If you know how to recognize a fake store versus a real legitimate one, no fraudulent (Chinese) stores could fool you ever. The Internet would become a little safer, at least to you…

A few weeks ago Tcharlx asked about the Chinese store buycheapelectronics.com. Check this comment here. He did this before he spend his money on this scammers site. This saved him a lot of money.

In todays video blog I’ll give you some criteria how to recognize a fake site.

I hope you like it!

If you want some Chinese shop being reviewed like this store. Please write it down in the comment box below.

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Let’s make the Internet a little safer together!

Cheers, Bastiaan


Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    35 replies to "How to recognize a fake Chinese store"

    • Mel b

      www . Buistore . se please advise me if this store legitimate

      • Bastiaan

        There are a few things i do not trust. Why a .se url? And why the pages with telling it is a real store (safe shopping). I think they will send you products, but don’t be surprised if it is counterfeit.

    • judges

      talk about DH gate, how they operate. Are they a fake site and do they have honesty

      • Bastiaan

        DHgate is a market place like Aliexpress. You are not dealing with 1 company. So always be aware who is on the other side.

    • Mgongo

      Hi I wanted to know if the site called yesstyle.com

    • Kareem

      Hi there can you tell me if cndirect, lovelywholesale.com and legitimate also on the website startbuyinginchina.com next to the stores there is an icon with a plane some stores would say “PAID” only others would say “PAID” & “FREE” can you explain what that means please. Thank you

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Kareem, Paid & free means the shipping costs. Some stores offer free shipping from China.
        All legitimate stores can be found here: 100 online Chinese stores.

    • zama

      Hello, I’d like to know if Aliexpress is legitimate or not. Thank you

      • Bastiaan

        Definitely yes. But beware of the shops. Please see the blogs about AliExpress.

    • marco vazquez

      Hi, this a real site? www dot trader-ok dot com

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Marco,
        The site fails on many aspects… Price too good to be true, only non-chinese brands. Only Western Union. Forget it!

    • Greg


      This is the website of the umbrella company I mentioned that only takes western union. Are they legitimate?

      Thanks Boris!

    • Greg

      I was looking into a chinese umbrella supplier called sz sihai umbrella co., limited. It seemed legitimate to me but they only take western union and bank transfer. Does that mean that they are for sure fake? How can I know?

      • Bastiaan

        No, bank transfers are often used in the B2B world. The way you communicate is more serious. Umbrellas is not an interesting product for fraudulent sites. If this shops doesn’t fail on the other criteria, WU shouldn’t be a problem. But start small!!

    • victor

      Can’t c d link to watch ur video above

      • Bastiaan

        The link is working fine. It’s a Youtube video. Please check Youtube settings.

    • Slindile

      Hai Boris I wanna open a small boutique in my country I don’t knw which website I can use and trust to buy from china ,all I need is brand website like Gucci,micheal kors,and stylish clothes I’ve never buy on line before but I wanna start with good supplier u cn recommend I’m also interested on buying extentions ie Brazillian,Peruvian,Russian and Mongolian, thanx

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Slindile,
        Finding real genuine brands like Gucci in Chinese stores is almost impossible. You will find remakes or clones. For this you start at AliExpress.
        We have listed many Chinese clothing stores listed here. It depends on your taste which store will suite you.
        good luck!

    • KEVIN

      Hi Boris……i ordered for some tablets from online shop but the problem was that it was not branded,so I couldn’t sell it of fast.I made some inquiry and I came across a post somewhere in the net about buying branded products from an Asian online company…but the guy is asking for money to release the infor to me…..please do know a genuine site were I can buy branded products.please.

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Kevin,
        This article might help you!
        It’s all about the question what brands you can buy in China.
        Good luck,

    • lanre

      Please, help me check if this site is real (keb2.com). I asked for some enquiries from a china website (madeinchina.com) about a laptop. Some suppliers sent some indications that they say my request and i should log in to the virtual agent on that site which i did and i could see that the suppliers are on that site. But some other sellers did send some quotations too inrespect of my search and in that mail there website is keb2.com. There prices are just too good compared to the price in my country in Nigeria. Just want to know if this is a genuine site. i checked the website, i was opened 9years ago but no link or references or reviews from social sites. Waiting your reply as soon as possible.


      • Boris

        Hi Balogun,
        keb2.com is fake. Don’t lose your money here. Please see this article.
        Good luck

      • lanre

        Thanks for the confirmation. I thought as much. The prices are too good to be real.
        I have shopped on Aliexpress, and mostly satisfied but not at all cases.I was looking for far cheaper things but i think i will stick to what am sure of for now..
        Keep the good work going.

        • Boris

          Too good to be true is normally too good to be true…..
          Good luck!

    • Thulani

      Hi Boris name is Thulani,firstly let me thank you for the information that you are giving us i never know anything about buying in China in fact i never thought that i was going to buy something in china through online.so thank you very much because I bought my self a tracker and its working fine!

      i want to buy in bulk a tracker and cameras (house and incar cameras) to sold in my country so i was wondering if is there any website that is selling cheaper beside DealXtream and Tony deals!
      thank you

      • Boris

        Hi Thulani, Dealextreme would be my first suggestion. Why do you want to buy in bulk order? Why not separate and see how things goes?

    • Bob

      On Aliexpress, I contact sellers and asks if they have Skype.
      On Skype, I ask the seller if he has Paypal and most sellers has it.

      I prefer Paypal, because it is worldwide banking.
      Aliexpress’ payment system is Chinese, you never know what can happen…

      • Boris

        Hi Bob,
        That’s a good tip to contact the seller and ask to pay with Paypal. AliExpress uses AliPay, both are Alibaba companies. AliPay handles 50% of the online payments in China. This is pretty huge. I’m not worried about this payment system.

    • felicia

      Hi Boris..
      Thanks for the informative video.. 🙂
      I wanna ask about “twinkle pebble” online fashion wholesaler.. is it legit?
      becausue I can’t find any reviews in google.. since I would like to try to buy some goods from them.. thank you very much before..

      • Boris

        Hi Felicia,
        Looks like a smaller shop, not the best technical site. They seems legitimate to me. But I suggest to start small because you do not know how their customer support is. Might be even great, because they are small…

        • felicia

          Dear Boris,

          All right then.. I’ll try..
          thank u so much for ur info n ur help.. 🙂 =)

    • Billy

      hi boris!thanks for informative and to-the -point video!your tips helps a lot!
      yes,this is strange website with funny prices:)first-as you said theres no such thing -THAT low prices on brand phones,second-PayPal thing-scam,scam,scam

      the strangest thing for me is the amazon.com not accept paypal either,alibaba,aliexpress-the question is why???those sites a GIANTS in online business!
      maybe somebody can give me a reason?

      • Boris

        Hi Billy,
        Alibaba and AliExpress have their own online payment system called Alipay. This system converts about 50% of the Internet transactions in China. I don’t think Alibaba ‘needs’ Paypal. For Amazon, I thought Paypal is owned by Ebay, one of the biggest competitors. I don’t think Amazon wants to pay a few percent transaction fee to its competitor. So they only accept debit/credit cards.

    • Tcharlx

      Thanks Boris for the review of my comment.

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