Review

When I first opened the Milanoo website I was totally stunned by all the nice clothing, shoes and gadgets they offer. Milanoo has multiple subcatagories for clothing. Really for every occasion! I visited the Milanoo website many times now and it is time to create a more extensive updated blog with a good Milanoo Review!

Milanoo Review: Passion for Fashion

The company’s name was taken from the “fashion capital” of the world – Milan, in Northern Italy. The Milanoo website and catalogue is targeted very much at a global market, catering to a vast array of fashion tastes and styles. The catalogue is more than extensive, including everything from dresses, cosplay costumes (for a fancy dress party for instance), to sexy lingerie, and from wedding dresses to wigs and hairpieces.

There’s also a Lolita-section, but this is really meant for the Asian market. It’s also the only section where Milanoo uses Asian models to promote the clothing. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have a look at it as it does look really nice and inspirational.

Most categories also have matching gadgets…
Besides the wide variety of clothing they also offer bags, jewelry, beauty-accesories, and things “for the home”. In fact, you can find almost any form of clothing related apparel that you can think of within the online catalogue.
Elegant Pink V-Neck Pleated Polyester Woman's Ball GownSexy Overall Leopard Catsuit Wet Look Costume

Cotton Black Long Sleeves Classic Lolita DressBlack Suede Leather Metallic Strappy T-Strap Stiletto Heel Women's Dress Sandals

Pricing for goods is really extremely competitive, and often the Milanoo website display healthy reductions on items that are already particularly keenly priced! Although Milanoo has very cheap prices from less than $ 20 up, I also found very expensive dresses above $ 500 ;-).

About Milanoo, the Chinese wholesale shopping website, was founded in 2008, and may now be seen among the stars of the global wholesale arena. The headquarters are located in Hong Kong, while the logistics and operational base are situated in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in China.

In comparison to some of its’ competitors, Milanoo’s business model is arguably closer to Lightinthebox whereby it integrates both the business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) model, and targets end consumers and also global resellers. In their own words, the company says:

“ is willing to share a “passion for fashion” philosophy with you by displaying them (the product range) on our website.”

Milanoo Coupon Codes

Make sure you have a look around on this site and be as much in awe as I was (and quite frankly, still am). And don’t forget to check for the latest coupon codes you can use for free at Milanoo. (This page is update regularly)

Milanoo has as website especially created for mobile use


Only today, when I started to write this Milanoo review, I found out there’s a website which is especially made for your smartphone. Unfortunately, due to circumstances I was forced to use my phone instead of my regular pc to stroll around the website. But when I opened it, I noticed there was a completely different lay out than I had gotten used to. Yet it did make me happy. No pictures at first, but all their items lined up very synoptically. So even I, who is not very technical, had a clear view of what the website really is about. Yet their original site is a better treat for the eye.. 😉 I’ll might come up with a special Mobile version for a Milanoo review.

Milanoo Review: Shipping & Payments

In this Milanoo Review I want to tell you about the shipping and costumers service.

One thing that allowed Milanoo to stand out among its’ market competitors is that they did originally provide free shipping on all their goods, given that the minimum cost of the order was not less than $30 US dollars. When the company began in business, they made a promise to their customers to maintain the free shipping policy, and that same policy was intact until late 2010.

That no doubt came as a breath of fresh air, particularly for international customers, because shipping costs can very quickly push up the prices for any purchase being made. In essence, what this means is the price you would have seen for any item on the Milanoo website would have been the exact price you pay, no matter where you reside in the world. There are no hidden charges either.

However, since late 2010, Milanoo’s site-wide free shipping policy no longer persists. Nevertheless, the good news is that the company does provide for regular free shipping promotional events on a large variety of items, so if shipping costs are a concern for you, simply watch out for one of the promotions to avail yourself of the price reduction.

Further information about how to calculate shipping costs can be gleaned by visiting this page on the company’s website:
Milanoo shipping costs info

The company currently ship purchased goods by way of international shipping services that provide the most competitive pricing models for their customer base. These companies include Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT, and EMS. The customer may choose to have their goods shipped either as “Standard” or “Expedited”. More information about shipping policies can be found here: Shipping the Order to the Customer

It perhaps should be noted that a number of Milanoo customers have complained about the tardiness of shipping their items. However, personally speaking, I’ve never had this problem, and I’ve found that shipping is speedy, even when using the “Standard” shipping option. But please help me to add value to this Milanoo Review Blog by adding your experiences at the comment section below.

Taxes on Purchases offer to bear no responsibility for customer’s shipping taxes and make a statement to declare just that on their website. Milanoo’s declaration on shipping taxes

The good news is however, that many countries do not impose shipping tax or import duties on privately purchased items and goods which are valued below a certain given amount.

Making Payment

At this time, Milanoo accept payment via PayPal, credit card, Western Union, and also by way of wire transfer from your bank account. You can learn more specific details by visiting the Milanoo website: Payment Methods for

Checking the Status of Your Order

Once payment has been made on the desired goods, you may check the status of your order from the very beginning to the conclusion of the shipping process by logging into your account.

Simply login to your account using your registered email address or account name by clicking on the link below: member/login

Making Contact with Milanoo Customer Support

Should you have any other questions about that are not answered within this article, then simply contact customer support via this weblink: Milanoo Customer Support

Milanoo also provide a Live Chat service which runs from Monday through Sunday between 21.00pm and 11.30am EST.

Many potential Milano customers are wary if they are making a first-time purchase. Should that be the case for you, I can assure you that the Milanoo customer support team are not only thoroughly courteous, but are also extremely helpful and effective at their job! As mentioned, you do have the option of using live chat, and I’ve also found that when utilizing their support ticket system, there is very little delay in receiving a positive and helpful response. And again please tell me your experiences at the end of this Milanoo review blog.

Furthermore, the company also makes it their duty to “patrol” a variety of social network sites in the online world so they can then promptly reply to any concern that either a potential customer or a current customer has about ordering from Milanoo. For me, this makes it more than clear that the company is striving hard to ensure that their good name remains intact, and that everyone who has any doubts about placing an order should put those doubts to rest.

In Summary for this Milanoo Review

StartBuyingInChina - Reviews of Online Chinese Shopping SitesI hope you’ve found this Milanoo review to be useful to your needs. Please feel at liberty to contact me simply sending me a message in the comment box below! I’ll respond personally.

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Hugs from Tessa


Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    3 replies to "Milanoo Review"

    • Joanne3

      Many potential Milano customers are worried if they are making a first-time purchase. Should that be the case for you, I can assure you that the Milanoo customer support team are not only thoroughly courteous, but are also extremely helpful and effective at their job! As mentioned, you do have the option of using live chat, and I’ve also found that when utilizing their support ticket system, there is very little delay in receiving a positive and helpful response. And again please tell me your experiences at the end of this Milanoo review blog.

      • Nilo

        This business is a scam!! you do not get what you pay for
        I bought a linen blazer instead I got a old rag 6 weeks later!!! paid $50
        Its a SCAM!! They are not a what they say!! you can’t leave reviews on thier website!! its all fake reviews!

    • Bas4

      Bought a Matrix coat. Price was okay, buy shipping costs doubled it in price. Delivery was on time, I needed it fast and Milanoo send it right away. Quality wasn’t what I expected. Material very soft and stretch. But after all it went out very well at the party.

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