We have over 100 stores listed on our sites. Real stores that would send you your products as they promise.

Being on our list, means that it is a tested store. It is pretty safe to buy in this store.

That’s why new stores ask to be listed on our site. Even non-Chinese stores asks to be listed.

This week I like to..

Which store do you want to be added on our list?

Guarantees for safe shopping

Some readers ask me whether I check every store my self? The answer is yes. Every store is checked to see if it is legit or not. If a store is real, it can be added. If it is not, you will not find it on my site. I test these new stores with the tools you can find here. Avoiding fake sites.

At some stores I do test-purchases to see how they handle quality, shipping, speed, customer care. This is not possible to do on all stores. Simple because many stores do not sell products I need (like Brazilian hair). If a store is tested with real purchases I create a review or give it a rating here.


And is this a 100% guarantee that you will never have problems. Sure not!

Every country is different and the quality of stores can change. Even some stores survive with bad customer care or poor quality… I wish I had the power to save you from all these troubles… But no, I think you can do it on your own, with the guidance I gave you so far.

When you want to buy at a store you don’t know, take care of the following 3 guidelines.

  • Do you own research
  • Start with small orders
  • Test the quality, shipping process, customer care

Don’t start with large orders. Don’t buy a smart phone for 300 bucks if it is called iPhone and you don’t know this store…

The best guarantee is your common sense. Not guided by greed (too good to be true prices) or fear (not buying at all).

Stores that want to be listed

In the last few weeks I got many requests from new stores who want to be listed at our site.

I like to introduce them to you, and if you have any experience with any of them, please let me know.









For now I only visited their sites, and they are real. But I didn’t do a thorough investigation yet.

Stores that YOU want to be listed

There are certainly many stores that I don’t know. And maybe you have dealt with them already. I very interested to hear:

Which store do you think should be listed on our site?

I really appreciate you help.

Please add your (favorite) stores to the list by writing a small comment. And if possible, let me know what your experiences were.


That’s it folks!

Do you miss any store on our list? Let me know!

Write it in the comment box below.

Wishing you a great week!


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Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    1 Response to "More Chinese stores …"

    • Dee

      Hi Bastiaan
      Thank you for the list of new stores, your work is amazing and appreciated! What do you think of this store Gobuu.com
      Their clothes and shipping are very reasonable. They seem to be legitimate but I cant take that final step to place my order. I have tried the usual scam warning sites and reports vary wildly. Any thoughts please. Thank you.
      Kind regards, Dee
      P.S. Have bought lots from Dresslink. Terrific store.

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