‘Paying your money and
the products never come or
take a very long time to arrive’

According to our online survey this is the number one fear!

What about you? Does this fear resonate with your buying experiences?

For the novice and inexperienced buyer the fear of not receiving your products and losing your money holds them from buying in China. And they will never experience the fun of buying products worldwide. They will never benefit from low prices and great gadgets or clothing you get in online Chinese stores.

Take away your fears…

If there was some kind of magic pill to take away fears, please send it to me!

Buying online from China has different aspects than buying offline in your local town. You do not have the possibility to touch the products, to fit the clothing, to smell the leather. You cannot speak to the seller directly. You cannot go back to the store physically and complain about the quality and ask for a refund.

“Buying in China: there are so many aspects involved…”

First there are many different aspects to the online buying process, like; Internet research, safe online payments, custom duty and sales taxes. Things you don’t find when you go out shopping by feet.

“Is this store real or fake?”

Second, you need to be sure that you are dealing with a real online Chinese store. Before you order something online from China (or anywhere in the world), test this store to see whether it is legitimate or not.

“I don’t know where to start!”

And third, where do you start? I got this question many times. People say: “I’m new to the China business and I’ve no clue where to start…”

These fears are so common that I’ve decided to deal with them in a small mini course: Safe Buying in China Secrets.

Free Mini Course: Safe Buying in China Secrets

I’ve been buying online from China for more than 8 years now. And I’ve helped thousands of people on how to buy safely from China. And building StartBuyingInChina.com took a lot of time and effort, especially from my free time.

But there is more to life… I have a lovely wife and two girls and I like to spend more time with them. My eldest daughter is going to high school with all the new stubbles this brings with it. But I still love to help my readers with their China experiences.

So I needed to find a solution to help you more efficiently, in a way that you get more answers and faster and that I could spend more time with my family.

That’s why I created the mini course: Safe Buying in China Secrets

Safe Buying in China Secrets - free mini course

In three videos I cover the fears mentioned above: The aspects of buying online in China. How to avoid fake sites. And how to start buying online safely.

And this mini course is absolutely Free, because I think this course gives essential information to anyone new to the China business. And by giving this course away for free, it saves me a lot of time. Time I like to spend with my wife and girls.

If you are ready for this mini course, you need to opt-in with the following link.

Leave your name and email and follow the instructions to confirm your subscription.

CLICK HERE for: Safe Buying in China Secrets – Free Mini Course.

So if you have any fears about buying online from China, follow the link, follow the instructions and you get immediately access to the first video lesson about the 7 different aspects of buying online in China.

Have a nice weekend,



PS1. This course is absolutely free and is a must watch to every one who wants to import products online from China. Access this course here.

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Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

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