When you buy products from China many things can go wrong.
By following our weekly tips you can avoid most of them.

But we can’t avoid that your customs will calculate duty and VAT or sales taxes.

There are ways to reduce these costs. And a number of stores have an insurance option, to insure your self for these costs. See this blog: Lightinthebox pays the duty costs

And there is an easier way!

Chinese Oversea Warehouses

From the list of 110 different Chinese stores there are some stores that have an oversea Chinese warehouse. This ware can be situated in Europe for example in the UK or Germany, in the USA, in Australia. I haven’t seen them in Africa or Latin America.


These warehouse have many advantages. DealExtreme notes:

  • Delivery in 2-4 business day.
  • Free Expedited Delivery by Post NL in 5 – 11 business days
  • Free On Time Tracking from China to EU (27 EU countries)
  • Exclusive Customer Service team for EU Direct
  • Exclusive Product Management for EU Direct
  • Multi channels to collect EU customer’s service requirements and products request
  • Exclusive after-sale service ensures you have a great shopping experience: EU Direct customer service personnel will follow up on all EU Direct orders. We will respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours (usually much faster).

Stores that have an oversea Chinese warehouse are:

DealExtreme EU, USA, New Zealand
TinyDeal Spain, UK, USA, Lithuania
BangGood UK, USA
CooliCool Germany
GeekBuying Spain, UK, USA
EachBuyer Germany, Spain, USA


Irony!! There is no warehouse!!

The funny thing is that DealExtreme doesn’t have a real warehouse in Europe. They say that there is no EU Warehouse, they send EU Direct goods from world factory to 27 countries in the EU, and they have cooperation with Post NL to make faster delivery. But All orders are shipped from China, not Europe.

For the USA their products are shipped by Int. Bridge. For Australia it is TOLL Global Express. I suspect there is no real USA or AU warehouse either.

So they only have a specialized team ready to serve their EU, USA and AU customers. But every thing is still located in China.

That’s why there is still a possibility that you must pay for the custom clearance costs. To cover these costs DealExtreme separates your parcels and arrange the delivery. Normally you do not pay European import duty. But if you are worried, DealExtreme suggests you pay ‘Import Tax & VAT Insurance’. This is the same insurance Lightinthebox offers, as we discussed in this blog.

The real stuff!

TinyDeal has a small warehouse located in Barcelona, the UK and the USA. But the number of products is very low, from 6-116.

BangGood has a big warehouse in the UK and ships all over Europe in 3-6 days.

And so has Tmart, geekBuying and CooliCool.

oversea chinese warehouse

The latest offers a 72 hours shipping and no custom costs!

And this is what we really like!

Only Electronics, no clothing

The number of Chinese stores with a real oversea warehouse is very limited. And the products are mostly electronics and phones.

I haven’t seen any Chinese clothing store with an oversea warehouse. This is probably not interesting enough because you need very large warehouses to stores all the different clothing sizes. And you need to change it every few months.

Phones are much more easily stored.

My question to you

If you are looking for a new phone or gadgets, it is worth to search in the oversea warehouses too. The delivery time can be very fast and it definitely helps to avoid duty, sales taxes and other custom costs.

Do you buy from these oversea warehouses? And which one is this?

Please write your answer in the comment box below.

Wishing you safe purchases.


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    15 replies to "Oversea Chinese Warehouses – Avoid Taxes"

    • Oren

      Is there aäone website to compare prices between them (in EU)?

    • Katarína

      Dear Bastiaan,
      Could you please write the list of Chinese stores what allows overpaying vax & customs costs according insurance?

    • Girly

      Hi..do you know any China wholesalers with a UK warehouse selling health and beauty products, apart from banggood ?

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Girly,
        Unfortunately not. But let us know if you do.

    • Zover

      Please tell me as i buy jewlery from china..i by myself live in pakistan.. And due to heavy taxes it costs me alot..so can you do me favour in this matter

      • Bastiaan

        I’m not sure I understand your question. I cannot mediate for you between Chinese sellers and Pakistan.
        Good luck

    • Sameyo

      Hi Bastiaan,

      Thank you for your assistants and continuous lectures on buyingfromchina,
      Please can I find a site where I can buy heavy goods such as Generators, Good laptops in a cheaper price than aliexpress? Thank you.

    • blin

      I bought my phone from AntElife WH Germany(?), delivery time was not european but at least our huge VAT i could avoid. Oh, in addition, that time this phone was cheaper here then on the site of china stores so it was a great deal! 🙂

      • Bastiaan

        Thanks for adding. AntElife has a EU warehouse too indeed.
        Great that the prices were even better 😉

    • yetta

      I bougth from Dealextreme (DX) UK . I thougt that there was an actual warehouse. So they got me tricked. I figured that i would mean shorter delivery times. No way clearly. Thanks for your insights again.


    • ajani tirimisiyu

      Dear sir

      I just want to alert people about this company in china, they are not real the scammed me of amount, detail are

      Add: Heng da lv zhou building, bai yu cai bing nang Road, baiyun Distric,Guang zhou,Guangdong Province, China.

      website: www dot youdao-technology dot com

      • Bastiaan

        Hi, Thanks for adding. I removed the direct links because I don’t want people to click through easily.
        You’re right. It’s a fake company…
        Best luck!!

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