A few months ago I hadn’t heard from them.

Now they seem to become a threat to Google.

This company just started and is number 3 in the world of smartphones, just after Samsung and Apple!

And do you know its name?

Xiaomi is conquering the world!

Xiaomi released its first smartphone in August 2011. Since then they have become the number one smartphone seller in China with over 60 million phones in 2014. The company has a value of 46 billion USD and its CEO is Lei Jun, China’s 23rd richest person according to Forbes.

This week the Information’s Amir Efrati stated that several Android Employees at Google warned for the possible thread of Xiaomi to Google. Xiaomi encourages Android phones owners to use the Xiaomi apps instead of Googles pre-installed apps. Xiaomi users are surpassing the Google app store, one of the biggest money machines from Google.

Xiaomi is currently focusing on the Chinese and Asian market. When Xiaomi enters the western market Efrati reports this could spell trouble to Google. Google will lose its positions for its own apps on prominent places on Android phones. Google benefit from these positions because Android is open source. These spots generate traffic and income.

According to the Data from Strategy Analytics published by Bloomberg in 2013, Samsung actually makes more money from Android than Google does.

Google’s apps and services however are featured on every Android phone. Users are being hooked into Google apps like Google Search and Gmail.

The Ultimate Buyers Guide for Chinese Smartphones

This is what is happening. The Asian market is huge. And before you know new companies grew from unknown to world players in just a few years! Serious manufactories for serious products. The Chinese smartphone industry can no longer be denied.

When it comes to buying a smartphone from China, there are a lot of aspects you need to keep in mind. Half a year ago I wrote several articles about buying a smartphone from China. These articles helped many readers to conquer their doubts and make their choices.

In these articles I covered questions like:

  • Why should you buy a phone from China?
  • What are the dangers?
  • Which 10 steps must you take before you buy this phone from the east?
  • And what alternatives do you have?
  • What are the top 10 Chinese smartphone brands?

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Chinese Smartphones - ebook Cover
These articles are now combined in a professional created eBook, coming next week.

This will be the ‘Ultimate Buyers Guide for Chinese Smartphones’.

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Which smartphone have you bought from China?

Smartphones are one of the most bought products when it comes to buying in China. And there are so many good and new brands. It would be great for other readers if you could share your experiences or thoughts. Please answer the following questions in the comment box below.

What smartphone have you bought from China, or are you planning to buy.
In which store? And are you satisfied?

 Sharing your experiences will help other readers, like you can benefit from their experiences. Thank you for comment!!

Wishing you safe purchases in China!


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    6 replies to "Xiaomi beats Google?"

    • amos

      bought thl 4000 smartphone from dealxtreme. the battery capacity is huge and think that’s the selling point of the phone. comments from this phone seems positive. satisfied.

    • Harry Reyes

      Please send me the Ultimate guide for smart phone’s

    • Kees Staps

      Thl t200 great phone no trouble just no updates to newer os

    • chris

      Looking forward to buy a smart phone but not yet decide which to buy and from which site to buy it. Thanks

    • NSALAMBI Charles

      Hello Bastiaan,

      Happy to read you again. Thanks for all you’re doing for us.
      I’m planning to buy an iNew V3 phone from AliExpress.
      If there is no problem I’ll buy a Xiaomi phone : Mi4.
      I’m not satisfied yet but I red many buyer comments on the site. And it’s seem to be a good phone.
      Let me try!

    • Chuckp

      I was looking for Iocean x8 but didn’t have the guts to buy it yet.

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