Today I need you help.
It will take no more then 2 minutes of your valuable time.

Like the Chinese word Bāngmáng in the image above. It’s all about: ‘Helping Out‘.

StartBuyingInChina is rapidly growing. Since April this year we built a community with over 1.000 followers. And we are growing every day. StartBuyingInChina might be still small, but we are going strong !!

The reason I started with StartBuyingInChina is that I wanted to give independent information about online Chinese shopping sites. There is so much scam to be found on the internet…

At first I started with long reviews of Chinese shops. Then I wrote blogs about fashion and seasonal events. Now the latest articles are more technical about fake shops and electronic devices like buying smart phones. And the more we grow, the more response I get on these articles.

I really like to say thank you, for your attention and contributions on my site so far.

My mission is to create the most interesting online community for buying in China. I know it is ambitious and it will take time. That’s why I need your help now!

Please tell me what you want to read on
Only then I can serve you the best.

You can write your suggestions in the comment box below.
Based on your ideas, I will come up with new blogs and articles.

The following list have suggestions for subjects.
Feel free to come up with your own subjects.

Gadgets and electronics

  • In depth articles about how to find products in China
  • Reviews of (category of) products like a clone iPhone 6 (haven’t seen it yet)
  • Blogs about seasonal events like Halloween, Valentine, Father’s Day
  • Blogs with special deals and coupon codes
  • Other…

Clothing and apparel

  • Blogs where to find special clothing like dancing shoes
  • Blogs about seasonal events like Halloween, Autumn
  • Blogs about seasonal products like swimwear
  • Blogs with special deals and coupon codes
  • Other…

About reliable and unreliable Chinese shops

  • More and new reliable shops
  • Reviews and user reviews of Chinese shops
  • Identifying fake shops
  • Finding wholesale or large quantity shops
  • Other…

Tips & tricks

  • Tips on saving on shipping costs
  • Tips on calculating or avoiding duty and declaration
  • Other…

 A new shop environment

  • More products on the site
  • Search option to search directly in multiple shops for products
  • Option to compare prices for products in different shops
  • Other…

Please take 2 minutes and write your suggestions in the comment box below.

If you have more than one item, feel free to write them all.

Thank you in advance!
Let’s build this community together!

Cheers, Boris

    24 replies to "What do you need on StartBuyingInChina?"

    • Ivana

      I’m following a few sites and couldn’t help but notice a customer approach through few Chinese web sites. Since they all work as online group of shops there is a huge competition on offering low prices as possible for same article (factory price).It can be found up to 3x lower (for single piece + shipping costs) than on alibaba or other wholesale sites. Maybe this can be a good topic 😉

      • Boris

        Hi Ivana,
        I’m interested. Can you tell me which sites you are suggesting?

        • Ivana

          viennois, dhgate, alibaba and aliexpress…. also viennois removed wholesale(?!) … If I noticed right, Chinese online marker is restructuring and moving toward B2C with B2B prices.

    • amos

      My question is, how are Chinese shops able to sell and deliver worldwide but all shops in Europe and the west (America) only sell and deliver within their country and to a few other countries?

      • Boris

        Hi Amos,
        For what I know, electronic equipment from the USA works with 110V and in Europe 240V. And is not certified for other countries: A-Tick (AU), FCC (USA)or CE (EU). USA stores are not allowed to ship it to Europe or visa versa. Also some companies like Apple forbid their resellers to sell their products over sea. Apple makes a lot more profit in Europe than it does in USA. Another reason are the duty and customs regulations. A lot of companies do not want to deal with these.
        I think Chinese

    • Kwaku

      I suggest to you Boris to open your own online store where we can buy directly from. That way you can check the quality for us and the fraud issue would be over.
      Please are you located in China? Can you also provide a service like buy it for me and may be charge for the service? We send you the cash and you buy for us?

      • Boris

        Hi Kwaku,
        My site is based on my believe that Shopping in China is safe as long as you know how and where. I’m not living in China but in Europe. Building a real store would suggest to have storage in China, people who can handle this and much more. Currently there are a lot of companies who do this very well. My goal is to tell you which do and which doesn’t.
        But I’m thinking of having my own portal to shops I really trust and like.

    • Kwaku

      Hi Boris
      To me you are really helping us.There is this shop
      I’m looking to purchase from but it has no reviews. Is it safe? Has anyone bought from there ?

      • Boris

        Hi Kwaku,
        I don’t know From what I checked on their site, it seems a legitimate site to me. Normal prices, shopping possibilities, log in etc. You don’t find these on scam sites.
        Thanks, Boris

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