I can’t believe it!

What I read this week blew my mind. I like a joke, especially a practical joke!

But hey…. some more respect would be nice!

This is what hit the news this week.

Confiscated Chinese toilet paper

This week the Chinese authorities seized 7,600 of rolls of toilet paper printed with Hong Kong leader’s face, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. The Democratic Party had planned to sell at this year’s Lunar New Year fair. Next to the toilet paper the Democratic Party had printed 20,000 packets of tissues bearing more images of Hong Kong’s top official. Read more.


Without making any political statement, I think this is a great example of bad taste and lack of respect.

Respect Solving Buyers Problems!

When it comes to buying in China, respect is the best solution to solve any problem you might encounter.

Every serious and reliable Chinese store has one main purpose. To serve you the best and to keep you as a satisfied customer. Your first buy must be a reason to come back and buy again. And preferably you are so satisfied; you will talk about this store to your friends.

Unfortunately things can go wrong some times: the quality is poor, the sizes don’t fit, the packages do not arrive.

The question is how to solve these problems.

In my course I explain how to interact with these stores before the problems might occur. With respect and mutual understanding you can avoid most problems. For more info click here.

Although this can solve a lot in advance, sometimes it is needed to write an online review. Both positive as negative.

Positive reviews are great for the shop owner. Bad online reviews are killing. Many stores search for these reviews and try to solve the problems their customers encountered.

In any case your review will help other readers with their decision to buy or not at a particular shop. And this will help to improve the overall quality of the store too.

I’m sure you have some experiences you can share, positive or negative.

What I like you to do, is to write a review about any stores in this list today, or better to do it now. Just take a few minutes and write down your experience and give this shop a rating. Keep it respectful! Don’t shout with capitals or use {beeeeep} words.

What I will do, is contact the store(s) you reviewed and ask them to respond to your review, either positive or negative. I hope you are as curious as I am, to see how these stores will respond. Of course I cannot guarantee they will respond, but this tells something about their customers care ;-).

And please write in the comments box which shop you have reviewed.

In steps:

  1. Write a review positive or negative for any shop you like on this list, click here.
  2. Leave a comment below, with the shop name you reviewed
  3. I’ll contact the shop to respond to your review.

Help your fellow readers by writing a positive or negative review now.

Wishing you safe shoppings in China!


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