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Review Summary:

As a world-leading China wholesale supplier, TinyDeal supplies more than 50,000 elaborate merchandises and famous brand products online at cheap wholesale price. High-quality products made in China with experienced and professional service are right here in their online wholesale store.


Founder of StartBuyingInChina. It all started as an hobby. I liked to categorize the few Chinese stores I knew. After 6 years over 150 blogs were published. I created a wonderful online course about Safe buying online in China, and served over 1.000.000 people. Thank you for being here!

    9 replies to "TinyDeal Review"

    • Luca2

      I was a happy buyer from this site for a smartphone at a very good price. The Umi Zero has been advertised on the Tinydeal home page at an exceptional price of 80$ (only 100 pcs available).

      Unfortunately after few days Tinydeal writes me that the price was wrong and I would have been repaid (or I could have paid 100$ extra to have the phone).

      No matter I complained that the mistake was theirs (I assume that if I buy something by mistake the problem is mine) and that I have the screenshot of the offer and that th emoney were already taken….

      Eventually I have been repaid; however I will not use this site any more (if not for few dollars gadgets).

      • Boris

        Paying $100 extra for a $80 phone is ridiculous. Good you got a repay.

    • Rada Anpilova4

      Ordered five or six times at Tiny Deal and usually everything went fine. Men’s accessories, household items and especially feminine scarves (that are always plentiful and extremely cute) are almost always great, never had any problems with it. The quality of electronic items is typically clear from their prices, so it’s quite easy to tell, and you dont normally expect a superior quality from a 25$ phone anyway 🙂 Shipping might be delayed for a few days if you have a lot of items in your order (happens to me when I buy 4-5 scarves or gloves within a single order), but their customer support is available and ready to answer how many days were still needed for processing, so at least you don’t have to worry thinking that nobody is working on your order at all. Never had my package lost or damaged either.

      • Boris

        Thank you again for your review Rada!

    • Alessandro1

      This is what happened to me with tinydeal.com:
      1 – I bought a Onda tablet for 149€ (+22€ custom fees) on 19th may 2014
      2 – They shipped to me quickly through DHL (less than 10 days)
      3 – The tablet was defective and unusable so I contacted their customer care via chat
      4 – After lots of chats and emails they told me to ship it back to their storehouse
      5 – I spent 30€ to send it back on 29th may 2014
      6 – Express courier couldn’t find them at first attempt, and they didn’t claim for the packet for at least 2 weeks (I emailed them so many times to warn them about it!)
      7 – Finally they received the item on 1th july and they told me they would eventually sent the tablet back to the manufacturer FOR REPAIR!
      8 – Yes, you read well….I bought a new tablet and they want to send me back a repaired one
      9 – I tried to ask for a new tablet but they told me my tablet was 70% new and they couldn’t replace it (I used the tablet twice: first time I switched it on and I recognised there was a problem, the second time I tried to upgrade Android to see if it could be a software problem – No, it wasn’t software, was a hardware problem!)
      10 – After about 10 emails in which I spoke with several people, I was tired (that’s their strategy, now I know…) and accepted to get a repaired one + 30€ refund for the second shipping cost
      11 – Today I asked several times for news (1 – if they sent the item for repair, 2 – what did the manufacturer tell them about repairing time)
      12 – They told me they sent it to the manufacturer and then they told me to wait in order: more days to check all the problems are solved, 10 days to check all the problems are solved, 15 more days to check all the problems are solved

      They are cheating, they won’t send me anything back.

    • killersofiane3

      i m really happy with this website.
      it’s from the best websites that i have every try .
      i have bot an rc car 4wd and i get it in less then 21 day it was amazing.
      i have buy it for less then 100$ with my coupen discoun …

      in this website you will find lot of cool staff to buy from 1$ to 999$ or even more hahaha

      pc games and lot of others

    • John Goozidi1

      Worst site ever. Never buy from that site.
      I bought a smartphone from this site. I never receive anything. The object has been lost.
      After months of fighting and time wasting, they didn’t want to refund me. I had several proofs from post office and they still didn’t refund me.
      They made me wait each time I was contacting them. I contacted them regularly during more than 3 months and they were always saying that I had to wait. And they were very impolite.
      Worst people you can meet in your life. My advice to you. Never buy anything from them.

      It’s better for you to pay more and buy your Object from Europe than to buy from these people.
      They will NOT help you if you have any problem and their shipping is illegal and insecure.

      I have bought from several websites and I had not any problem. This site was my worst nightmare. I was very sad and sometimes angry because I did my best to solve the problem but tinydeal didn’t help me.

      In one word, AVOID.

      • Boris

        Hi John, this is pretty harsh. I can see you’re upset and I hope TinyDeal wil respond to this. It’s good to hear multiple experiences. (Personaly I haven’t had any problems with TinyDeal.)
        If you’re willing to share, I would like to read your positive experiences with other Chinese shopping sites too.
        Happy shopping (next time), Boris

    • bakhire2000

      The points system it is great, you get discounts on future purchases. The shipping is free (if the purchase is light weight) to the contrary, it is customary to pay for shipping.
      Great products in store with low prices, there’s no way to buy only one item. Excellent and fast service, and efficient delivery

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