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Review Summary:

MiniInTheBox is the smaller brother from LightInTheBox. It is a Chinese online shopping site that offers retails products with a wholesale price. Their product lines include first-class electronic devices and accessories, gadgets. They provide free shipping without minimum purchase requirement.

Thank you for reading our MiniInTheBox Review is a business leader in providing first-class electronic products like Led Light Bulbs, Apple Accessories, men clothing lines, and a wide range of sports equipment. They have been serving 170 countries worldwide since 2006. MiniInthebox goal is to help wholesalers and retailers get the maximum return of investment by offering superior products at a lower cost.

With no minimum order required, every buyer is entitled for free shipping wherever you are in the world.

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Impression of the MiniInTheBox Shopping Site

With a virtual store complete with a wide-range of electronic products and gadgets, MiniInTheBox never fail to impress its buyers. They have arranged their products according to their respective categories from watches & jewelry, LED Lights & Flashlight, Apple & Samsung products, video game accessories, and other computer & electronic products.

This made easier for buyers to locate the products that they are looking for in just a few clicks. The site is impressive and user-friendly. The online site is offered with 25 different languages. Though, the product images on the site are rather small.

MiniInTheBox Review of the Products

The aim of MiniInTheBox is to continuously provide high-quality products with the same product cost. Regardless where you are in the world. As we scour the net to gauge what people say about the shopping site, MiniInTheBox undeniably win the heart of many buyers worldwide. You can find funny gadgets on their web site too.

MiniInTheBox ReviewMiniInTheBox Review










One buyer shares that she is a big fan of MiniInTheBox. She bought most of her electrical needs in this online shop. With her last purchase, she was very happy and satisfied with the watch that she bought.

Loyal and returning customers like her would only mean that MiniInTheBox is a legit online shopping business in China.

MiniInTheBox Review of Payment and Shipping process

Generally, buyers say that MiniInTheBox has great offers and deals with a very affordable price and fast shipping. Most of them, if not all, are happy with the affordability of their products.

MiniInTheBox accept electronic payments via credit card or through any other payment methods like Western Union, EMS, or DHL. For faster transaction, we advise to use Paypal. They uses VeriSign, an advance security solution provider to ensure buyers that their information is in good hands.

MiniInthebox also offers free shipping with no minimum order required. Once you have placed your order, your products will be shipped automatically and will be received within 15-30 days.

MiniInTheBox Review of  Customer Care 

The Customer Service department of MiniInTheBox is divided into two: one group will attend to all customer inquiries and after-sales support and another group will assist customers before purchase.

MiniInTheBox has online forms available for buyers asking questions before purchasing a product. They also have a MY ORDER form where customers can review order details and progress.

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    5 replies to "MiniInTheBox Review"

    • Don1

      Stay away from this company
      They are scammers
      Sends you cheap product which is not even close to what you ordered
      Price = deceiving
      Customer Care = Not to good
      Quality = China Quality and deceiving
      Overall Shipping = hidden costs, and default shipping method is set to DHL which will cost you double the original price

    • Iro Gian1

      No matter how hard I try to contact them there is no way to communicate with them!!!! A whole month has passed and nothing yet!!! I am afraid they are not reliable!!!
      Be careful before you make any purchase!!!!

    • Kai L.1

      great price but don’t expect them to reply to you or even have any customer service at all if you never received an item. No matter how hard you try to contact them, they won’t dont crap. Been waiting over a month for a product that was supposed to arrive in under 5 days.

      • Boris

        Hi Kai,
        A delivery within 5 days is very fast. I’m curious what product that is. A few weeks up to a month is normal. Depending of the processing time and the mail service.
        Please let us know when this process ended.

    • chuckp4.5

      Good place to buy my Apple products. they deliver very fast. I didn’t bought larger products. Mostly iphone cases, cables and smaller gadgets.

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