If you know how to recognize a fake store versus a real legitimate one, no fraudulent (Chinese) stores could fool you ever. The Internet would become a little safer, at least to you…

A few weeks ago Tcharlx asked about the Chinese store buycheapelectronics.com. Check this comment here. He did this before he spend his money on this scammers site. This saved him a lot of money.

In todays video blog I’ll give you some criteria how to recognize a fake site.

I hope you like it!

How to recognize a fake Chinese store

If you want some Chinese shop being reviewed like this store. Please write it down in the comment box below.

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Let’s make the Internet a little safer together!

Cheers, Boris

    35 replies to "How to recognize a fake Chinese store"

    • Mel b

      www . Buistore . se please advise me if this store legitimate

      • Bastiaan

        There are a few things i do not trust. Why a .se url? And why the pages with telling it is a real store (safe shopping). I think they will send you products, but don’t be surprised if it is counterfeit.

    • judges

      talk about DH gate, how they operate. Are they a fake site and do they have honesty

      • Bastiaan

        DHgate is a market place like Aliexpress. You are not dealing with 1 company. So always be aware who is on the other side.

    • Mgongo

      Hi I wanted to know if the site called yesstyle.com

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