A Few months ago, I did some Q&A blogs.

User questions are very interesting to read because they discuss common problems everybody can encounter. Time for a new Q&A, the October Edition.

In case you missed the previous Q&A’s… April edition and the May Edition.


Taobao, understanding Chinese…

taobaoThe first question was asked by Okorie: How can I buy from a chinese site like Taobo, since i dont understand Chinese.

Great question. I don’t speak Chinese either. My learnings stopped at Ni Hao.

Well Taobao is difficult to use, but there are English agents. If you are interested in Taoboa, please see this article: Taobao, the undiscovered country


Buying personalized items

Wilfred wrote me: I want to buy some personalized items from china. But the mode of payment is my worry. They are asking for l/c or western union… 
I need help.

Buying personalized stuff is more advanced. Many manufactories work only with money transfers. That’s okay if you know exactly who you are dealing with. I’m not against Western Union. But it is a payment system that can be abused very easily.

In Business to business, money transfers are common use. So you better know who they seller is. Some questions you can ask are: Is the place where you are buying a legitimate store, with good reviews? And what is the smallest amount you can order? Is this worth the try?



AlibabaJemerya wrote: Hello, am just anxious i am just about to buy some items from Alibaba, the seller am dealing with is really customer friendly. Is alibaba safe since i read many reviews on blogs stating how bad it is.

Well first, Alibaba is not a shop but a marketplace. You are dealing with individual resellers who have a webpage on Alibaba. And it depends on them whether they are okay or not. So you must check this reseller too. Friendly says unfortunately nothing. Can you find reviews on this reseller? Check the supplier details on the right site. And this blog might help you too. Online Shopping Malls in China – AliExpress


Paying in Yuan

Adeyeye wrote: I came across your blog when browsing on the internet about a particular image below and buying cheap on china. Please can you help me found out which website portal sells in Yuan.



Unfortunately I only deal with sites that promotes in US$ or Euro. Real Chinese sites Toabao etc, calculates with Yuan. But you need an agent for these. Sure there are other sites too, but I follow them because they usually do no ship worldwide.


Refunds from AliExpress

aliexpress-logo200Barbara wrote: Thank you so much.. in fact just two months ago I ordered a small item from Aliexpress, I never received the item, and never got a  refund back…

AliExpress has a refund system build in. You can start a dispute very easy, when you log in. But I suggest to contact the supplier first.

Barbara: I have written many times but they just ignore my emails.

Not every seller on AliExpress is great or outstanding. The rating system at AliExpress filters the bad ones, but this takes time. You can always hit a bad apple. This blog will help you to select the better ones. Online Shopping Malls in China – AliExpress


Different languages…

Compras de la China wrote: Olá, eu estou interessado em receber suas dicas, eu gostaria de me enviar um artigo com dicas para publicar no meu blog

Sorry… I speak Dutch, English, German and some French. But no Portuguese.


Shipping costs to Nigeria

Pandora wrote: Please I have problem with shipping from China to Nigeria due to the exorbitant shipping rates wen shipping with some logistic companies. What is the shipping charge and custom clearance charge for shipping/kg or where can I get the info from wen using Hong Kong or Singapore Post please. 

These specific questions cannot be answered by me… I have no experience with Nigeria. Please see these blogs about shipping.

The shipping rates for premium shipping is high everywhere. Chinapost and Hongkong post are often free. I don’t know if they ship to Nigeria too.


Specific products

This is a rerun from the last Q&A. Some people just don’t understand…

wigsbuyCan you tell me where to buy air conditioners, refrigerators, Onkio receivers, high heels, plus sizes, Gucci bags, Weaves, Brazillian, Peruvian and Russian, Mongolian hair, Samsung TV sets

Sorry folks, I can’t…

On a daily base people ask me where to find specific products. Products I never look for myself. I hope you understand it is impossible for me to do the searching for you.

On the Chinese stores list you can find over 100 Chinese stores. These are systemized in general categories. It is a great place to start. You’ll even find WigsBuy here…

One more thing on bigger electronic products like refrigerators, receivers and TV sets… I never see these products in normal stores. I think the demand is too low or the shipping costs too high. But I do see them on fraudulent sites. So if you find these products, be sure you are dealing with a legitimate store.


People who don’t trust me…

Just one line by Don: Who do you work for?

I wrote him back but never got a reaction. Why do you ask? If you want to know, I’m an independent blogger.


People who DO trust me…

I like to end with a very nice email I got from Branka from Croatia.

As I have been/ am very busy during this summer at my work, (I work in Croatia) I haven`t got much time to participate on your blog. But I followed  it regular and always looked forward to a new theme.

You have  always  interestingly  themes and advises , so you are always No 1. Hope you are doing well and you have got some good and relaxing vacation this summer.

Bowing-235x300This is a very kind and personal email. It feels good to know people are reading my blogs 😉

Thank you too, my dear reader, for taking the time to read my blogs.

If you have any question you like to be answered in the next Q&A session. Please write a comment down below here, or send me an email.



I greet you!


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    • Branka

      You are welcome,

      I do mean what I wrote earlier, people, listen to Bastiaan, he on your side!

    • amos

      how are the Chinese stores able to communicate with us in English especially smaller stores and stores in Aliexpress? do all of them learn how to speak English? since about 99% Chinese is spoken in the country. thanks.

      • Bastiaan

        Interesting question, Amos, I’ll answer it in the next Q&A.

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