In the online world of online Chinese shopping sites it is very hard to be distinctive.

Most stores focus on Clothing or Electronics as phones and tablets.
They compete on prices and free shipping. Most of them have no real unique selling points.

There are just a few stores that really are different then others.
They choose a niche market and stick to it.

In this blog I like to introduce one of these niche stores that caught my attention.

And I hope you like it as much as I do!

Rosegal focuses on Vintage Clothing

It might be my age, but I really like the vintage style that Rosegal offers. And fortunately my wife does also. The styles on Rosegal differs from Charleston to Hippie, from Polka dot to Bohemian.

rose gal affordable prices, vintage clothing sampleRosegal is a store from the Yigou company. Other stores from this company are, SammyDress, DressLily and some more. See this blog: Just one company?

Is it all vintage? Not really. It’s all newly made and in many different vintage styles. Furthermore the shop offers a wide variety of other dresses. If you’re looking for a special dress, this might be the place to start looking. The search engine is helpful but when I looked for a ” Victorian” dress, nothing showed up. Scrolling through the shop, I did find some Victorian style dresses. So you might want to try different searches.

Competitive prices at Rosegal

Rosegal Vintage ClothingBecause Rosegal offers modern clothing, it is possible to find the same clothing on other Chinese and non-Chinese stores too. Let’s test Rosegal with some reversed engineering techniques. And let’s see whether Rosegal can stand the competition…

To start with the conclusion: The prices at Rosegal are very competitive, especially when you calculate the standard free shipping in the price. If you do your own searching online, you can find more competitive prices, but most of them are paid shipping. The total price of the product on these other sites including transport is often higher.

Let’s dig a little deeper and look at 4 different products!

Elegant Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Denim Splicing Chiffon Dress With Belt

Dress Rosegal vintage clothing for affordable pricesThe first dress we reversed engineered is a split dress. It’s a one piece product, but looks like a shirt, a skirt and a Belt. Trendsgal (same company) has a special offer running and is slightly cheaper.

Rosegal                    US$ 14.44       free shipping
AliExpress               US$ 16.23       free shipping
Trendsgal                US$ 6.85         + 5.95 paid shipping
DressLily                  US$ 14.26       free shipping
AntDress                  US$ 8.39         + 10.75 shipping

Vintage Rhinestoned Fringe Round Collar Women’s Flapper Dress

flapper dress Rosegal vintage clothing for affordable pricesThe second piece of clothing is a flapper dress. This pieve can be found on the Internet as a Latin dance dress too. The accessories will make it vintage or Latin ;-).

Rosegal                     US$ 35.63       free shipping
DHgate                      US$ 55.61       + paid shipping
Vintage-Fashions  US$ 35.56       free shipping
AliExpress                US$ 39.80       free shipping
Persun                       US$ 50.31       + paid shipping (latin)


Stylish Turn-Down Collar Batwing Sleeves Plaid Asymmetric Coat

coat Rosegal vintage clothing for affordable pricesThe third product is a coat. (Funny enough this picture is also used to sell night vision cameras app in the Google store.)

Rosegal                     US$ 33.49       free shipping
AliExpress                US$ 40.00       free shipping
DHgate                      US$ 34.18       + paid shipping

Ethnic Round Neck Sleeveless Printed Dress

sleeveless dress Rosegal vintage clothing for affordable pricesThe fourth product is a sleeveless printed dress. This product is widely spread on Pinterest because of the popularity. It’s also sold outside China for much higher prices.

Rosegal                     US$ 11.20       free shipping
AliExpress                US$ 7.77        free shipping   US$ 45.40       free shipping (AU reseller)
NastyDress              US$ 11.20       free shipping
SammyDress          US$ 7.82        + paid shipping

The prices really differs on this product. The manufactory sells this dress at AliExpress for less than 8 bucks and if you buy it in Australia you must pay 6 times this prices. It’s good to do your home work 😉

Conclusion and exclusive deal!

At Rosegal they selected modern clothing with colorful vintages characteristics. The best part of Rosegal is that they did the searching for you! Rosegal has competitive prices, no doubt about that. Their focus on vintage clothing makes it easy to navigate for this kind of style. If you are looking for stylish clothing easily, Rosegal is worth spending some time.

Get 8% discount site wide if you use the following discount code for Rosegal: SBICHINA8. It’s a coupon on all products, no minimum and exclusive for Just follow this link, select the products you like and add the coupon code when you check out.

Note: The code works although you get a warning that the code might not work. Just check the discount and see it works.

What is your experience with Rosegal?

Do you have experience with Rosegal?
Yes? How was it?

Please write it down in the comment box below, and share your experiences with our other readers.

Remember this oldie…
(and this was even long before my time 😉

yellow polka dot bikini

I associate polka dots with the sixties and so I remembered this old song. ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’. I couldn’t stand not to search on Rosegal for a yellow polka dot bikini. And yes they have one!. Doing my reversed engineering techniques, Rosegal is the only store I found this vintage styled yellow polka dot bikini.

Here is the song: Brian Hyland in 1960, only 16 years old singing about his little sister (I think).


Have fun. Wishing you great products from China



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    9 replies to "Vintage Clothing at Affordable Prices at Rosegal Review"

    • Joanne

      Ordered 2 dresses in early august. Sent 2 messages inquiring where items were. Told to wait till late october but tgey had my payment that day and supposedly shipped the next day.

      • Bastiaan

        Hmmm. I’m experiencing long waiting time too. My products from early August still didn’t arrive…

    • carol

      Ordered 4 dresses — none of them fit (even made sure to follow their sizing chart which is all over the board… ordered med – xl). The quality is awful and the service is even worse. Have been told I can return but when I asked for a return authorization and address they have disappeared.

      Photos here

      • Bastiaan

        Hi Carol,
        Sorry to hear. What do you mean with that they have disappeared?

        • carol

          They stopped replying to the PM thread we had on Facebook. The last message from them said I could return. I asked for a return authorization# and the address. They have since disappeared.

    • Leanne lovink


      The site seems to be working pretty wel.
      * Clicking and color/ size selections are quick, i consider that a pro!
      * Also searching works, i get good results that match my search
      * They have a nice selection of clothing. The clothing in the “departments” fits there. * No strange selections. I loved the polkadot section!
      * Sizes seem to be adjusted to the european market and in cm look “normal” as far as i can see. But i’m curious to find out if they really are.
      * Also they offer a normal amount of clothes in a good graphical site that pleases me.
      *Signing in with facebook is an option, so remembering you favorites is easy
      *The shopping basket seems to work fine.
      * also a check out option with paypal is offered. I like this because it secures my purchases automaticly now
      *the is an option for you coupon code in the checkout area

      One option to add to their features : the size is not mentioned in the shopping chart. So for checking this you have to return to the original item

      Thank you for sharing!!! I love this blog. Yetta

      • Bastiaan

        Well you certainly made a lot of work out of this, Yetta.
        Thank you for your additions!

    • Vaness

      Very nice review. I lve this style. thank you for all your efforts.

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