Love is in the air. Valentines day is in the Love month, most men think about the best gift to give to her special someone.

But here’s a tip. Women love to be pampered.  They love to receive chocolates, flowers and stuff toys, yes, but giving them something that will make them special, sexy, happy and loved is something that will make her become more obsessed about you. Receiving what they longed to have from their partner would make them feel like the most beautiful woman on earth.

25 Great Valentine Gifts for Her

So here are Valentine Gift for her that will get your creative juices flowing.

1. Removable Wall Decor Stickers 

Decorate her room with with creative wall stickers given by you.

Removable Wall Decor Stickers - 25 Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

2. Romantic Sweet Heart Valentine G-string

You surely want your woman to look steamy hot and sexy,don’t you? Why not get her a Valentines G-strings?

Romantic Sweet Heart Valentine G-string - 25 Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her


3. 3G Phone Call Quad Core Tablet PC 

Is she that techy? Give her something that she can use everyday as she keeps memories of you two on her new 3G Phone Call Quad Core Tablet PC.

3G Phone Call Quad Core Tablet PC - 25 Great Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Her

4. Cute Lace Embellished Spaghetti Strap 

Cuddling will never be the same with your woman sleeping next to you wearing this sexy and inviting Lingerie. Can you resist?

Cute Lace Embellished Spaghetti Strap

5. 18k White Gold Plated Crystal Water Drop Necklace 

They don’t want to sound too materialistic but an 18K White Gold Plated Crystal Water Drop Necklace will make her smile from ear to ear. 

18k Whtie Gold Plated Crystal Water Drop Necklace

6. Pink Polka Dot Resin Sweet Stickers for Nails

Give more colors to her life with this Pink Polka Dot Resin Sweet Nail Stickers

 Pink Polka Dot Resin Sweet Stickers for Nails

7.  Red  Leather Women’s Tote Bag

Make her carry with her something that you give. She’ll probably just smile and remember you as she opens her red tote bag.

Red Leather Women's Tote Bag

8. Leaf Gemstone Fashion Earrings

Make her look more stunning with a pair of dangling earrings from Milanoo.

Leaf Gemstone Fashion Earrings

9. Flower Oil Painting

If she’s into art, she will surely love to hang this Flower Oil Painting in her bedroom.

Flower Oil Painting

10. Wood Hourglass Decorative Accent

This wood hourglass decorative accent is best to be placed in her office table. This will remind her how precious time is and the one who give this too.

Wood Hourglass Decorative Accent

11. Modern Floral Canvas Wall Clock

She surely has a clock at home but I bet a Canvas Wall Clock given by YOU would be her new favorite. What do you think?

Modern Floral Canvas Wall Clock


12. Korean Sweet Candy Scarves Blue

Nothing is more sweet than receiving a scarf given by your sweetheart.

Korean Sweet Candy Scarves Blue

13. Star Style Bejeweled Bracelet

Make her shine with Mart Of China’s Bejeweled Bracelet. She surely will stand out!

Star Style Bejeweled Bracelet

14. Red Edging Printed Retro Bustier 

Date the hottest chic with a Red Edging Printed Retro Bustier. You’ll surely be stunned!

Red Edging Printed Retro Bustier

15. Couple Kissing Ceramic Water Mugs

This one is too cheesy and my favorite. I would certainly be a coffee addict if my man would give me this. Who doesn’t want to use this anyway?

Couple Kissing Ceramic Water Mugs

16. Cute Carousel Gift Music Box Resin 

Add a splash of colorful accents and a heartland charm to her home with this music box.

Cute Carousel Gift Music Box Resin Decorative Figures

17. E-ink eBook Reader 

Is she a book worm? I bet she’ll appreciate it more when you give her a gift that will be useful to her.

E-ink eBook Reader

18. Fashionable Metal Bangle Watch

Elegance can be achieved without spending so much. Give her something elegant to wear for only $6.39.

Fashionble Metal Bangle Watch

19. Sleeveless Chiffon Women’s Jumpsuits

Sometimes, men become too picky with what their girls wear. Why not help her dress up with this Sleeveless Womens Jumpsuit?

Sleeveless Chiffon Womens Jumpsuits

20.  High Heel Red Suede Ankle Strap Shoes

High heels empower women in a way. A pair of Shiny Red Round Toe Slim Heel Ankle Boots from Dinodirect will empower her too. But women have their own taste, maybe you’d better ask her first 😉

High Heel Red Suede Ankle Strap Shoes

21.   Love Cotton Decorative Pillow Cover

Always remind her how much you love as she cuddles this comfortable, meaningful and sweet pillow at night.

Love Cotton Decorative Pillow Cover

22. Creative Starry Sky LED Lamp

Imagine a night together soft music on play, and this Creative Starry Sky LED Lamp from LightInTheBox. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful night to spend with together?

Creative Starry Sky LED Lamp


 23. Shiny Sequins Decoration Black Satchel Bag 

Make her shine like a diamond with this Shiny Sequins Decoration Black Satchel Bag from MartofChina.

Shiny Sequins Decoration Black Satchel Bag for Woman

24. Sexy V-Neck Halter Teddies
Make her feel that she has the curves that you can’t resist. Give her this Sexy V-Neck Halter Teddies and she will surely feel like she is the sexiest woman you ever date.

Sexy V Neck Halter

25. Wood Antique Inspired Wall Clock

Or  get her something classic, unique and antique…

Wood Antique Inspired Wall Clock

Valentines Day comes once in a year and it is the best time for you to express your love to your sweet heart. Make February 14th the most memorable day for her and make her the happiest woman on this day.  Share these 25 Valentine gifts for her to your other friends to give them ideas on how to make their girls happy too.

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