Buying a smartphone from China can be very profitable, finding a great new gadget for an affordable price. It can also be a difficult demotivating process too.

  • Where do you start? There are so many different brands!
  • How can you be sure the phone works in your country?
  • What are these hidden costs like duty and sales taxes?
  • You need to have an adventurous mind to get your new smartphone from China. Don’t you?
  • How do you prevent losing your money on fake sites or fake products?

Our new eBook is here:
Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Chinese Smartphones

To guide you through the process I created several articles about buying smartphones from China. These articles are now combined into a 46 pages full color eBook. The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Chinese Smartphones.

  • From the benefits to the dangers of buying smartphones online.
  • From the necessary steps you must take so you won’t lose your money on some lousy gadget.
  • From the alternatives like refurbished phones, non-Chinese brands, or counterfeit
  • To an extensive list of 12 of best known Chinese brands like Huawei, Xiaomi or Lenovo

This eBook will help you to find the best smartphone for the best price. If you follow through the different steps, I’m pretty sure you will find your great working phone for a great price. Without losing your money on scam sites or fake smartphones.

In chapter 2 of the eBook we describe the ten steps you should take to find the best possible product. In short these are the 10 steps.

10 Steps to buy a smartphone from China

  1. Select your shop

Selecting you shop is probably the most important step to take. Are you sure the shop you are looking at is legitimate? Are the prices too good to be true? If you hesitate on this step, you’d better spend some more time on finding another shop!

  1. Define your budget

You can find smartphones from USD 50 up to USD 1000. With the higher price you pay more for quality, performance, and design. This differs for everybody. So the main question is:

10 steps to buy a smartphone from China

How much do I want to spend on my new phone?

Unfortunately importing from China means dealing with import duty too. It’s very well possible your parcels will pass the customs without any problem. It’s also very well possible your customs will hold your parcel and you need to pay for customs duty, sales taxes and clearance costs. This can lead to additional costs of 20-40% of the original price.

It’s better to calculate these prices before you make your online purchase, so you won’t get disappointed.

  1. Select your brand

With over 100 different brands of Chinese phones, choosing a new smartphone can be hard! Unless you are very adventurous, don’t go for an unknown brand. This eBook will cover 12 common brands.

  1. Select your model and do your research

When selecting your brand it’s time to read what other people say about this model. Do a Google search for ‘brand model experiences’. Look for independent reviews on independent sites. Don’t trust solely on the advertiser’s answers and opinions. Their goal is to sell you this phone plus all the extras.

  1. Check if the phone works in your country

A phone is made to work with certain frequency bands. These frequency bands differ in all countries. If you buy a phone that works with other frequencies than used in your country, the phone is useless. That’s why you must check the specs of the phone before you continue further. This step is thoroughly explained in the eBook because it is so very important

  1. Read the specifications

What do you expect from your smart phone? The performance of the phone depends on your budget. Check if the specs aren’t impossible. Check if the android version can be updated. And check the battery life!

  1. Does the shop have an UK, USA or AUS warehouse?

If you live in the USA, European Union, or Australia, it can be profitable to look for phones that are stored in these warehouses. You’ll find the best sellers in these warehouses. This makes it much more easier to choose and phones will work in your country.

  1. Is the phone certified in your country?

Most countries give certifications for electronic products. Codes like A-Tick (AU), FCC (USA), or CE (EU). Most Chinese phones do not have such a certificate. A single phone without the correct certification might slip through your customs. But don’t order large quantities of uncertified phones, you are not allowed to sell them in your country. If you want to be sure about the certifications, ask for a copy of the certificate.

  1. Check if the phone is in stock

This seems pretty awkward, but it’s better to check. Be sure the selected phone is in stock. You don’t want to know how many people get frustrated because their phone is not available.

  1. Double check and triple check the specs

Following the first nine steps would help you to find a great phone from a real vendor. So now it’s time to press the BUY NOW button, right? Don’t forget step 10! Double check your findings. If you still think it is too good to be true, stay away from this store. And if the results are to your liking, go for it and be happy with your new gadget!

What to expect in the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide?

In the eBook Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Chinese Smartphones these steps are explained in much more detail. Together with the benefits, the dangers, alternatives and brands.

You can find more information about this eBook here.

  • Don’t take the risk of spending hundreds of dollars on some fake site and ending up with nothing.
  • Don’t buy a fantastic looking smartphone that won’t work in your country.
  • Don’t get disappointed when you must pay 50-100 dollars more because you miscalculated the duty costs.

You’d better prepare yourself before losing your money in an unfortunate Chinese adventure.
This eBook can help you.

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My question to you:

Would you recommend your friends and family to buy a smartphone from China themselves?
Or would you do it for them?

I wish you a successful journey through the online world of Chinese shopping sites.


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